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  1. Sadulaev scored on a crazy scramble in the final vs. BLR at 3:30 [took a bad shot, but then countered]. Sad moves like a wild cat. Sad
  2. @Coach_J, Yes, I believe at least one of his brothers was a wrestler, training in the same small club that Sadulaev did after.
  3. source: https://life.ru/t/главное/892760/kak_zakalialsia_tank_luchshii_v_mirie_boriets_sadulaiev This is a very nice article about Sadulaev with videos where his mother and father talk and his first coach: =============== The new Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling in his youth had to chose between sport and medicine. Abdulrashid Sadulayev, nicknamed "Russian tank", who took gold in men's freestyle wrestling, has not lost a single match since 2013. He was talked about as a prodigy in 2014, when at the Word Championships in Tashkent, he defeated the experienced Cuba's Reineris Salas, a participant in the Olympic Games in Beijing, three-time medalist of the World Championships. Then the Dagestan fighter confidently - like a tank - marched through Europe, where he won two golds. And last year, he rose to the first step of the podium in Las Vegas, becoming at 19 years old, a two-time world champion. In Rio, a 20-year-old boy from the Dagestani village of Tsurib, confirmed the status of the main world star of wrestling. Abdulrashid burst into the elite of wrestling full of courage thanks to the foundation that was laid for him in his childhood. Daily rise at 6am in the morning, with the first training session being even before school starts. At an angle of forty-five degrees, every day he ran a few kilometers up the mountain to take an icy shower under a growling waterfall, and then run down. Breakfast and school. Skipping the morning workout was not an option. His father Bulach and trainer Magomed Alikhanovich are closest friends, sharing a room in the medical institute's hostel when younger. After school - lunch, twenty-thirty minutes of rest and again training in the Tsurib wrestling hall. A few hours of continuous hard training under the guidance of the strict Alikhanovich. When exhausted, Sadulaev returned home where he had to do more work: carried water, cleaned the yard and chopped wood. The third and youngest son in the family according to the mountain tradition was not deprived of village work. Dinner. Twenty to thirty minutes of rest. Exactly at 9pm -- bed time. Sadulaev Sr. strictly controlled the regime, with medical scrupulousness. Not for nothing did he earn the reputation as the best therapist in and around Tsurib. Any deviation from the regime that his father set up, was noted immediately. At the table, his father hanged a sheet of paper with tasks that all three brothers had to perform during the day. If you did your job well, he put a checkmark. Once, Bulach Sadulayev was delayed by attending an event at a friend's house. It was already past midnight when he returned home, but he took a look at the checkmark sheet even when he returned home late. There were not enough checkmarks! Immediately he kicked all three brothers out of bed, and made them do all the necessary tasks and more. The middle brother tried to shield Abdulrashid from work as he was the smallest of the three, but the father was adamant and Abdulrashid was kicked out of bed like the others and put to work. Bulach Sadulaev did not have the goal that his son becomes a professional athlete. He actually wanted him to become a doctor, like himself. When Sadulaev was finishing school - by the time he had already won gold in the championships of Russia - Bulach gave him 1 week to reflect what he wants to do. Pick 1: serious sport or medicine. Despite the fact that wrestling training took a long time, Abdulrashid was an excellent student and had perfect marks in all subjects. Abdulrashid was a very good student and was often sent to competitions in mathematics and history, and his father used to complain to the teachers do not allow him to train as much as he needs to. To the delight of his first coach, Abdulrashid chose wrestling and not medicine. For him, this was a chance that a dream of his would come true: one of his students would make it to the Olympic Games. The future Olympian came to Magomed Magomedov (coach) in the second grade. Magomed was studying to become a doctor and somehow accidentally ended up as a freestyle wrestling coach. Medical practice did not work out, and Alikhanovich temporarily settled in the village gym. In his youth, he was fond of wrestling, and slowly started coaching the kids in the village, among whom was Sadulayev. Then, of course, no one suspected what kind of world sensation would be created by the self-taught village coach and the then-small Sadulaev. Abdulrashid won the district championship and appeared to shine in those competitions. In Dagestan they had seen a lot of wrestling matches, but this was something special. Its as if Sadulaev was born on the wrestling mat. Of course, there were bad moments. Especially due to Sadulaev's character (he was too nice). Sometimes with rivals with whom Abdulrashid was friends outside the competition, he did not engage 100%. He felt compassion for them and did not want to wrestle hard and embarrass anyone (in the video: his coach says Sadulaev is soft hearted and it was had to motivate him to wrestle hard sometimes). To address this, Alikhanovich had to slap Sadulaev few times before a match, so to make him angry: so that Sadulaev could understand that there are no friends or brothers on the mat - these are rivals. The coach even tried a psychological trick. He appointed Abdulrashid as a leader of the team. He thought that a responsible position for him would make the boy treat his peers more strictly. The trick didn't work. The only thing that remained was explaining to Sadualev that he had to go 100% in all matches, friends or not. There was a turning point in the career of the phenomenal wrestler: before his first Russian championship, Sadulayev twisted his ankle and didn’t get to the competition for which he had been preparing hard for several months. He could have stopped training then, but the injury only irritated him further: he started training harder and winning tournament after tournament. At first - juniors. And then - after a crushing success at the youth world championships, where, by the way, he was called the “Russian tank”, he began to wrestle in men's divisions. At 17. His first coach says that earlier Sadulaev did not have enough speed -- but now Sadulaev fixed that and wrestles like a lightweight. In his teenage year, Sadulaev moved to another coach -- he no longer had good training partners in his village. And without good partners in wrestling, you cannot go grow. The nature of the sport. Sadulaev had to move to Makhachkala, where he settled with his brother. World Championships and the Olympics would come later, but he still had lots of things to overcome. From Shamkhal-Termen - the village where his brother's house was located (this is a suburb of the Dagestan capital) - Sadulaev had to travel 1.5 hours to even reach the training hall. As a young teenager, Sadulayev traveled to training by public transport. Unfortunately, even if it was possible to get to the morning classes by bus, after the evening training, he had to find creative ways to get home. The buses stopped working around 9pm in the evening just when the wrestling session was over. Exhausted after wrestling training, Sadulaev had to take a special bus to the North point— this is what the exit from Makhachkala is called — and from there he had to either walk on foot or hitchhike to get home. An obligatory part of a family holiday is a trip to Gilib, a village located further in the mountains, from where his family originates. Sadulayev's grand father lives there, and he is, according to the stories of relatives, even more severe than his father Sadulaevl's father Bulach. Sadulaev's Olympic victories on the mat or the fact he is tired from training are not an excuse for the old man and after wrestling training, Abdulrashid has to plow in his grandfather's garden sometimes. The younger son in a Dagestan family is also a special kind of position. ===================
  4. I watched some of the finals today...it was crazy how suddenly 1 dude gets a point for attacking and the other goes in par-terre...no idea why...
  5. Greco is impossible to watch, especially after the awesome Freestyle worlds. I watched 1 match this year and stopped 1/2 way. In contrast I watched all of the main matches at the FS worlds. Its unbelievable that Greco is taking Olympic spots away from Freestyle.
  6. oh well sounds like Snyder did say "bad mentors".
  7. I also saw an interview with Sadulaev where he says: "I somehow randomly saw an interview with Snyder before departing for Budapest"....this 99% sounds like someone gave him a link to a video and then explained him what Snyder says to motivate Sad...which is different than what Snyder actually said. I can't imagine Snyder saying his coaches are bad or something, he always gave him props. Weird stuff and sounds like someone set it up to motivate Sad more.
  8. I can't find the interview Snyder said that. Is Flo making sh-t up to stir the pot? I doubt Sad can understand English well, so who knows where he got that from too.
  9. I also can't find that interview of Snyder, this is weird.
  10. saw some celebration in the Russian team after the win...out of all, Sadulaev looks the most uncomfortable. I suspect we will not hear from him much after the win for a while.
  11. source: http://www.wrestrus.ru/news/Novosti_turnirov/chempionat_mira_2018/abdulrashid_sadulaev_rozhdenie_docheri_podarok_motivacija_i_otvetstvennost Sadulaev: "I did not know how the match would go, but I started the match ready to fight till the end. I was ready to wrestle for all 6 minutes, but when I got the chance to finish the match earlier -- why not use it? ... It was very difficult for me this past year, so don't just look at the match that it ended quickly. I waited for this moment the entire year, and I have a hard time finding the right words now. But I say thank you, I am very happy." You and Snyder were together in the warm up area for 2 days. Did you guys communicate? We first saw each other in the hotel, we greeted each other, and wished one another success. After that we met on the mat. Last time you wrestled you had few hours till the final only, now it was an entire day... Today, I woke up, had breakfast and went to rest. Slept until noon, woke up and waited for the final match. Recently, you had a daughter. Did you see her already? I was in Moscow when I learned that I have a daughter. I have not seen her yet in person, did not feel any parental feelings yet, but I was very happy. Birth of my daughter -- it is such a gift, and also motivation, responsibility. I called my daughter Amina -- the mother of prophet Mohammad. So, the win is for the daughter? Well, before we boarded the plane, we agreed the wins are for Besik Kudukov. So its for him. What are you next plans? I have not been home for a long time, and now I have a daughter there. I will go home, relax, spend time with family, friends -- and then again, start preparing. Quite soon will be the Yarygin tournament and then 2019 is critical as the Olympic slots will start to be determined then. I already have experience with the Olympic Games. What did you weigh today? 95kg. But I was ready for this worlds, so it doesn't matter what the weight scale shows. I know my opponents cut 5-6kg, but I am already used to the new weight class, feel good there, and I am ready to work more. You won the worlds for a 3rd time. Are you thinking about setting records? You are only 22 after all... Well, Karelin won it 9 times. 9! For me to reach this record, its like walking by foot to China. I don't think about records. I have people to aspire to, for instance Karelin wrestled at 4 Olympics and I am not even thinking about a 3rd one right now. Ahead of us -- world championships and second Olympics. So we will go forward in small steps. Khabib Nurmagomedov is your friend and he won an important UFC fight this montn. When Khabib was fighting, we were in a training camp. This was Sunday, rest day, so we sat in our rooms, watched and supported him. He also made Conor be responsible for his words. Many things were said about Khabib's Dad, our religion, and our country. I am using this opportunity to tell all athletes, from all sports: if you don't have a medal on your neck or a belt around your waist, don't talk so much trash, you will be sorry later. Snyder also talked a lot about you, how you have bad coaches and improper training. Before we left for Hungary, I saw one of his interviews, where he said I have bad coaches, who force me to wrestle in 97kg. As if I have not chance there and I cannot win against him. But one has to be responsible for their words. Kyle Snyder is a great competitor and opponent, Olympic champion. But lately, he was talking too much, and he got what he wanted. I want to tell Snyder and all others: I can be doubtful for many things, but not in my skills and my coaches. I hope I have closed this discussion forever and we don't have to talk about it again. Your win -- is it a gift for Putin? I know that last year Putin watched my match. I was so ashamed I lost...but this year I managed to win. You see, professional sport does not like long breaks. I want to tell everyone: I lost last year because I did a huge pause, too big. I was not ready fully for the tournament. The loss last year was useful at the end, as it motivated me greatly to train more. And now I am ready to show everyone my superiority.
  12. its that way in Olympic Judo: when points are equal, overtime till someone scores.
  13. I think JB from 2 years ago beats Sidakov, but JB has lost a bit of a step. 92kg is weak for Russia, but I am not sure they care so much about non-olympic weights, I read some comments about it and they always mention that its the Olympics that really matter. Urishev is also old...he won't do anything at 92kg internationally. They are weak at 92kg. Tedeev was commenting how if it was his choice for the team's best interest he'd put Sadulaev at 92kg and Baytsaev at 97kg, but that Sadulaev again acted out of his own interest. And that Sadulaev finally returned to earth and started training like a regular team member. Some tension there for sure! So who knows what happens at 92kg for Russia. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, Sad/Snyder will always be considered a very close match.
  14. The team race has been extremely close. Its great team USA has made so much progress. Lets take a look at the weights one by one also with the future in mind (2019, 2010): 57kg: Uguev vs. Gilman: after disappointing 2017 worlds, Uguev has come back stronger. He didn't really have close matches except the final. Gilman also did quite well till he met Sana in the 1/2 final, in the process dispatching the always boring but solid AZE. This is a weight where Russia seems to have the lead over the USA. It is possible we see some new names from the US here though. 1:0 Russia 61kg: Rashidov vs Colon/Garrett: Rashidov managed to find a way to lose the final and he has shown to have mental lapses. He will likely be Russia's top rep though at this weight. Colon did surprising well, but also a great draw. I suspect in next 2 years, Russia will be stronger here than US. Idrisov is also very strong. 2:0 Russia. 65kg: Chakaev vs. Stieber: well, Stieber just does not look himself lately. Chakaev has been around for a while, but I don't think he will be Russia's long-term representative here. If Bekbulatov comes back, Russia will be likely stronger here, if not, I expect the US to send someone that will do better than Stieber. Overall, I'd say slight nod to Russia, but remains unclear. Both Chakaev and Stieber are not guaranteed to be in the 2019 teams by any means. 3:0 Russia. 70kg: Gazimagomedov vs. Green: Green has somewhat disappointed in my mind. I always thought at some point he will transition to JB-level greatness, but he has not. Gazimagomedov is good, but not great. I expect US to send someone else here. Nod to Russia for now. 4:0 Russia. 74kg: Sidakov vs. JB: their match was super close, so I expect this to continue. 50/50 here. I hope Sidakov stays, he is good, better than Tsabolov IMO. 0:0 here. 79kg: Gadjimagomedov vs. Dake: now that was unexpected. Gadji beat Dake handily at Yarygin but got destroyed at worlds. Dake was unstoppable. As is, I give the nod to US here, now, and in next 2 years. 4:1 Russia. 86kg: Taylor vs. Kurugliev/Naifonov: Russia is surprisingly weak at this weight since the departure of Sadulaev. Kurugliev has been around for a long time, he is solid, but not great. Taylor has been incredible. Strong nod to USA here now and in next 2 years. Russia will have to think hard how to stop the magicman, cause that dude is on fire! 4:2 Russia. 92kg: Cox vs. Tsakulov: Cox has a bunch of international world level medals. Tsakulov has none at that level. Tsakulov really did not impress and I doubt he stays as the representative. Like at 86kg, Russia will need to think what to do here. So, nod to US. 4:3 Russia. 97kg: Snyder vs. Sadulaev: this can go either way, its 50/50 and those two will likely stay at that weight for few more years. I have the feeling here however that Alborov may have something to say soon about who wins Gold. So, 50/50 here. 0:0 here. 125kg: Khirziev vs. Gwiz: Khirziev is probably the worst wrestler on the Russian team. Russia is just weak at HW and they don't know how to fix this. Gwiz has been improving consistently and I think he is better than Khirziev. 4:4. So overall, if these 2 teams are to meet in a dual, I think we'd see it decided by the 97kg and 74kg matches, which are likely to be split 1:1. I don't see this changing any time soon, so we should expect lots of great team races in the future. Olympics is another story and too realistic IMO -- cutting out 4 weight classes is just retarded.
  15. Russia without Tedeev in corner wins...Tedeev gets very emotional and IMO disturbs the wrestlers. I was watching a match of him in the corner of Sadulaev, don't remember where...he was talking like "stop", "go", "stop", ... I think Sad himself was confused and looked at him during the match.
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