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  1. The difference is Waters acted like a douchebag while Gilman IS a douchebag. Some fans eat that up. Wrestling gives plenty of opportunity to be physical within the rules, no need for either side to be a dick.
  2. Class act all the way. The tools from last weekend are a lost cause.
  3. Makes for more forum fodder come NCAAs.
  4. Not a strawman, there is plenty of hype surrounding Iowa on this and other boards. There is plenty of hate toward Iowa as well. I think they will produce 2 finalists but could just as easily produce as many as for and as few as none.
  5. I will be rooting for them next month. I don't think Iowa will be anywhere near as dominant as hyped.
  6. I am all for fire and excitement, just show a little class. Some teams like to be hated, but that still is no reason to act like a putz.
  7. This match should be used as a teaching tool for officials on controlling matches. Not to humiliate the officials of this particular match but just as way to emphasize safety and not letting wrestler emotions and behavior get out of control.
  8. In the context of Gilman's reputation of being a bit of a punk azz whether deserved or not, and the extra curricular activity during the match, it appears that move had malicious intent. Just because it is a legal move in freestyle does not mean it is a safe one. I don't care for many of the slams that occur in free or greco either. Should he be penalized, not for me to say. Gilman will have a spotlight on him come B1G and NCAA.
  9. Injuries suck. Delgado may not even AA much less win.
  10. Oops, fixed the name and initials.
  11. Its a dead horse topic anyway. It will never happen.
  12. It's state tournament weekend, you are taking asses away from seats not putting more in. And honestly no, I don't see every team wanting to join if you call it the team title. Individual achievement is far more important.
  13. Honestly I don't care if the Duals are called the team title. It won't ever happen no matter how loudly Rob Koll or the NWCA calls for it. The sport needs to look elsewhere to expand. Start more clubs, expand at NAIA and bring back UNO (trev alberts is a douche). DI is not going to bring programs anywhere close to the number of programs of yesteryear.
  14. The sport isnt dying at DI, it is dead. At NAIA it is thriving. Calling the Duals the NCAA Championship is just another form of rearranging those same deck chairs. It isn't going to add more programs and it will still have teams not participate. Go find a new solution to the DI wrestling problem. Calling the Duals the NCAA team champion won't change a thing.
  15. On the front page is an interesting rant from Richard Immel regarding the National Duals. It is a rehash of the same argument that has been thrown around a few years now. We already have a real NCAA Championship and there is no need to fix what isn't broken.
  16. I have not watched any college matches this year. What is a flash td? Is that the falling to the butt without real control?
  17. Listening to flo is like nails on a chalkboard.
  18. I like the idea of no redshirting, grayshirting, or otherwise. What should go with it is unobstructed transfers. Coaches should not have any control or say over a transfer and causing an athlete to lose a year.
  19. What is AGON anyway? I have never seen any of their events.
  20. So if I download BTN2go on my smartphone I can watch it?
  21. As I stated on the other site, I didn't mind the movie showing the cocaine use since Mark Schultz himself was up front up about it in his book. My issue is the movie made Mark look like a meathead and made the coke use seem more prevalent as opposed to something my have been on a one or two time thing. I wasn't there so I can't judge and I am only going by what is said in Mark's book.
  22. It is a little early to call him "greatest of all time" He hasn't even made a senior world team yet. Great talent, but let the story tell itself without placing him on a pedestal that hasn't been earned yet.
  23. Tbilisi did run into the 90's. Dave Schultz won in 1991
  24. Anyone testing positive should be banned for that Olympic cycle. If you are caught in 2013, you can't compete in the 2016 Olympics. Maybe that will prove to be a better deterrent.
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