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  1. Idiot. You'd base who you'd rather have in your room based on what you think they might look like in 5 years? 


    Not to mention the fact that a 17 year old would experience much greater strength gains vs a 22 year old.


    So you call me an idiot because I would rather have a kid wrestle for me in the age range of 22-27 instead of 17-22?


    I'd take my chances with the older lad. Odds are he is more mature physically and emotionally.


    There is a reason that 17 year old world champs are so rare. It's the same reason there are age group world championships.

  2. When you're recruiting you're trying to gauge potential. If you have a 17 year old and a 22 year old with similar ability, there's no way you take the 22 year old (other things being equal).

    A 17 yr old true freshman has a higher upside than a 22 yr old freshman. See Yianni for the details.


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    I'd rather have the older kid in the room. In 5 years he would be gaining old man strength

  3. LOL.  Lot of truth in this, but I think across the board if it weren't for athletics most kids wouldn't go to college. 


    Come on Swayz. You must live a sheltered life if you believe this. The number of regular students dwarf the number of student athletes by a huge number.

  4. Select a school based upon your son’s career goal. Wrestling should be the least important criteria. D3 offers a much better overall educational experience. Good luck.

    Please explain and define why D3 offers a better educational experience.

  5. Initial eligibility for D1 & D2 are determined by the NCAA clearing house. There is not a whole lot of difference between the two. D3 and NAIA let the schools determine eligibility but there are standards that have to be met.


    9.9 scholarships in D1 (not all schools are fully funded)

    9 scholarships in D2 same as above

    No Athletic money in D3. Most schools have aid packages but no special consideration for athletes

    NAIA has much greater freedom with athletic money and it varies considerably from school to school


    Time requirements vary more school to school and coach to coach.


    When it comes to enjoyment, ask any kid who just won a title in D2 D3 or NAIA if they are enjoying the moment. Ask the same question to the last place finisher in the EWLS or SOCONS


    Most non D1 wrestlers don't eat, sleep and breath wrestling. The majority of the champs do but wrestling does not need to consume an athletes life to have success.

  6. Jim Nance deserves to be in the conversation: a heavyweight who wrestled like a lightweight.

    Nance is in the Patriot's Hall of Fame.  He led the AFL in rushing,  He was a 2x NCAA champ.


    And name one other guy that had a weight class created just for him.

    Nance lost to an NAIA kid in the semis one year.

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