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  1. He beat Koll in the US Open finals, I think in '95 as well, with a move that was so brutal I can't even believe it still. He invented it with his brother and called it the Fisherman's Hook or something like that. It was like a gator roll at first. Dave had Koll in the front headlock and went left then right then went straight over Kolls heals while taking the headlock with him. In order to do this move without paralyzing someone, you have to do just so IMO. Its in no wasy easy or obvious. I think he pinned Koll in like a minute with it. Dave was wrestling the best he ever had that year and would have medaled that year and beyond. His wrestling mind was hitting a new gear. I'm getting pissed at Dupont again even typing right now. Dave, to me, is a wrestling god.
  2. I always loved Kevin Jackson vs jabrailov at the Olympics in 92 I believe. Great match with a brilliant finish. Also tons of matches with Brands and Kendall Cross. Snyder vs Gwiz was special too.
  3. My favorite Woody Hayes line will forever be: "Nothing cleanses the soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." We usually need these losses.
  4. I'd go with whomever ends up with the highest results at the end of their international career. Who has the most or the highest results at Olympics and worlds? Does that make it Abe? Or perhaps Frank at Olympics. Taylor and Retherofor have done well and Chertow was an Olympian. McCoy or Abe seem to have the highest results so far. The amount of NCAA titles is good, but as far as best wrestler, those world results speak more about wrestler IMO.
  5. Logan beat Romanov and has some other big wins for sure. He justs needs to wrestle like the Logie bear we saw those time as well as the clutch ability he showed throughout his NCAA career at NCAA's. I'm never giving up on that cat. I mean bear.
  6. Really none of this matters after the World's. That is all we will remember. And really even more so, the Olympics in a few years will dictate these athletes' legacies. So really, who cares about this one? Refs and bad calls are apart of sports. Sh*t happens.
  7. I was just kinda throwing that out because the Dernlans were the family but the brothers didn't have any kids to add to the trophy case. I used to roll around with Tim Dernlan pretty often One thing I want to know is I thought Jeff was more the face of the Jordan brand now and that Jim and Jeff aren't totally in lock-step. I am assuming that based on the Bo-Isaac dynamic. I don't see how attacking Jim effects Jeff per se. And I know Dom and other DiSabatos and coached with Dom. Never, ever did I hear a bad word about Jim Jordan from him. So it seems to be between Mike and Jim and not so much the families. I just think its a little more complicated and I definitely think that this will indeed muddy up the waters for really catching the real criminals. I mean the doctor is dead and they are worrying about this other dynamic and not really even trying to dig any deeper. Red Herring used to be a word for this thing. I also should add I was part of the first Jordan clubs in 92 or 93 and drove an hour to Urbana which is where it was first held. I love the Jordans too. And I know and like Adam and Dom D. Never met Mike somehow. I do feel bad if he really was abused. That doesn't make vindictive behavior okay though. And I still think this whole thing stinks and much deeper than politically.
  8. I think this is much deeper than politics and this will only serve to muddy the waters on catching this stuff.
  9. You read my post didn't you? I said staying on top is much harder. Which is to say they are our best guys ,but the circumstances are different for the unproven guys.Taylor and Dake look like our best since they are killing guys. But they don't have to wrestle with such a massive target on their backs. edit: I guess I wasn't totally clear, but reading into my statement I say that what JB and Kyle are wrestling against are much harder circumstances. Dake and Taylor have a signifacnt amount of motivation to prove themselves and it shows, but that will get much harder at Worlds for both, particularly after this tourney: all the other countrie are going to scout them hard on video now.
  10. Did Kyle wrestle and tech Sharifov? If so: WOW. If not I'm still not worried.
  11. Right now tayor or Dake may be our best, although they don't have the targets on their backs like Kyle or JB. JB and Kyle are being actively scouted and practiced for. That make it much harder. Stayniig on top is much harder than getting there as most should know. Still, DT is wrestling tremendously. His match with the Iranian, should they meet, will be great.
  12. My point is someone will beat you at some point. Reinoso beat Smith twice the last few times they wrestled. Smith still won worlds. But as a Smith fan back then I was mortified and quite worried about Reinoso after the first time he beat John. At some point the best get beat. Who really cares if its earlier in the season?
  13. Reinoso beat him the last 2 times they wrestled. But it was a pool rather than a tournament where one loss would have ended it. How concerned were we with Reinoso? Also Smith might have gotten beaten by Brands but quit while he was ahead. Smith is great though. But they had him scouted well. I don't recall him wrestling more than one really great Russian though. He seemed to get ones that were good, not great. You are right, but it doesn't refute my point, basically.
  14. I'd rather be lucky than better. As good as Sadulaev is, no one is unbeatable, so luck is quite needed in these things. Of course you may be right. Time will tell
  15. You would expect the world to "catch-up" to any wrestler when he is on top for awhile. Happened to all of 'em. I think this is common for Kyle to drop a match early on then avenge it later. That being said, I found Kyles earlier technique of working the head to force a low single, then pulling the heavy man's weight underneath him and gaining a balance advantage. I haven't seen this as much as of late. Like baseball, where hitters and pitchers have to constantly reinvent themselves so as to get ahead of the scouting reports, this is part of the game. As good as Kyle is, I am not sure any human can win every world championship or Olympics they enter. I don't think Medved even won them all that he entered, though he almost did. I guess I am concerned, but not that much.
  16. I think its more like awareness than pure smarts. But I know what you are saying. Sometimes being smart is just simplifying things down. Sometimes its the opposite. I think our top few guys were Rick Sanders and Dave Schultz. Others surely were up there too. Right now....hmmmm..... Adam Coon is up there for sure. I feel like Rethorford is pretty smart. I think JDen Cox seems pretty smart too. I 'm sure all of them are...except Gilman. Totally kidding. I'm sure he's smart too.
  17. The thing is Folk isn't going anywhere. This is what our country(s) people have developed over a century or so of wrestling. Its what we do. Now is the season too long? I think it is. Is it a little too brutal in the big ten? Maybe...probably, but that is a good thing too. I suspect folk wrestlers and the punishment they are used to helps in MMA, which to my point of view is simply wrestling in the early 1900s when everything was legal save for biting and perhaps a few other things. Punching was quite legal then. So Folk is here to stay and I like that. I do wish more people did it and that there was some looks at it for guys that played other sports. If a guy played Baseball or maybe even football, it was rare to see him exposed to Free or Greco. That has to change.
  18. I love this coach j. I think the Europeans do a great job of balancing things. Bravo dude!
  19. I play a lot of guitar and really beat myself up mentally when I don't get practice in. Definitely from my wrestling work ethic and outlook. What is funny is sometimes I come back very much improved mentally and come up with new things and have more creativity and more motivation. I am always surprised at this. Its kinda like weightlifting and breaks. Those breaks are where the gains become real. All of this is analogous to wrestling. We hate taking breaks, but those breaks often lead to us coming back with a new outlook. Another thing that is analogous between music like guitar which is pretty athletic and wrestling is that to get better at rock guitar, sometimes playing a few weeks of jazz, blues, or country can really improve me or any other guitarist. I think this is very similar to US wrestlers and freestyle and Greco or beach wrestling. Wrestling isn't rocket science. It is all about being in position and maintaining that while taking your opponent off balance and or out of position. In any of the styles. And Par terre is where the biggest difference is, but now you only get a few moments to get that turn. So I don't see a big deal with wrestling free and folk. A lot of European wrestlers are wrestling college over hear and going back and taking medals home from the Olympics or World championships. Edit: just realized this has little to do with Fargo....but I am still posting it because I think its some pretty good points.
  20. There careers are getting shorter and shorter by the year and injuries are much worse than they were back in the day. Overtraining. Its an art to get that fine line of out-training your opponent but staying physically, and more importantly mentally fresh. I believe we overtrain a bit too much. But its hard when you think your opponent might be outworking you. That doesn't sit well with any American I know. Still, choking and injuries are usually from an overtrained athlete. With that being said, your point is legit. I think football players would gladly have a shorter career but one where they still have enough of an edge to make the team. So they train harder than anyone and deal with the repercussions down the road. But those come a lot more to these guys now than they used to. The good news, though, is that medicine does a great job at fixing some injuries that used to end careers. That is a great development.
  21. Silva looks like a pretty cool dude. When he's not punching us in the face. Cael is no joke in wrestling of course. His striking looked like a C though. Still, he would probably beat Bubba with size and experience.
  22. I like the story about breaking all his own toys and the idea that the silver lining is he can break human toys. You can tell MMA is rubbing off though.
  23. Seems this therad is only about some Cass guy. Perhaps start a thread about him. This thread is a mess now. Kinda like this board lately.
  24. I agree. But the same hasn't happened to Kyle and they have been gunning for him non-stop. Not only that, he has proven to be able to overcome some of these difficulties. He has been practicing since day one against Tervel , who had a longer career than Stephen and did well too. If Kyle doesn't beat Neal the first time, it gets more likely that Kyle wins the next match and if not, then the next, and on and on. In the first match, I might well favor Neal. If the first match was the Olympic gold medal, I'd put $ on Kyle though.
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