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  1. The Cael v Mark v Kevin discussion is fun to to think about. The modern wrestlers being better than 30 years ago discussion is a joke and waste of time.
  2. Why is anyone even responding to this troll bait?
  3. I was just disappointed that he was a one and done like a bunch of US wrestlers.
  4. I refuse to join any dogpile against Title IX. The faults lie within the douchebag AD's that chose to balance the sheets with cutting men's programs instead of adding women's. If anything on the men's side should be decreased it should be the number of football roster spots in order to free up funding and space for additional women's opportunities. Women's sports is NOT the enemy.
  5. All joking aside, it is going to be same fila with a slightly different coat of paint.
  6. Does anyone truly think the "carryover" proposition has any legs? I just don't see it...
  7. df is little more than a forum troll with multiple sock puppets and a small shred of overrated creativity.
  8. Then fila needs to get the f*ck out of Olympic Wrestling. Olympic style wrestling is enough to keep any governing body's hand full and should not be promoting other wrestling styles the do not add value to the mission of keeping wrestling in the Olympics permanently and advancing that cause.
  9. Beach wrestling/sand wrestling is a joke and should never have been under the fila umbrella. At this point fila should concentrate solely on greco and freestyle and bolstering the two styles' tenuous position in the Olympics. Any other style or project is a distraction. I have no problem with other governing bodies promoting other style of wrestling or combat sports but fila is spreading too thin by pursuing the other sports.
  10. Why is this issue being rehashed? It is done and over with. I would be willing to bet that both sides could have handled it differently.
  11. DF's premise is flawed. Enforcing existing rules doesn't artificially affect the match or the match outcome. The OP simply wants enforcement of a rule as it was intended and written, simple as that.
  12. The current medal distribution is artificially induced with the two bronze medals. It is also done in a backhanded way through corrupt officiating and not so subtle bias for or against host nations etc.
  13. There is a serious leak problem if people outside the inner circle knew about the broken ankle. Athletes, coaches, trainers, etc need to learn to keep their mouths shut.
  14. Which funky rule are you talking about? The one that let Reinoso even wrestle Smith even though Reinoso already lost to Azizov? Smith Spanked Azizov by a huge margin (17-2 I think).
  15. I won't nibble on the troll attempt. Just remember that John Smith did win a Most Technically Correct award during one of his World titles. He belongs in any conversation of best ever which is such a subjective topic anyway.
  16. To be blunt, 7 weights is a crock of sh*t and 6 is a travesty. At least some improvement was made to bring in non Olympic weights. Only seven weights just isn't enough representation of the lower weight classes, and six is a complete misrepresentation of the sport. I hate having my leg pissed on and being told it's raining.
  17. The theoretical match vs Schultz would be interesting. Dave Schultz had ways of giving much quicker and more explosive wrestlers fits. Would be a fun match up.
  18. Seven is far too few, 9 is better and the original 10 is perfect.
  19. Did fila read any of the suggestions from Ray Brinzer and the others? They came up with some great suggestions and put in the time to back it up with logistics and a plan. Maybe some sanity will be breathed back into the sport
  20. The idea itself isn't douchebaggery, in the context of df and all of his posts, it is just typical pot stirring troll douchebaggery. If that system were in place in the US, Kendall Cross would not have been Olympic Champion in 1996 since Terry Brands won two of the previous three Worlds. I have no problem with a World Champ getting a pass to the WTT or OT finals, but beyond that (s)he should have to still earn it every time and if an upstart wins, it is his/her turn.
  21. Meh, more douchebaggery from df, nothing new.
  22. Who cares if it isn't their number 1 guys? Any time the Russians come over here is a good thing.
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