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  1. Brown didn't get there until he was 35
  2. 30-40 years? They were Div 2 most of that time!
  3. You are the type of guy that thinks being a one time All-American is just an average career, aren't you?
  4. I know of one HS that has three head coaches coaching in this year's NCAAs. Is there a HS with more than that?
  5. How come so many guys don't understand the difference between a forfeit and a default?
  6. Too bad the links are Behind a paywall
  7. Even if he was, There's no way Hagerty calls a nuetral fall against a Cowboy who happens to be a National Champ while wrestling in Stillwater.
  8. Hagerty, at least he got where he is by working up through the ranks
  9. Hagerty is not going to call a neutral fall against a reigning Cowboy national champ.
  10. Why work for bonus when the ref won't let you lose
  11. With all of your money. P. T. Barnum is a genius !
  12. I think it should be just like the World Cup format.
  13. If there are 300 first period take downs, the ref, assistant ref, and the score keeper all need fired lol
  14. Gantry, I disagree with your premis. It is not fair to the other wrestlers in the weight to not seed a ZR #1 if he were to miss a dual. If Snyder were to miss all of the Big 10 duals, would it be fair to the other HWTs to draw him in? How would you like to be the #1 seed in your scenario and draw Snyder 1st round?
  15. John Lockhart, He wasn't unpopular before his title but the way he won was very unpopular at the time
  16. I agree on Snyder. This is why he shouldn't win the Hodge.
  17. The other thing to think about is operating budget, Some schools need to fund raise just to travel and recruit
  18. You aren't getting the point, athletes have 20+ hrs per week when they can't study
  19. One thing we will never know is how many kids are forced to redshirt due to eligibility issues.
  20. Redshirts compete in open T & F events What is he governing body that covers sholarships for violinists or math students? How many merrit scholars have 20+ hrs per week of very rigorous extra curricular activities that has very little to do with their schooling?
  21. I'm not arguing either way but remember, three are other reasons to redshirt, not just "he's not ready to compete"
  22. Athletic dollars and academic dollars come from very different sources and each school can govern them as they see fit (as long as the athletic spending falls within the rules the sanctioning body ) Are there recruiting rules regarding merrit scholarships? Can a donor to an academic program pay a merrit scholar for extra curricular work? A student on a merrit scholarship is getting his way paid through school and can basically spend all his time concentrating on academics. Athletes get their way paid through school but must spend a great portion of their time concentrating on non academic and non credit producing work.
  23. I am still very reluctant to pay for a product that fails to deliver as much FLO does. Every event there seems to be glitches and streaming issues. Sure they have done wonders but hey still have many problems and there seems to be little recourse.
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