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  1. Yup. Clock only runs while attending full time. That is one of the big differences between D1 & D2
  2. If not enrolled full time, your D2 clock stops.
  3. Stainslav Khaitlin There is some confusion in the record books regarding which JUCO he wrestled for but he did AA he then went on to place 3rd for Wartburg. He was coaching for CMSU as a GA and it was determined he had some eligibility left so he went and placed 5th
  4. Name a graduate of Wartburg who happens to be one of the few men to be an All-Amercan at JUCOS, D3 as well as D2
  5. Maybe not the easiest but the academies would be a little different, All kids on full ride (even D3 Coast Guard) no time for silly down town issues, the coach does not have to worry about class attendance, coach need not worry about grades( there are others on campus that do that)
  6. If they only intend on putting up a fight or not back down, why even give it a go?
  7. It's PSU's gym. A confrence opponent came to town with the intent of whooping them. IU's plan failed. Why wouldn't they chant the chant that has been going on there for years?
  8. So the Askrens are not champs from Wisconsin as they were both ( so I'm told) were born in Iowa.
  9. You would t give NASCAR's driver of the year award to a NASCAR driver because he is the world champion Formula One driver as well. You give the NASCAR award to the best NASCAR driver.
  10. Iowa homerism is why I think if a team goes into Carver with an 0-0 record and manages to beat the Hawks their record should improve to 2-0. They not only beat the Hawks but the Ref as well
  11. Since this is the college forum, I would think that any kid wrestling in college should have worn a singlet at least a few times before going out for a college team.
  12. I think Tom should put asterisks * on his schedule for big duals as well
  13. Read the Original post, no mention about birthplace
  14. If Maryland is the best, why did both of their superstars leave?
  15. Agreed. Wrestlers will be hitting it balls to the wall form August till late April instead of August till mid March.
  16. I see it as adding another months to an overly long season. If the powers that be think otherwise, they don't know what is going on in D1 wrestling rooms
  17. ''Twas Ron Pifer. Multi time AA for PSU and Westpoint Head Coach. Also coached at State College Area High
  18. Its my understanding that the school was not giving the program much support, I think at time there was talk about dropping the program. Hard to be successful in an environment like that. The team Lars won the title with might have had 2-3 times the scholarships available than what he had in his last few seasons. Its hard to compare D2s to D2s as there is such a huge disparity in scholarships available( not just wrestling has these issues) I know of some schools that compete with less than 1 full instate scholarship and others that have the 9 rides as allowed by the NCAA
  19. I think the reason for lists like this as well as rankings and such is to stimulate conversation
  20. Lars got a raw deal and I have lost all respect for SFSU. I hope the treat Welch better than they did Lars.
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