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  1. Ok collegewrestling4444, we all know your stance on the issue, there is no need for further comment on your part.
  2. Good for him. If I had a son, I would have no problem with him coaching my kid. He is gay, not a pedophile. This is a story because he is the first of his stature to make such a public announcement. I am looking forward to the day that this becomes a non story. His wrestling speaks for itself and thankfully he has a friend like Reece Humphrey.
  3. They are still trying to make a formula in which Taylor is better than Dake. Maybe Taylor will catch up. For the time being it still belongs to Burroughs.
  4. Change just for the sake of change isn't always good. Look how bad international wrestling was with the 2 out of 3 periods, the ball grab and the bracket system. They went from something that worked in the 80s and 90s and then trashed it in a long series of failed experiments that still have not been cleaned up.
  5. Ed and Lou Banach used cradles. We don't see that in big boys as much.
  6. Mitch Clark getting a first period tech in the NCAA finals is amazing.
  7. I want to know what kind of drugs the idiot that thought of the ball grab was on. Back to topic. None of the blame for the Miller/Realbuto should fall to the coaches. This was entirely the complete f up of the officials and the NCAA.
  8. Pat Smith was a 19 year old true freshman when he won.
  9. I agree that keeping in the center and creating action are not the same thing. The current problem in folkstyle is not a rules issue but rather a culture issue. It is a combination of officiating, coaching, and an unwillingness on the part of wrestlers to open up and take chances. The current era of wrestling plays the edges and I am not sure if a push or step out rule would change it or not.
  10. Who cares? Winning one NCAA title is hard enough much less 4. He deserves his accolades, time to move on to freestyle and greco.
  11. No it isn't. Same assholes still there and same corrupt system. Call it uww , call it wwf, it doesn't matter, it is still fila.
  12. Schopp had 4 pins, anyone else have that many?
  13. Since this whole tournament was turned upside down and inside out, I should just flip a coin for each match. 125 Moisey... too much momentum 133 Brewer - Clark won't know what hit him 141 Stieber most likely but I have an ugly feeling 149 Habat - go Edinboro! 157 Martinez - nuff said 165 Dieringer but I am hoping for Walsh (good wrestler on a bad team with a crappy coach) 174 bathroom break, gotta drop one after the nachos and will be back in time for the 2nd OT 184 Brown 197 Snyder 285 Gwiaz but if he locks upstairs with Coon it could get ugly
  14. The only NCAA Champs are Ohio State, as it should be.
  15. No, I honestly don't. Sam Henson got in his head and convinced him that he belongs in the big show and Moisey believed it. This is a complete guess on my part obviously. Perhaps early round opponents took him for granted.
  16. Throw in one for Moisey, unseeded freshman that gave the finger to seeding and hammered his way to the finals. Oh and Brewer giving an even bigger finger to seeding. Two time AA with a 13 seed? REALLY????
  17. Did Evans underachieve or overachieve? I have seen comments stating that he did the absolute best within his ability. Others have said he could have done so much more. His style does leave a lot to be desired in terms of excitement and lack of. I think he had much more potential and he held way too much back, Trivia question, what does he have in common with former Oklahoma State Hwt Kirk Mammen?
  18. Some would like it to start in Jan and end in April and shorten the season by at least 3 weeks. Make it a single semester sport and not coincide with the basketball tournament.
  19. I predict that Evans will not meet Storley for 3rd/4th. One or both will lose in consi semis.
  20. Pushing to set up a shot is good. Pushing for the sake of taking ground isn't necessarily stalling but it isn't generating offense either. It's boring to watch only 7 or 8 shots generates by an entire team.
  21. Duals are great, I agree wholeheartedly, I wish there was a college team close by. They are fan friendly and easy to follow. Promote the hell out of dual meets to gain more ESPN coverage and other sport networks. Duals matter in their own right, the NCAA title, however, belongs to the end of season individual tournament winner.
  22. Turning opponents is a last art in general. There is nothing magic about modern wrestlers that make certain techniques extinct, they just aren't applied correctly or officiating has removed it by calling stalemate or potentially dangerous. Also wrestlers don't take risk. Randy Lewis was never afraid of giving up a takedown because he was going the whole 7 minutes if he didn't get the pin first.
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