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  1. This is the the results I expect also
  2. Get off Taylor's nuts. He has no chance to make it to face JB with Howe, Dake, Paulson I know you want it but you will have to wait on that to happen.
  3. I too think Howe is a monster, but I still like Dake to beat Howe in a close one if they meet You think or you want?
  4. I agree Paulson and Howe is the only one match that would be a toss up. With the new rules Howe style is a grind
  5. Northern_Fan

    World Team Trials

    Yes this seems to be right
  6. Northern_Fan

    World Team Trials

    Jordan gets to sit out 1. David Taylor (thats weird considering dake has beat him) 2. Marble 3. My guess Paulson 4. My guess Howe 5. My guess Dake hard to seed but dont get DT at #1 besides marble he has lost to howe and dake
  7. Northern_Fan

    Who can challenge Howe next year?

    Difference is they already faced each other and your boy got hammered. Freestyle or not. It was basically a takedown matchup.
  8. Northern_Fan

    Billy Murphy

    Yes but they are california boys I had to chime in :lol:
  9. Northern_Fan

    Billy Murphy

    Ed Mosley is a Senior Director with Alvarez & Marsal in Dallas. Married 1 kid
  10. Northern_Fan

    Howe is officially back

    Howe will kill Perry haha thats going to be fun to watch.
  11. Seems like its going to be another weight class like 2011... Were he techs or falls everyone? Would be great to see Howe and him but that aint going to happen in college Is there anyone that might move up and make him do some work or least give Taylor a match?
  12. Northern_Fan

    Billy Murphy

    I got one for you. Mario Castillo Watsonville High School in California. 6th place in 1994 Lost to Ed Mosley 2nd place in 1995 Lost to Ed Mosley who went to Harvard and Placed in NCAA went to some jr college and dropped off the mat.
  13. Northern_Fan

    Billy Murphy

    He fought MMA couple fights and seems to have dropped off the mat. Boy in high school he was special wish we could of watched him in college
  14. Northern_Fan


    Tired of wrestling or not its not about getting his life in order. Everybody at some time or another has mental block. Sometimes evan know you love the sport you just dont want to do it anymore. It is the hardest sport to do with the constant workouts and the constant tournaments and especially the diet... Good Luck Camp!!!
  15. Northern_Fan

    2014 Hodge?

    Forgot how Howe steam rolled passed Taylor; oh ya freestyle doesnt count :o