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  1. Just like with any forum, there are some posters that just aren't worth responding to.
  2. It must be hard for Jadidi to walk with so many people hanging on his sac
  3. It's still the same old fila. The only thing I like is getting away from the sport coats for refs. The officials are still corrupt though
  4. I read the book and watched the movie. I don't really care much that the 9 or 10 year sequence of events was greatly condensed, that isn't a big deal. They could have done a better job of showing the manipulator and and erratic behavior without the implied gay undertones. It made Mark Schultz look like a meat head and coke head and they could have done him more justice. As for the twitter rants, I never saw them so I can't really comment on it. One problem with social media is that when people are pissed off it is easy to go on a rant and say things that can't be unsaid. If he were interviewed following reading a review he didn't like, he would have had opportunity to choose his words.
  5. The discussion over how good hwts are or aren't is a non starter. Bruce belongs in every conversation regarding all time greats.
  6. Ben Kjar gets the last laugh, he never let the condition limit him and still walks away with AA and a wife who loves him for who he is.
  7. Tie was to Ray Miller of ASU, I don't remember which year.
  8. The best I did in wrestling was a jv league title as a senior and yet I still have wrestling dreams. Sometimes it is missing a match, making it to state (but I never wrestle in the dream). The worst recurring dream I have is from my time as a volunteer firefighter. We get a big call and I can't find my bunker gear.
  9. Variations on the dream - I am in the lineup of my high school team at my current 43 years I am back in living in the dorm and haven't gone to any classes with finals approaching (but in the back of my mind I realize I already have my degree!) My favorite is that I am back at my old busser job at a restaurant and that everyone in the place left at once and we have 50 customers waiting to be set down; it is a stupid dream but as a teenager it is unnerving to be faced with a **** ton of work with no help
  10. I meant it in jest. The combined score proposal sucked completely and should never have seen the light of day. I propose we leave it the fark alone and ditch the regional format for the Duals and bring back the old National Duals. The individual tournament is the correct format for individual and team championships. Dual meets already matter just not in the way an insignificant minority want them them. It wasn't broken so why fix it?
  11. Advancing points to the NCAA tournament was a dumb idea and should never have had near the traction that it did. Find another way to make duals relevant. Hold a 32 team dual meet tournament, forget the regionals and qualifiers and then hold an NCAA Div I Open with no team scoring. That would make more sense that the previous proposal that should have died in the water over a year ago.
  12. It would be nice to see the film work translate to more success at the World's and Olympics.
  13. I concur completely. "Beach wrestling" is a joke and serves as nothing but a distraction from real wrestling.
  14. fila/uww's only goal is ensuring it's own existence. They operate under a model where graft and corruption are not only prevalent, but is tacitly encouraged. They probably are not the worst sport governing body (boxing is even more corrupt), but they certainly are not clean and transparent.
  15. Quanon, that is exactly the kind of film review and analysis that needs to be done with out national teams. I am sure they already do but I have no idea how in depth.
  16. The system wasn't near as broken back in the 80's and and early 90's under the old "good mark" two pool system. Create a true semifinal by having the number 1 of Pool A meet number 2 of Pool B and do the same with the number 2 of Pool A vs number 1 Pool B. The only place under the current system that is legitimate is the gold medal winner. The silver medalist isn't necessarily the second best, and the two bronze could also be called two fourth place finishes. Neither fila (call them wwu, but they are still the same old fila) nor the ioc is really concerned with produced true place finishes or level playing fields. The only thing that matters to governing bodies is limiting the number of participants and keeping the tournament as short as possible. Do not expect any changes that make sense, this is the new normal.
  17. New name, same fila, they still suck until the whole governing body is revamped from top to bottom. None of the current executives or board members should be allowed to serve on the new governing body.
  18. Of course he is taking a big gamble, but so what? Life in general is a big risk, maybe he will pan out as the next big thing and maybe he will strike out. I haven't seen enough video of him to make any kind of assessment of whether he is over hyped or not.
  19. I won't apologize for not sharing your enthusiasm. I view beach wrestling as a mistake. It was introduced on the coat tails of the popularity of beach volleyball and has little relevance to to international wrestling. After almost losing wrestling participation in the Olympics I see little added value of beach wrestling. More energy and effort should be devoted to preservation of freestyle and greco roman without the distraction of of the aberration called beach wrestling.
  20. JH, you and Medicine Man are sock puppets of DF.
  21. Just when I thought that threads couldn't get any dumber.
  22. I don't think anyone cares but you and your numerous sock puppets.
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