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  1. Guys I am a very casual wrestling observer. I have heard from other Iranian sites that perhaps Reza Yazdani in his prime would have been a great match against Sad. I'd like to hear your responses.
  2. First he needs to get there and so does DT.
  3. I like Amel. But my favorite was the late Behmanesh. The guy was the true encyclopedia of wrestling.
  4. Thank you. Didn't know about google.:)
  5. There's really no comparison to Simone's actions not even Osaka's. Naomi can still come back in another tournament a year from now and play. With resect to Olympic athletes and super athletes like Simone with the weight of the country on their shoulders I can totally understand the pressures they face. But as equally as she is getting praised for withdrawing, there should be no backlash for criticizing her decision. The person I would like to hear from is Kerry Strug (sp). I would like to know what she thinks of Simone's decision.
  6. The case with Barry Sanders, if I remember correctly, was a dispute with the Lions. They would not release him from his contract so he decided to retire. In fact, if I remember correctly, the Lions might have also gone after Barry to recoup some of his bonuse he received up front on his contract.
  7. I don't think that was the intention of the OP. I think the message is simply that if we are going to praise her actions of quitting from the team competition, there should also be enough respect given to voices who are going to criticize her action.
  8. No problem Smedly: When Taylor made the score 6-4, the commentator said "Yazdani is in shock, he can not believe the scoreline and is barely able to get up and continue the match. We have never seen Yazdani like this before." "This David Taylor guy is amazing. He has already beaten one Olympic champ in these competitions and is trying to beat another champ." When Taylor pinned him, the commentator said "Yazdani got pinned in an improbable fashion as no one expected. He got tired at the end and look at how Taylor is so happy. As I said before, Taylor beat an Olympic Champ in Sharipov and now added Yazdani's name to that list. Yazdani got tired in the last couple of minutes and was pretty much winded. It is ok that Yazdani lost. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. There is no question that the surprise of this tournament has been none other than David Taylor."
  9. Other videos related to 2017 Freestyle World Cup 2nd day action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVfIW-kgqlw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2vJkEfrGKY Final Day: Iran v Mongolia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp_btAnWR2g 2nd Day: Stieber vs Rassadin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU1OITqP2_8
  10. Hello guys, I just found this video on youtube. It is the complete final dual between Iran and USA... unfortunately for the english speaking people, the video is in farsi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwcOq13DBp8
  11. Are we still not crying foul over the 1972 Olympic basketball finals against the then USSR team? Apparently every year the IOC contacts the US Basketball Olympic Committee to find out if they will accept their silver medal.
  12. Thanks for the input Shiraz jaan. You guys are amazing when it comes to wrestling and the details. Like I said, I am just a casual fan. Would you say that Saeed Abdevali is the most fit wrestler in Iran right now? I mean the guys has had some really tough breaks like in London Olympics and the recent Asian Games against the dude from S. Korea. But I have never seen another wrestler, at least in Iran, to have as much stamina as this guy. Care to comment? Thanks.
  13. Guys I've been out of the loop for few months. Is Hamid Sourian not wrestling anymore? Thanks.
  14. According to the farsi site below, Mohammad Bana has accepted to become Iran's Greco Coach again and guide the team in the upcoming Olympic. This is a much needed good news regarding our wrestling. http://www.radiofarda.com/content/f35_mohammad_bana_new_iranian_roman_wrestling_coach/27273579.html
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