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  1. Are you sure Flo doesn't have these rights either? Technically it's wrestling action?(sarcasm)
  2. No they didn't. Taylor lost in case you didn't know.
  3. Has Dake lost to a HS kid? If not then /thread
  4. I would say the reason why they didn't get mad is because their not whiney little brats that get upset over something that was obviously a joke taken too literal.
  5. They are used as a recruiting tool. This was discussed a few years ago after Ohio St started theirs. The talk was if they were getting additional funding for having one and the answer at the time was "no comment."
  6. When did Pennsylvania become so liberal?
  7. Looks like lu_alum laid down a chicken and got raised a Hodge trophy and unicorn. Lu_alum, you should probably fold.
  8. I like how Jim is calling for a petition to get Josh fired. Next up-PSU fans contact the ACLU to see if being butt hurt is in fact is a civil rights violation. Wal-Mart is now sold out of Kleenex from all the crying.
  9. no, but we've all seen YOU call for his job. guys like you are ok with Andrew Long "mistakes", but want to see a kid like Josh Lowe lose his job making a joke on his personal account. the next time josh Lowe sexually assaults a middle aged mom, let me know Check and mate
  10. It always surprises me how low an opinion many of the posters on this site have of wrestlers. Check that, instead of surprises it DISGUSTS me. I'd like to see any of the posters here that write that one wrestler is ducking another say that to the wrestlers face but obviously they wouldn't have the guts to do that. :lol: Jump off your soap box and lighten up nancy.
  11. Has PSU apologized to the public for letting little kids get raped and has Michigan apologized for being Michigan? If not, then GTFO.
  12. He must of heard he had to wrestle Kyle Dake.
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