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  1. I love watching Snyder wrestle, I just with he would do a bit more on the ground in both freestyle and at TOSU. I love seeing turns and laces
  2. Why are NCAA results relevant but US Open and WTT/OTT results not?
  3. The studs in Illinois are willing to participate in JR Nationals. That can't be said about some of the othe states.
  4. Practice and locker/team room facilities can win over recruits as well as parents. They also can give some indication of the school's support for the program. Safety is a huge concern and small rooms lead to injury.
  5. Not this situation at all but I know of one coach that would not give a release right after a redshirt. His attitude was that I just paid you to work out for a season and become better, I want a ROI
  6. Because other guys have better resumes
  7. Wrestling is not an individual sport, There are two competitors on the mat at a time and they compete head to head and influence the outcome via offense and defense. Track, swimming, gymnastics are true individual sports( relays excepted) as each competitor stands on their own and are competing against the clock, tape measure or the marks posted by judges.
  8. There would never be any matches thrown under this scenario
  9. Makes sense, Another way to look at a prolific pinner is a pinner who happens to produce many offspring ( said in jest)
  10. It's my understanding that the award goes to the nations most prolific pinner, this season it went to Stevenson. I also understand he didn't pin everybody he wrestled. Meanwhile Seth Nevills went 37-0 with 37 pins. What gives? Did I miss something?
  11. Why even bother wrestling an opponent a second time? It is obvious that once a precedent is set by a wrestling match(or 6 matches), nobody can ever overcome the previous defeat(s) and win a rematch.
  12. What if he were to have never wrestled for TOSU but matriculated there full time and did his thing on the world stage with similar results? Would he still be considered a "college wrestler"?
  13. Too hard to speculate how anybody would have done until you know if they can take a punch or kick to the face
  14. Morgan just graduated infantry school with the plan being SF
  15. Its not my fault that the PC police have redefined racism to include countries, religions and cultures.


    To be a transfer you must have something to transfer. A signed LOI needs a release to compete at another LOI school but it is not a transfer.
  17. I know he is not D1 but Mike Denny comes to mind http://www.maryvillesaints.com/coaches.aspx?rc=358&path=wrestling
  18. I think I remember people saying big things about Mocco as well. 4 time finalist and 2 time champ are incredible feats but never was close to Big Bruce on the world stage. College and Senior level success is nearly impossible to predict from age group stardom
  19. Plaman Paskalev who wrestled for Central Missouri was a 2x Olympian for Bulgaria and a 3x AA and D2 Camp for the Mules
  20. How about some points for making the world team. If points for winning a national title in a separate sport counts, making a world team should count for something
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