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  1. What do you have against Snyder? Are you Eva Braun's long lost son?LOL
  2. Pretty good,I would have BoJo winning 165 and Coon winning heavyweight
  3. good for the UFC and for Olympic Wrestling as well.Wrestlers make up for more of the UFC roster than any other Martial art.
  4. Brock Lesnar was in the top 1 % of the NFL combine and coming off of an injury.
  5. I know, I know, but how great would it be if DT "Bubba'ed" Dake in the final tonight? Let me dream!! If Taylor opens up Dake might just Pin him again.
  6. Exactly and Nelson will make a very good Freestyle wrestler.
  7. Mocco looks like he would be more of a brawler than good at boxing.
  8. That's Indiana across the bridge(s). But Louisville is still in close proximity to a lot of great high school wrestling. There are still a lot of farm boys in KY. that could learn with good coaching and a D1 program would influence that a lot.
  9. I hope so,I will get to see some college wrestling LIVE!!
  10. Okay.......let's take a stroll down 'stick lane'. Or, dominance , if you will. Kilgore (some of you prefer Killer): Here is what I got......should he pin his way to the finals bout in Des Moines, then the stud buff deserves (IMHO) any and all of the awards that are known to my sport. And that's the truth. 36-0 17 sticks 4 techs 8 majors Any questions or concerns ? Kilgore,If He goes undefeated and wins impressively at the finals,certainly should be very close to or on top for the Hodge!!
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