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  1. Does Bormet take over or do they do a full search?
  2. I think Bergman did it a few years back.
  3. Time Warner used to. Not that we've been switched to Spectrum I dont seem to have the option anymore. Very annoying.
  4. This could be very big in the team race. I didnt have Micah making the semi's but he should pretty much walk right into it now.
  5. Just as the UB kid gets his hands clasped you hear one of his coaches yell "he's good here!"
  6. He has been fun to watch all season. Looking forward to seeing him continue to develop over the next couple years.
  7. some browsers have them built in. So if you use a third party one, like ad block plus or no script, and disable it the browser itself may still be blocking the pop up or the flash plug in from launching. I had to allow the flash plug in to run and allow pop ups from espn in order to get the window to launch correctly in chrome.
  8. Do you have a pop up blocker of any kind? The espn site wants to launch a separate window which give you the option for multiple mats. If your browser blocks the pop up it will only allow for one window viewing.
  9. I could only watch one match at a time using the espn app on roku so i hooked a laptop up to the tv, opened chrome and logged in through the espn website and have had 4 mats going the whole time with no issues. I have the other 4 going on a separate laptop.
  10. I havnt had any issues with the four mat view.
  11. I believe you only get the 4 mat option if you log in via a browser to the website. If you are watching it via sling tv on roku or apple tv or whatever you only get a single mat via.
  12. Did he? My understanding was he qualified a spot to the tourney for the conference. He then had to earn it by placing at conferences. Since he didn't place he was given the at large bid. I haven't really been following this situation so Im sincerely not clear on how this went down.
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