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  1. I would think the $$ he is getting from UPJ has to be a bit more that than what was available from PSU.
  2. Notre Dame doesn't have any #1 seeds. Brackets are not seeded. Haven't been for 20 years
  3. It's only stalling when a Referee or an Iowa fan says it is
  4. Draw the best kid in the weight into the bracket or give him a artificially low seed as a punishment for not wrestling the full qualifier, chances it will happen are increased significantly
  5. Actually there are plenty examples of post team trial wrestle offs for injured wrestlers if their credentials pass muster and there is medical proof I
  6. So you are saying if a kid defaults due to injury he won't be eligible to compete in the back side?
  7. Injury, flu, migraine? How do you know why the kid sat out. So a kid with the credentials like a Retherford only steps on the mat for the 1st round of the Bigs and defaults and you now maybe seed him 4th or 8th at the NCAAs How is it fair to the 2nd best kid like a Sorenson to have to wrestle the # 1 kid in the country in the semis and possibly lose, when if seeded correctly he should have met him in the finals and gained the team points that accompany a finals appearance My point is that placing a known stud in a lower seed affects more than just the athlete you want punished for MFFting.
  8. So apparently you guys are in favor of brackets being blown up and good kids being sent to the back side because of intentionally seeding great wrestlers below where they should be placed?
  9. Seeds are not just for the wrestler that holds the spot, they protect the opponent as well. Many of you want the MFFT and the subsequent lower placement at qualifying tourneys to result in lower seeds for proven studs. This is unfair to the rest of the field. Let's say a wrestler like Kyle Snyder just meets the qualifying standard due to low match count but he has a proven track record against top tier NCAA competition. This wrestler goes to his qualifying meet and comes down with a kidney stone and defaults out of the first match. Where do you seed him? He is clearly the best wrestler at the weight but many say he needs to suffer the repercussions of not wrestling the full qualifier. So is it right to draw him in? Is it fair to the other studs in his weight to draw him in the round of 32? Should he be seeded #1 so he is on track to meet #2 in the finals where should? Seed him in the lower 1/2 and he beats the 2nd best kid in the weight early. I'm not a big fan of the seeding formula as it take common sense away from the process. I'll give the example of 1984 PA District 6 HWT bracket. There was a kid who was 0-0 entered. Everybody knew he was the best in the bracket but if the district used the modern day seeding formula, he would be drawn in and some wrestlers would have been screwed out of the chance to qualify for the Regional. The kid went on to win the district, region and the state meet. Common sense needs to prevail not some silly formula or punishment rendered for not wrestling the full qualifier. What say you?
  10. As it stands now, one has to be prepared to wrestle and step on the mat to get either a win or a loss.
  11. Wasn't Dom Bradley a JR World Champ? Never won the NCAAs. Good career though.
  12. There was/is movement afoot to move the competitive season to the second semester. Sounds great doesn’t it? Not to me as that just means a full semester of stadium step and buddy carries for those programs that think workouts like those are the cure for all evil
  13. It's done that way in Alaska. Not in duals but in small schools there aren't many duals mostly tournaments
  14. I feel the huge disparity between the top 1-2% and the next 15% is driving the latter away. It used to be be an athlete could be a 3 sport athlete and hang with the best wrestlers in the state, now if your not a year round wrestler, you won't get a sniff. Sport specialization is killing the sport. Sure this is a broad stroke but I think it's a trend.
  15. What's your point? Are you asking a question? Re-write your post so you are a little more clear.
  16. shoot when the ref blows the out of bounds whistle. A safe way to make it look like you are trying with zero risk
  17. Sunday night is never a good night to fill the seats(kids need to go to school and parents go to work the next day). 9pm starts like they had for PSU don't help either
  18. I've said it before: You don't give the NASCAR driver of the year award to a driver that skips a huge portion of the NASCAR events so he can race in Formula One races.
  19. I miss the mandatory 3 positions of yesteryear
  20. You are 100% wrong!!!!! Hawkeyes never "gas"
  21. If I had TV I would ne watching the Michigan PSU meet from home instead of driving over to AA for a 9pm start
  22. A lot better than "a decent D2 team".
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