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  1. Who cares, he is a better wrestler than all of us put together.
  2. Apples to tomatoes. Not a good comparison. Burroughs and Kenny Monday is a better one. Burroughs now has four medals to Monday's four. Three Burroughs gold to Monday's two. Monday is taller both equally fast. Monday more likely to lock upstairs to get his lateral drop throw. Burroughs with a mean blast double. Monday has great double leg as well.
  3. Of course he has a legitimate shot, so much can happen over a career though and plus I am a little superstitious and don't want to say much.
  4. Or maybe they were tired of troll threads.
  5. Yes I would. I am nowhere close to wrestling shape.
  6. The matches I saw were much more exciting than of late. I really wish they would open up more and not be so scared to give up an early takedown.
  7. This was a Kessel squared level of mistake. That ref was an arrogant piece of camel dung. He and the score crew should be banned actually.
  8. This isn't a contest, it is just my opinion. I think that monumental screw up was enough that it tainted the tournament. It cost someone a possible trip to the finals.
  9. The international product still leaves a ton to be desired.
  10. How is spousal abuse video clip funny?
  11. I didnt say fire them all. That particular crew should be suspended for a season. Yeah, that one incident looms so large it merits an F.
  12. The US struggles with this position is nothing new. Go look at a video of Heydari vs Cormier. Cormier had Heydari dead to rights and the Iranian slipped right out and scored one of his own.
  13. How would you know what a df alter ego would say?
  14. No amount of discussion board bantering is going to influence whether a step or push out penalty/rule is instituted. We may see it however I am not convinced it will increase the number of takedowns scored.
  15. That's why the numbers need to be crunched and include OT's with no takedowns etc.
  16. The NCAAs is a group project. Everyone has their part to contribute. The Miller fiasco is equivalent to the one member of the group that lost or destroyed the zip drive prior to the big presentation for a multi million dollar account. It tainted the entire tournament.
  17. This is more up SHP's alley. A comprehensive analysis of how many pins, majors techs and double digit matches, vs how many matches of 7 points or less (both wrestlers) scored.
  18. Based on the Miller match alone the whole crew and the ncaa gets an F. Some things you have to get right 100% of the time and keeping the right score of the match is one of them. Maybe next year.....
  19. Oldsuper is superold. Not even enough creativity to come up with an original name. Df has so many sock puppets that he probably contributed to this thread.
  20. Please don't ever confuse me with oldsuper. I am going to have to ask for a new moniker now that fila/uww sort of kinda but not really went back to the old rules.
  21. Another rehash of the same dead horse argument.
  22. The US has great athletes but not the best technicians. That is a position that we don't do well in.
  23. Hey Rakkasan, we want your input on the Miller/Realbuto fiasco
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