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  1. Allowing locked hands and guts would be terrible for college wrestling. If you want to open up mat wrestling and get more turns, then eliminate the concept of potentially dangerous. A hold is either legal or illegal. Stop bailing wrestlers out of bad positions.
  2. But no television network wants to deal with the possibility of a match that could go on indefinitely.
  3. Good post and I would just add - remember that college wrestling at least has a fan base and is getting some coverage. Freestyle has virtually no fan base in the US and gets no coverage even during the Olympics. Making college wrestling more like freestyle is a bad idea.
  4. If the goal is television friendliness, I would just say that there is nothing less television friendly that an untimed overtime period.
  5. I don't think the thought process was that he couldn't ride him. I think the fear of a second stalling penalty caused that decision. The chances of getting tagged for stalling when you're digging for :24 seconds of RT to tie a match in the NCAA tournament are next to none. As are the chances of cutting Jason Welch with :24 to go and taking him down to tie the same match.
  6. He learned from the best. People aren't nearly as intimidated by Brands as they were by Gable.
  7. This would be a disaster. Refs are presently calling match after match in a row during a tournament using red and green bands that remain on the ref's same wrists for each match. Now you want him to change bands based on singlet color each match when there is a distinct possibility the bands will be the same color? And you want scorers, who often know nothing about wrestling, to follow this? Good hell.
  8. Maybe he would not have. Do you think he would have if Brown got three points for an initial takedown?
  9. I'm all for ideas but the Brown Perry match problems could have been solved, at least in part, simply by enforcing the existing rule regarding grabbing headgear. The ref never docked Brown for grabbing the head gear, and Perry was not going to open up while Brown had a hold of the gear.
  10. Three point first takedown just means more matches like Brown and Perry - avoiding that first score is even more critical if the first takedown is worth three and subsequent takedowns are worth two.
  11. Also, Bubba is a wrestling encyclopedia. He's very capable of being a good analyst.
  12. I guess I'm in the minority but I thought the whole crew was pretty decent. Amin does not know the sport but he stayed enthusiastic for three days of coverage. Johnson covered Amin's ass pretty well. I actually thought Johnson was a better color guy than he is a play by play guy. Robles was overall great. I think Gibbons is consistently mediocre to bad on BTN.
  13. epek - I had a preamble to my first post stating that I am pretty sure I know who you are and, if so, have the highest respect for you but couldn't fit it in due to the new character limit. So don't take my post personally. I just think it's a bad rule.
  14. Just choreograph matches. Terrible suggestion for multiple reasons. 1 Reaching a stalemate is a subjective call, as is who caused the stalemate. The rule places the outcome of key scrambles in a ref's hands. Result - most refs will never call a stalemate. 2 Defense =/= stalling. 3 A wrestler will gladly take a warning or penalty point over a two point takedown. 4 The Mega-Delgado final, where Delgado turned a near-stalemate position into points, shows why refs should just let wrestlers wrestle through positions. The wrestlers know positions a hell of a lot better than the refs.
  15. This post would make a lot more sense if Bertin had not redshirted. But he did. So did Tannenbaum, another exemplary student. Guys who redshirt aren't sacrificing anything.
  16. Um, Cael Sanderson. Um, Penn State is a damned good school that draws kids from out of state. Um, Penn State has a big time athletic department. NJ produces a lot of quality wrestlers, and Rutgers is in a position to capitalize on that. But it needs a better coaching staff to develop talent and even if it becomes competitive it will always have difficulty competing against the established Big 10 programs for recruits nationally. College athletes at schools like PSU, tOSU, Nebraska, Iowa, etc. Have it pretty damned good, middle of nowhere or no.
  17. Is he blind? Waters was definitely chippy but whatever. Garrett took it in stride and just kept wrestling.
  18. I think the only thing I directed at you was to read the OP to see what my gripes were. As far as the points made in your own posts, there's not much of anything with which I take issue. My beef was with the OP.
  19. He has not looked right all year. It's physical. Whether it's just the weight, or an injury, or a combination has been debated and speculated for most of the season.
  20. I'll refrain from engaging.
  21. One thing I'm certain of is that Chamberlain has no fear of Oliver and fully believes he can beat him. I'm not saying he will beat Oliver but one thing I am sure of is Jason doesn't see himself as the underdog.
  22. My main bitch is with calling him awkward. My secondary bitch is with saying "why doe sn't anyone get on" him when after both matches raised by the OP Megaludis stated he was disappointed in how he wrestled. My third bitch is criticizing Megaludis for stalling in a match where Waters did even less than Megaludis did. I think pointing out that Megaludis has a bad habit of getting very conservative against top kids is fair. If the OP had limited his post to that I would have had no problem with it.
  23. If you remember, Sammie actually left Missouri to wrestle at Clemson. He never settles down. But he is a great coach.
  24. Read the OP again. The "why doesn't anyone get on mega ... Because he's little and awkward?" Is inaccurate and out of line. Megaludis is an articulate, driven kid who understands wrestling. In his post match interview he basically said he wrestled poorly against waters and was very self critical.
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