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  1. Central High School in Keller, Texas will be looking for an assistant wrestling coach. Keller is on the west side of Fort Worth and is known for its great schools. It is truly an excellent place to live, and we can bring a first year coach in at 56,000 dollars. Obviously more if you coach more than one sport or have teaching experience that transfers. Right now the position would most likely be hooked with Science or Spanish, but this is a big school and other positions are likely to open. Our program has consistently been in the upper part of our District for a decade. We have consistently produced state qualifiers, state placers, state champs, all-americans, and even a national champion. This would be a great opportunity with great working conditions for the right applicant. All of our assistant coaches get their CDL, and earn extra money for driving kids to events. If you are interested in being part of our team ,visit us at www.centralwrestling.org, our district at www.kellerisd.net, or email me at bill.wilson@kellerisd.net
  2. I am sure he wasn't happy losing that dual, but OU did not have their best lineup in there either. ON paper, they still should have had enough to win. They just didn't get it done. Bonus points at 184 was huge for Rutgers.
  3. I am in complete agreement. I have never met the kid. I have watched some of his matches and it is clear he is an enormous talent. He has put himself in a perfect situation to maximize his enormous talent. He could have started right away in many programs. He chose to pick a top program. Sometimes you have to wait your turn. It is amazing that so many don't get that. He didn't create his superman image. The media, like the people on this forum, did this. He is just a kid trying to be the best he can be. Many of us on the forum have been right there in that spot, trying to be the best we could be. It is what makes this sport so special - the individual quest for excellence.. It has ups and downs, but you learn to get back up. It saddens me that 1) so many on this thread didn't get to experience that for themselves or 2) they have forgotten. I have been there and done that. The first thing you learn is not to read the paper, the rankings, or the forums. This is why. In this sport, it doesn't matter what others think, It only matters what your think. The purpose of this forum is not to discourage 18 year old kids. Forums are great, but sometimes they have a way of turning good people into cowards. It is shameful that adults would say such cruel things from behind their computers. Sometimes I wish you would have to sign you name behind a post instead of hiding behind your anonymity
  4. Superman couldn't have lived up to this hype. Let Smith coach him for a year, and you will all be happy with him. If he doesn't get in the lineup this year, he needs to redshirt for a year anyway if he is going to do this for five years. The kid will be fine.
  5. I don't care who you are. Your toughest year is your freshman year. Away from family and friends and for the first time in your life, you are surrounded by people that can beat you. In his case, maybe the first time he has been asked to cut weight. Welcome to the freshman year in Division I. He will be fine in time. He is in a great place with great mentors.
  6. Love to see those Texas boys getting after it. Bo Nickal is going to be a good one!
  7. I think the tournament serves a good purpose in a long season. There are some good athletes in the tournament, and you have an opportunity to enter multiple athletes in a weight class to get some ranking done. It is fine for an early tournament, but for sure it is going to get tougher. Between the Red and White Scrimmage, the OCU open, and this Invitational, it gives you a good look at the athletes moving forward to the bulk of the season. The Sooners entered multiple athletes in six weight classes.
  8. 1. Oklahoma 173.5 2. Lock Haven UniversitY 154.0 3. Kent St. 120.0 4. West Point 106.0 5. SUNY Buffalo 103.0 6. Bloomsburg University 50.0 7. Brockport 21.5 Sooner Results 125 Pounds 1st Place Match - Maxwell Soria (SUNY Buffalo) won by decision over Ryan Millhof (Oklahoma Freshman) (Dec 3-1) 133 Pounds 1st Place Match - Cody Brewer (Oklahoma RS Jr) won by major decision over Mackenzie McGuire (Kent St.) (Maj 11-2) 141 Pounds 5th Place Match - Trae Blackwell (Oklahoma Freshman) won by decision over Dalton Dennis (Oklahoma) (Dec 2-0) 7th Place Match - Rocco Russo (SUNY Buffalo) won by decision over Jon Townsend (Oklahoma) (Dec 5-2 149 Pounds 3rd Place Match - Shayne Tucker (Oklahoma RS F) won by major decision over Kevin Lauback (Bloomsburg University) (Maj 11-3) 157 Pounds 1st Place Match - Justin Deangelis (Oklahoma RS Sr) won by decision over Russell Parsons (West Point) (Dec 11-5) 165 Pounds 1st Place Match - Chandler Smith (West Point) won by decision over Clark Glass (Oklahoma RS So) (Dec 3-1) 174 Pounds 3rd Place Match - Matt Reed (Oklahoma RS So) won by major decision over Travis Moyer (Lock Haven University) (Maj 13-4) 184 Pounds 1st Place Match - Fred Garcia (Lock Haven University) won by decision over Greg Wilson (Oklahoma -So) (Dec 7-6) 5th Place Match - Brooks Climmons (Oklahoma Freshman) won by decision over Samson Imonode (West Point) (Dec 8-3) 197 Pounds 3rd Place Match - Brad Johnson (Oklahoma RS So) won by decision over Joe Ariola (SUNY Buffalo) (Dec 10-7) HW 1st Place Match - Zach Merrill (Oklahoma Sr) won by decision over Mike Brown (Oklahoma Sr) (Dec 2-1) 3rd Place Match - Ross Larson (Oklahoma RS So) won by decision over Mimmo Lytle (Kent St.) (Dec 5-4) Competition about to stiffen up. Dual with Cornell on November 22nd
  9. Marstellar's biggest issue is the standards that have been set for him by the public as a true freshman. Even the most talented of incoming freshman usually need to eat a serving of humble pie before they can flourish. My guess is he will flourish if he can ignore the media, listen to his coach (who has better advice for him than anybody on this fourm) and just embrace his college experience one day at a time. ONe thing is for sure, if his attitude is right, he is going to get much better over the next few years.
  10. A lot of new faces this year. Time will tell.
  11. http://www.soonersports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=31000&ATCLID=209737439
  12. I am in complete agreement. Like other posters on this site, I love the NCAA tournament. Let the NCAA crown the team champ at the duals. Let the NWCA crown the tournament champ. Then you get two great events instead of one. It is a win-win. I am a die hard. I will still love the tournament! And it will be really interesting watching the coaches go after the team championship.
  13. according to the NCAA rules clinic, locking a cradle is not considered a takedown until the hip of the defensive wrestler's hip is brought to the mat. I haven't seen the NWCA interpretation, but this contradicts it. I like the rule changes / interpretations in this video
  14. IMO there is nothing to lose. The Individual tournament will continue to sell out because people go to that tournament to see the best two guys at each weight class compete for a national title. Having two great events instead of one is a win - win. We have nothing to lose by trying something new. If we stay the same, we maintain the status quo. I like the national tournament right now. If we adopted the national duals as the method of crowning a team champ, or if it was part of the equation to crown a team champ, I will still like the national tournament. It remains high on my events-to-go-to no matter what is decided. The status quo is not great right now. Roll the dice.
  15. http://www.soonersports.com/SportSelect.dbml?SPSID=780111&SPID=127240&DB_OEM_ID_COUNT_=2&DB_OEM_ID_1_=31000&DB_OEM_ID=31000&DB_OEM_ID_0_=31000&Q_SEASON=2014
  16. Can't wait to see the match. I thought the action was great last match. Just didn't think the right guy got his hand raised, and I am not the only one, in fact, I think I am in the opinion of the vast majority. So this time, I want to see the another great match between two elite wrestlers without all of the drama, and I think that will happen. Last time Perry won the match but he lost the fight, so in the third bout, I have to go with the guy that won the fight. Howe won the first one. In many peoples eyes, he won the second one. I have to give him the edge on the third one. By the way, I thought Howe handled the situation with great class. He is too experienced to let this bother him. For him, it was just a bump in the road.
  17. when control is in question, you can't take the judgement of the official out of it. Maybe that is the problem. They have tried to make it so the official doesn't have to use judgement, but instead they are looking for certain things. In the case of the funk, a lot of it should depend on who is in "control" of the situation. When the defensive wrestler hits his back initially, it is by his design, and he should not be penalized, but when he is held there for an extended period of time, that is by the offensive wrestlers design, and he is not being rewarded. In the Howe/Perry match, the first precarious situation was created by Perry where he was greeted by a Howe knee to the chest, then Howe held them there for an extended period of time with Perry trying to complete his funk, but was having difficulty getting to his belly. The official saw that as two, and IMO, that was the correct call. But then, Howe used the entrapped ankle to create a foot half and returned him to danger. That was not by Perry's design, that was by Howe's design. And I don't know what the officials were talking about in the review, but it might have centered around the control aspect if Perry had an ankle entangled, but Howe did control Perry in that situation, but maybe the rules said he didn't? But it was pretty obvious from watching the situation who was in control of that scramble, and it was the offensive wrester, and he was rewarded two and two, and then it was taken away.
  18. Bring some friends over that don't understand soccer to watch the world cup. They won't be impressed. Bring some people over that have played soccer since they were a baby and they will be in awe. Wrestling is no different.
  19. Maybe it is karma. I thought Oliver got robbed vs steiber a few years back. Now OSU gets one they shouldn't have. But wait until you see the replay. It was agree at match that was a joy to watch if we can just appreciate the two wrestlers, what each was able to do, and ignore the points
  20. Nobody was booing Perry. They were booing the officials which clearly helped him win. But if the officials aren't going to make him wrestle, why should he? The ride out wins him the match if he can survive the third and with officiating help, he survives the third. He did exactly what any other wrestler would have done given that situation.. I feel bad for the wrestlers and officials involved in this match. Nobody wants to be a part of something like this. But officiating is part of the game. It has happened before, and it will happen again.
  21. Agreed on the stalling. Here was the sequence as called. Two legs in. Howes comes to his feet. Perry keeps legs in and makes no attempt to retunn. Stalemate. It happens again this time stalling. Perry knows he has to do something different the next time. It happens again. Perry does nothing again. No call and Perry finishes on top. The third no call was weird to me as it seemed that the referee had set a precedent by the way it was called the first two times, but at any rate, how many wrestlers can hold Andrew down for 2 minutes. That was pretty impressive, but it was clearly a hold down parallel ride from start to finish, and I know it is different than high school since riding time is a factor, but the third no call was interesting
  22. I was there. 3rd period Howe knows he probably needs two takedowns and comes out aggressive. Optional start and Perry doesn't want to face him until they get to the edge being smart. He turns left. A complete 360 and Howe takes him down with a sweep single to the left. Perry has to turn and face for that sequence to unfold. That was a quick one two that was reversed. So we start again. Another quick single by Howe. Perry attempts a standing funk but is greeted with a knee to the chest. Howe controls the situation with Perry in near fall situation for at least a 3 count. And then it gets worse. Just say the refs decide that was Perry's funk so no control for Howe since he was grasping his ankle and fighting off his back. Perry gets to his stomach. Howe turns the situation into his move. A foot half. He takes Perry back to the same situation and puts him into a high bridge for at least another 3 count. That was howes move. If he doesn't get it the first time. He should have got it the second with back points. He put him in near fall criteria with a foot half and held him there. At any rate what a great scramble. The level of wrestling May have been to high for the officials to comprehend, they were two focused on the grasped ankle and failed to see how Andrew used that to his advantage
  23. I think Howe deserved to win that match. He got royaly screwed, but he also made this a close match when it didn't need to be. If Howe wrestles for 7 minutes, I don't think Perry can go with him, but when the match gets slowed down, anything can happen. And everything happened against Howe in the third. It is like he won by 5 but lost by one. It was crazy and will have people talking until then NCAA everybody will want to see this rematch
  24. Perry wrestled hard and the correct tactical match to win. O-0 at the end of one. A ride out in the second, and then holds on for the win as Howe makes the decision in the third to cut him and do it on his feet. Now IMO Perry got some help from that red flag and some questionable officiating, but he wins a tactical decision in a match where he clearly lost the fight. A slow start by Howe, an awesome rideou by Perry, and a couple of call reversals gets him the decision. Sometimes life isn't fair
  25. But nothing against Perry. He is an amazing wrestler, and it isn't his fault that the match was very controversial. He battled hard and he got the decision. We will probably see it happen again at the Ncaa
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