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  1. Using freestyle results to determine a folkstye wrestler's worth is like using Indycar results to rank NASCAR drivers,
  2. The current tourny does indeed find the best team, the farther away from 1st place you go the more the placing becomes skewed. Winning tight duals is all about matchups, bonus and upsets. Being undefeated in duals involves all the above and then you need to throw in depth and good health With wrestling being a two semester sport, the best team in Feb might have several losses in the fall. I could see teams not scheduling tough duals in the fall so they won't take a loss and put them out of contention when they are not at full strength. When we get to the final 8, lets not use a bracket, lets use two pools of 4 and then have placement matches after that.
  3. Just some random thoughtsI just don't see the fan following for the National Dual Meet Championships. Face it, on average, only the semis and finals will there be the "anticipated" match ups. I also have a feeling that the NWCA/NCAA will try to split conferences on the bracket(bad idea if they are truly trying to find the best two teams in the finals) Fans of the 8 seed are not gonna travel to see them get hammered by the 1 seed. Once a team has fallen out of contention, won't coaches sit thier studs to protect the seeds in March Will is be full wrestle back? I'd rather see two pools of 4 and the winners of each pool go for 1st And 2nd for 2nd and so on I do agree that this method is the best method to determine the "National Champ" but it won'd do much to help the sport.
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