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    Pico could not have asked for a better draw!

    Yazdani was never in the repechage. He won the tournament! He beat the Russian in the semis. Pico defeated the japanese wrestler in the first round. Takatani then came back to win the bronze from Pico's side of the bracket. The Russian only wrestled one match in the repechage and that was the Bronze medal match. The Japanese and the Russian never met because they were on opposite sides of the bracket.
  2. Indywrastlin23

    best college match

    Abas and McIlravy NCAA finals match
  3. Indywrastlin23

    Ed Ruth currently in Russia

    Aaron Pico did indeed sign away his eligibility some time ago. However, we are talking about NICO Megaludis, the PSU 125 lber. He has one year of eligibility left. I am assuming you misread Nico as Pico which is understandable considering how much time we spend talking about him.
  4. Indywrastlin23

    Link to Russian Nationals

    That is Abdusalam Gadisov. He's been considered by many to be one of the best pound for pound in the world the past few years, but for some reason he always seems to choke in the biggest moments.
  5. I don't believe they have wrestled since high school. Perry won all of those matches convincingly if I recall.
  6. Indywrastlin23

    Challenging University champions

    Night before weigh-ins seemed to suit him well at Trials, but, long term, he might want to follow the Jordan Oliver plan and works his way up. McD wrestled at University Nationals at 61K, right? If so, seems a little unfair that he can drop a weight and challenge. McD did not wrestle at University Nationals. He wrestled at 61 kg for the U.S. Open.
  7. Teyon Ware, Doug Schwab, and Kendall Cross as we'll if I'm not mistaken. Did Bono ever win a title?
  8. Indywrastlin23

    Pico Loses

    Retherford has never made a junior world team let alone won a junior world title. He was a cadet world champ the year before pico. Still impressive but not nearly as impressive as a junior world title.
  9. Indywrastlin23

    My WAAAY too early DI 2015 predictions!

    I think these look good. The only one I don't understand is Peters at 3. I'm pretty sure Gilman has beaten him comfortably on several occasions and Peters against Clark at NCAAs was pretty ugly.
  10. Indywrastlin23

    Is Iowa top team next year?

    Because some of them staying at their current weights is almost preposterous. Who thinks that Clark and Gilman will continue to fight things out at 125 next year, while Iowa will forfeit (or wrestle a true freshman at) 133 for the entire year? Clark clearly falls into the category of Dieringer. These are the ones I'm talking about: L. Stieber: 149 D. Carter: 149 D. Houdashelt: 157 H. Stieber: 157 T. Walsh: 165 I. Miller 165 M. Moreno: 174 G. Dean 197 K. Gadson: 285 So you consider it "preposterous" for all these guys to stay at their weights? I'm not buying it :? Doesn't he have Tsirtsis and Kindig both moving to 157 as well? A lot of these just don't make sense to me.
  11. Indywrastlin23


    This is going to be a fun weight to watch next year. It has an obvious front runner in Dean but there are tons of young challengers that will make it interesting. Brooks and Dechow lead the pack of challengers. Then there are the other returning studs in Thomas, Abounader, Courts, Dudley, and Reyes to name a few. Another name that was kind of forgotten toward the end of the year was Pfarr from Minn. He was tearing it up before Steinhaus returned. He should step right in next year without missing a beat. There are also some really good freshmen coming off redshirts in Sliga from Northwestern and McCutcheon for PSU. If McIntosh drops instead of McC then he goes straight to the top of the challengers list. Sliga has had some impressive results in freestyle ( 3 time Fargo champ, wins over Dudley, Dechow, and DEAN at fila jrs last summer). He could be the breakout star if he figures out folkstyle a little more. I just feel this weight has been a little over looked because of its youth. I think 184 will quickly return to the ridiculous depth it boasted a couple years ago.
  12. Indywrastlin23


    Love how you open the forum saying it is anyone's game but the next post you state Brooks in the finals. "Definite contender" idk about that. Can Brooks be in the AA discussion? Absolutely... Think you are jumping the gun a bit with top 2. There is a lot of guys returning at this weight and as you originally stated, I think there is a lot of people who are in the mix. I didn't say he was a lock. I just predicted he would make the finals. That doesn't make it any less wide open than what I originally stated. I didn't realize Berstein was back and I also forgot about Nate Brown. Sometimes those redshirts get lost in the shuffle. That just makes this weight even better. Im very excited to see how it shakes out.
  13. Indywrastlin23


    I doubt Evans moves up because I think Brooks will be in the finals next year. He has beaten Dechow on several occasions as well as many of the the other top guys. Iowa could have 3 in a row in the finals if regular season Moore shows up depending on how good Bo Jordan really is.
  14. Indywrastlin23

    NCAA Pickem' Contest

    I also would like to know if I am still in. I turned my picks in a couple hours late because I did not wake up in time to see the email, but it sounds like you are still accepting entries. Am I still in?
  15. Indywrastlin23

    Who beat Schopp this year?

    Colon beat him at Midlands
  16. Indywrastlin23

    JT#1's Final 2014 NCAA wrestling Predictions

    Man, if half of those play out you'll look like a genius. I do like some of those picks though. Bold to say the least.....
  17. Indywrastlin23

    Finalist/Champ predictions

    125 Delgado over Garrett 133 Ramos over Graff 141 Stieber over Port 149 Maple over Sueflohn 157 St John over Miller 165 Taylor over Caldwell 174 Howe over Perry 184 Ruth over Lofthouse 197 Cox over Schiller 285 Nelson over Chalfant
  18. Indywrastlin23

    Round 1: Recommended Matches

    I'm surprised there isn't more talk about Moore and Veltre first round. Moore is wrestling very well right now but Veltre beat him pretty solidly here last year. Scary first round match for Iowa IMO.
  19. Indywrastlin23

    Gizoni vs Crossface Cradle

    Ruth is using a cradle ride when he hits his cross face. He usually has the near ankle hooked and is pinching his knees together (one in front of his opponents thigh and one behind his rear) to hold his opponent's hips in place. This allows him to cross face freely because his opponent is unable to clear his hips. Oliver does the same thing except he often will use an inside foot leg ride to flatten his opponent out before using the pressure to lock up his cradle.
  20. Indywrastlin23

    Is Taylor ever going to beat Tsargush?

    Yeah, this guy is weird. It's almost like two different people are posting under his name. The majority of his posts have made absolutely no sense at all and have had terrible grammar. Then he's had 2-3 rational posts with good grammar. Very strange......
  21. Indywrastlin23

    Marstellar to PSU

    Are you not aware of the NCAA eligibility rules? They won't even be on the roster together.
  22. Indywrastlin23

    Scoring Dake Burroughs 2nd Match

    I do believe the hand to hand turns showed back up in the official rules release.
  23. Indywrastlin23

    Kennedy vs Humphrey Match 2

    How did the officials come up with that score at the end? 13-5??????? I had 9-5. I could see 10-5 but I can't figure out where the other 3 or 4 points came from. The match is on flo if you want to see it.
  24. Indywrastlin23

    Future Stars based on FILA Juniors

    Case Garrison is pretty tough from what I can recall. If he stays healthy you guys should be pretty good at 141. Schaffer looked good this weekend at 96 kg. He looks like a big strong kid with good athleticism. He might have some potential.
  25. Indywrastlin23

    Congrats Ohio RTC

    If Clark makes weight without it affecting him too much, I expect him to be the guy. His offense is way more diverse and he is much better on the mat. The hawks need all the bonus they can get, and Clark is very capable. He's got a really good wing series on top.