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  1. To be fair the only top level competitors that don't have to beat a Russian or Iranian to win worlds are the Russians and Iranians.
  2. Yes. That is why two bronze are awarded. It was a way to placate the wrestling commitees who do care how many medals are awarded.
  3. The two bronze medals as I understand it. The two bronze medals exist as a compromise for eliminating weight classes. Years ago there were 10 weight classes (30 medals for wrestling). The IOC dictated reducing the classes down to 7. That would have meant reducing the medals awarded from 30 down to 21. Two bronze medals was a compromise to keep the medal count similar. (seven weight classes, four medals each, 28 medals total). We are currently down to six weights, four medals each, 24 medals total. Put another way, It is currently harder to win a medal of any color then it was when we had ten weights. Imagine if you ranked all medal winners across all weights pound for pound. The top ten wrestlers got gold, now it is six. Places 11-20 got silver, now it is places 7 through 12. Places 21-30 got bronze, now it is places 13-24. Places 25-30 got bronze in the old format, now those wrestlers get nothing. That means most bronze medals are equivalent to silver in the old formats. All current bronze winners earn their medals.
  4. I would be most interested in seeing how the freakish tall, long athletic type NBA players would translate to wrestling, most notable Giannis Antetokounmpo
  5. Anyone concerned about their retirement accounts should be glad to see the mass cancellations of events and social distancing that is being encouraged. Those measures are saving the market, not destroying it. This virus, left unchecked would cause much more long term damage to the economy and your retirement account.
  6. I like that idea. No one would avoid Burroughs and Snyder in that system. Additionally the lower level guys would have incentive to push/improve the top guy where the 10 mil for first idea would give then incentive to see the top guy fall or stagnate.
  7. The living the dream fund currently offers the following for medals: World Olympics Gold 50K 250K Silver 25K 50K Bronze 15K 25K If the those numbers were dramatically increased what long term influence would it have on USA wrestling? Any at all? I'm thinking of crazy numbers like ten million for gold, 5 mil for silver, 1 mil for bronze for both Olympics and worlds. A big number that would draw the attention of mainstream news (espn, etc). Would guys like Cejudo, Sanderson, etc have stayed in competitive wrestling longer? Would it have no influence at all? Thoughts? (Fyi, I'm not a secret billionaire looking to add to the fund)
  8. I would like to point something out to those that criticize the current format (not including the critics of the split format for Final x): The primary goal of the WTT/Final X format is not to be entertaining or grow the sport. The goal is to get the best representatives possible for the world team. The current system is an evolution of former systems that were somehow viewed as lacking or unfair to achieve that result. The process should not be made more simple or entertaining if it compromises the world teams potential to field it's best team.
  9. To try and understand what equivalent level the top women would be in the men's divisions. Isn't that obvious?
  10. I wonder during these matches what the weight difference was between them.
  11. Serious question. Who wins? Lesnar as a SR vs Snyder as a SR in folkstyle. I think Synder would struggle with Lesnar just as much as he did with Coon if not more. What was Lesnar's college weight?
  12. I consider the following normal. High school graduation: 18 years old End of year College Freshman 19, soph 20, Jr 21, Sr 22 If your age doesn't match what I posted then you are either old or young for your grade.
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