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  1. What are you nervous for? Are you coaching? Have money on the outcome? Have a vested interest? Just sit back and enjoy the wrestling
  2. Disagree! He had the opportunity to compete as a freshman but took a redshirt instead, He also could have stayed in VA and compete for 4 seasons but he squandered his opportunity. Decisions come with consequences
  3. http://psblions.com/general/2016-17/releases/20161221nperh2
  4. If a wrestlers hand is raised, it counts as a win.
  5. There are 79 D1 teams, and only 1-3 at large births in each weight. How do you select the 16 man bracket from the remaining non qualifiers? I think the system we have now s pretty good, many folks don't understand it but it is much better than the old wildcard system and it is much more fair to conferences when allocations are based on the current season as it is now
  6. It's not the wrestlers or the programs that I have issues with, it's the fans that get a feeling of superiority from the hard work and success of young men that don't even know their name. As for me, I want PSU to win but I don't like seeing Lion's fans exhibiting behavior where they think PSU is the be all, end all of D1 wrestling. To further repudiate your speculation regarding my personality defect, Love D3 Wartburg but Hate Augsburg as I've been exposed to Augsburg fans and they are obnoxious. Same goes for UCO over NDSU and UNO when they were all D2 . But I do like NDSU FB and nobody is winning like they are.
  7. I have felt the same way about Hawks and Gophers as well. I am a huge PSU fan and I sometimes root against the Nitts ( not to lose but maybe not perform as well as the nut huggers expect) just so the obnoxious fans have to eat a bit of crow
  8. Didn't realize that there was INTERNATIONAL wrestling going on in Reno.
  9. it seems like we see more neutral falls than defensive falls
  10. Why are Wades numbers considered "D1"? He wrestled for a D2 wrestling team.
  11. Giving Snyder the Hodge because of his international success would be like giving a NASCAR racer NASCAR driver of the year because he won the Formula One championship the year before
  12. "Whether he has used his RS is a factor, as it is harder to get a 6th medical year than it is to get a 5th" You are putting the cart in front of the horse. We were discussing getting last season declared a "medical" redshirt, Lets hope the 6th year thing does not become an issue.
  13. he and his medical team need to prove to the powers that be that his injuries made him lose the majority of his season and show that the matches he wrestled fell within the prescribed time line and event count. The fact that he did not take a redshirt yet really has no bearing as he has 5 years to use 4 season of eligibility. The question is in cases like this is did the athlete use one of his seasons. Sounds like he didn't.
  14. Why do you call him a freshman? Has he applied and been granted a Medical Redshirt? Until he has, last year counts.
  15. Johnny Sterner won a NAIA title under his father's tutelage at Southwest Minnesota State
  16. Lowney had a good run at NCAA's and a Bronze in Sidney but he does not belong on the list.
  17. Nope! D1 clock expired a few years ago. Under the two year non participation exemption, he might have had some D2 time left but no D1
  18. I don't care what Snyder does, skipping half the season knocks him out of contention in my book.
  19. Myles Martin wrestles and not in the poll Snyder is over a month away and he is #1 Silly
  20. The point is, he did not wrestle at CKLV He wrestled at RTOC
  21. Both the Nerd and TBar say that young Mr. Smith put on a good showing at CKLV, I say you are both smoking crack. He didn't do a darn thing of note at CKLV.
  22. Only Div1 has the non-stopping eligibility clock. In all other sanctioning bodies when you are not in school, the clock stops.
  23. If getting the info really took years, it sure does not say much for USA Wrestling.
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