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  1. There are none. Why? Because wrestlers are so loyal to each other that they will achieve a level of cronyism that hurts themselves. This happens at every level. We wont ever hire the best candidate for the job; instead we will hire the best wrestler for the job. FILA is even worse. They are basically a good ol boys club that hires family members and friends. Agreed. I look at these posts saying, "let's have Dan Gable, John Smith and Cael Sanderson go plead our case." I just shake my head. Great guys, sure. Great coaches, yes. Great wrestlers, obviously. But sending them to the IOC on this is the equivalent of hiring Jim Harbaugh to represent you in a murder trial.
  2. Perfectly illustrates why MMA is no friend of wrestling. Or perhaps the entire Twitter exchange illustrates why wrestling has so few friends.
  3. Apparently not. So why doesn't wrestling have someone in a similar position?
  4. I'm still not getting it. Are you intimating that the wrestling community has eschewed bribery? When it comes to marketing, advocacy, politics, and influence, "eschewing" isn't necessarily the same thing as being "incapable of". That aside. I believe that rule changes in international styles have been ABSURD. But maybe that's just me. Forget it. When wrestling loses, it's always because someone got bribed. It's never because the sport is governed by incompetents who refuse to understand that the sport is in danger, consistently fail to lobby for it, and lack the foresight to understand that rule changes insisted on by people who know nothing about the sport will be used against the sport by those very people. Maybe there was bribery here but the evidence seems to be that FILA was on notice it, along with other sports, was going to have to make a case and instead relied on the "oldest and greatest sport" defense. Just out of curiosity, how much bribery do you think was involved in the passage, subsequent interpretation of, and implementation of Title IX? Marketing, advocacy, politics, influence. Relationships. These are how things WORK.
  5. So we should market sports that virtually no one watches by changing their rules so they are more like other sports that virtually no one watches?
  6. Well, can you name one influential spokesperson for wrestling who isn't a former wrestler? Can you name anyone the sport has who has pull? I don't know if Samaranch Jr. Has any background whatsoever in actually competing in modern pentathlon, but he damn sure has succeeded thus far in selling its merits and putting himself in a position to fend off its elimination. Some one who gives a crap about modern pentathlon had the foresight to get him on board and it seems to have made a difference. Wrestling has never had that. Instead, FILA bends over backwards for the IOC and then, predictably, FILA's "weakness" is used against them. This is a game of politics, advocacy, marketing, and influence. It is not fair or clean. It is a war, and wrestling has been getting its ass kicked for going on 20 years.
  7. So how can wrestling be marketed today to ensure its survival?
  8. I think this used to be true but with flo, etc., this excuse no longer flies. You can now get coverage of most every significant college and high school match wrestled.
  9. Never thought I'd defend Dana White, but that's not what he's saying. He's saying it's tragic but that he can't bail it out. He doesn't think it can be marketed. Wrestling differs from gymnastics, track and swimming in that, while those sports have little support outside of Oly years, in Oly years they are freaking GOLD MINES. I don't think the only reason wrestling is under the gun is its lack of marketability, but White's a marketing guy and that's his focus.
  10. Biggest problem with wrestling's fanbase, at least in the U.S., is its size; it's small. Another problem is that many, if not most, of the fans are quite casual; they are fans of the wrestlers they know (their sons, brothers, grandsons, etc.) and not of the sport. My dad is an example. He certainly considers himself a wrestling fan, and he's upset about the Oly decision. But his real connection to wrestling is me (and I haven't wrestled in 15 years). He doesn't watch college wrestling. He doesn't watch high school wrestling. He doesn't understand freestyle or Greco. He doesn't really understand all of the rules of folkstyle. He could name you the past 10 winners of the Masters but couldn't name a single 2012 NCAA champ or 2011 World champ. Even many, probably most, former wrestlers are the same; they love the sport but they don't watch it.
  11. RichB, you are right and I am sorry if my post was unclear. Wrestling and Pankration were distinct sports.
  12. Actually, what we now call "Greco-Roman" wrestling was a 19th century creation. The ancient Greeks practiced a form of submission wrestling that barred very few holds, and certainly not holds on the legs. Pankration was analogous to MMA; it allowed striking while the Greek form of wrestling did not.
  13. Thinking like this is how we get outmaneuvered by the people who run modern pentathlon.
  14. I have a feeling at least one of the changes the IOC wants is the elimination of Greco.
  15. There's definitely something to this. I would add that the wrestling community, collectively, tends to have a bit of an entitlement issue. Wrestling's the "world's oldest and greatest sport," so it deserves special attention even though the amateur (read: competitive) form of it has not been successfully monetized in modern times and no one in the community has seemed to make the relationships necessary to ensure the sport's position. Modern pentathlon isn't marketable, either, but at least it has influential friends. The wrestling community seems to eschew those relationships, to its detriment.
  16. I'm not a big Dana White fan, but he's dead on. Wrestling is great, it's great for the UFC, but it is not very marketable.
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