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  1. I have no problem with locking it either, I just want it pinned at the top.
  2. He wrestled in 2009, and it has everything to do with locker room and practice room behavior and how we treat people therefore it is very relevant.
  3. International wrestlers do seem to defend well in that position and we do struggle with breaking them down.
  4. I suggest in the case of locking a particular recent thread, that the original post be pinned at the top and then locked. I believe it is an important enough issue to be read and at the top of the forum even if you don't want commentary.
  5. It isnt the amount of content that is the problem. My issue is with their live stream quality and lack thereof.
  6. Df is this another of your sock puppets.
  7. Being innovators is all well and good but they should have kept up. Instead they let themselves be surpassed by people that know what they are doing. They had more than ample opportunity to remain a frontrunner.
  8. Flo is overrated. I can find quality material on youtube without the fraternity bro speak. When they get their live stream act together and grow some professionalism, then I will consider a subscription.
  9. Joe Warren screamed out in the 2nd period after Marcos Galvao applied a leg lock. Warren protested immediately but a scream in pain is a verbal submission so he has no legitimate gripe.
  10. Lewboo flat out gave his leg. He would give up two and even three takedowns just to get the match going, but he would also get throws, trips, switches, and score from the top. The science of wrestling sucks, but those that make an art form of it are still worth watching.
  11. I disagree that taking a knee is stalling by itself. It is legitimate to defend against a shot, and to set up a true shot like John Smith. It is also legitimate in the case of Robles and other one legged wrestlers. It is simply a method of adaptation.
  12. He doesn't want or need your prayers.
  13. I don't want striking in the olympics. We have mma already professionally. Boxing and tae kwon do should satisfy people's desire to see striking.
  14. Hell no! The 2 out of three, ball grab, push outs, and ordered par terre were awful. I want to just see wrestling. I may warm back up to international wrestling with that era being over.
  15. No wonder I dont like international wrestling much anymore. They keep changing the rules
  16. I doubt the whole wrestling community is bigoted Scott but the bigots are pretty good at identifying themselves.
  17. 4444 now gets the award for forum troll
  18. Super, this isn't a religious forum. The story was about one person's struggle to come out to his parents and best friend and the issues surrounding that struggle. No one wants to hear or read your religious views on the topic.
  19. Super, go be a dick somewhere else
  20. Ok super/4444 (I think you are the same person). We get your position on the topic. Time to move on. I believe the most important lesson here is that other gay high school and college wrestlers are not alone. Hopefully coaches at all levels will take note and impart to their kids that bullying and locker room harassment is completely unacceptable. I would hate to read of some kid committing suicide because of harassment.
  21. What are you talking about super?
  22. Give it a rest 4444, you don't get to be the arbiter of what is or isn't a christian belief. We are all aware what your viewpoint is and it is time to move on.
  23. Yeah, The Professor is the all time great and yet I still read idiotic comments that he didn't beat anyone special. Which I guess is true, he beat EVERYONE.
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