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  1. Are you sure Flo doesn't have these rights either? Technically it's wrestling action?(sarcasm)
  2. No they didn't. Taylor lost in case you didn't know.
  3. Has Dake lost to a HS kid? If not then /thread
  4. I would say the reason why they didn't get mad is because their not whiney little brats that get upset over something that was obviously a joke taken too literal.
  5. They are used as a recruiting tool. This was discussed a few years ago after Ohio St started theirs. The talk was if they were getting additional funding for having one and the answer at the time was "no comment."
  6. When did Pennsylvania become so liberal?
  7. Looks like lu_alum laid down a chicken and got raised a Hodge trophy and unicorn. Lu_alum, you should probably fold.
  8. I like how Jim is calling for a petition to get Josh fired. Next up-PSU fans contact the ACLU to see if being butt hurt is in fact is a civil rights violation. Wal-Mart is now sold out of Kleenex from all the crying.
  9. no, but we've all seen YOU call for his job. guys like you are ok with Andrew Long "mistakes", but want to see a kid like Josh Lowe lose his job making a joke on his personal account. the next time josh Lowe sexually assaults a middle aged mom, let me know Check and mate
  10. It always surprises me how low an opinion many of the posters on this site have of wrestlers. Check that, instead of surprises it DISGUSTS me. I'd like to see any of the posters here that write that one wrestler is ducking another say that to the wrestlers face but obviously they wouldn't have the guts to do that. :lol: Jump off your soap box and lighten up nancy.
  11. Has PSU apologized to the public for letting little kids get raped and has Michigan apologized for being Michigan? If not, then GTFO.
  12. He must of heard he had to wrestle Kyle Dake.
  13. Seeing how a lot of people get their TV and movies from the Internet, streaming on Flo is par for the course. My guess is FW still rocks a dial TV with rabbit ears, when the rest of the world just hooks their 60inch flat screen to the computer and watches in enjoyment.
  14. We teach our kids to lift the near ankle while on top, waiting for the outside leg to step up, then cradle.
  15. I think one of the major reasons why the NW has struggled to keep their smaller programs was when they went away from their allegiance to the NWAAC. When there was the big push to go to NJCAAs, instead of just a regional tournament, programs started dropping like flies.
  16. The folks involved are all ex-college wrestlers from Oregon who were either HS or college coaches. They are really pushing to try and get Western OR to bring back their program with their overall goal of bringing bringing back a ton of programs. I merely help by spreading the word. They are the ones doing all the work.
  17. I don't just THINK you're wrong...it's scratch. Yeah I wasn't sure. Could be the reason why guys decline.
  18. Thanks. So, then, more accurately, Taylor should be known as the rider. 8-) There's a facebook page dedicated to this.
  19. I just wish Marty would use all caps more often.
  20. Yeah no chance UNO would ever be dropped either.
  21. Then how come high school football (where presumably they don't sell beer in very many stadiums, in fact, I hope none) draws as well as it does in some places? Beer and lots of it.
  22. Beer and lots of it. Case in point, in a quick onlinè search of YouTube, I typed in Ultimate basketball highlight. Up came a Brian Scalabrine highlight reel. Upload Sept 11, 2012, and it had over 900,000 hits. The Ultimate Highlight wrestling clip had around 180,000 hits and was posted nearly a year and a half ago. Brian Scalabrine, a no time all star who averaged 6.3pts a game, a career backup, is 7 times more relevant by himself in the world, than the best wrestling has to offer. The issue isn't duals or individual. The issue is, people could care less about our fringe sport no matter how we package it.
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