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  1. Seems like Dean is the bet here. Is this site legit?
  2. Buffalo Bills new head coach is a 2x Nat Prep champ and knows where he learned to succeed. In 1992 McDermott’s football coach Joe Colistra said “Sean is always saying how hard wrestling is and how easy football is.” http://www.allsportswny.com/buffalo-bills-coach-sean-mcdermott-wrestling-hard-football-easy/
  3. Keep at the jabs smeds. Its gonna get funny. I feel it.
  4. Geduev got the bad draw not JB. JB is going to be the champ and was going to beat these guys regardless. He is not worried about 3rd
  5. Best Ncaa ever top to bottom. So many great matches and rivalries to come. Good time to be a fan
  6. Please please please be at the same weight for the next 2 years
  7. Just posted the below on twitter. Happy to see it. Someone asked if I was sad that PSU was going to win it this year? Hell no! I was apart of somethin great & continues 2b magnificent... If I was older maybe things would have turned out differently, I but hope @caelsanderson has forgiven me for the past & continues to reign! When I was @PennState I made history & its history, Im proud 2B alumni of such great wrestling but my jersey hangs in @ASUWrestling rafters
  8. Nico Garrett Heil Zain Imar Ringer Bo Dean Cox Snyder
  9. What match do we finish with in the finals?? Gwiz v Snyder Imar v Nolf 3 I say finish at hwt...
  10. Nick and Stef's is a high end steakhouse attached to the garden with private entrance. Small and expensive but very good. You will need a reservation Good list here https://www.thrillist.com/eat/new-york/best-bars-and-restaurants-near-madison-square-garden-where-to-eat-and-drink
  11. Please PM me, i'm very interested.
  12. Good stuff. Who do you think is the biggest favorite to win nats... garrett, dean, imar or ringer? I say Dean.
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