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  1. I live 20 or so miles from Lake Lure (I’m just outside Asheville which is also a great place). It’s relatively close to Hendersonville as well, which is a nice small retirement town. The lake is nice and has a couple pull up restaurants where you can dock and eat. There is a small beach area and a few decent restaurants/bars.
  2. I don’t think it’s as simple as putting Malik on a NATO weight lifting plan. Maybe Ryan is reading the forum while having his morning coffee; he sees this thread and is like, “damn, why didn’t I think of that?” I suspect the staff knew early on what they had with Malik. They continue to try and lure a top 125lb to Columbus, but in the meantime want to compete at each weight and he was best available option. Decatur may never be ready. There was a need at 133 so they went for it. It’s not like Ryan refuses to RS anyone (All three Jordan’s, Ethan Smith, Sasso, Kharchla, NATO, etc. all shirted). However, so did guys like Gavin Hoffman. A RS year is not a magic robe. Another year isn’t always the best option for the team or the individual.
  3. Not sure what to make of wrestle off results. Traub beat Singletary last year, and Chase went on to have a solid year. Hopefully the Hoffman match was an anomaly and maybe light a fire? Decatur taking neutral versus Koontz makes me wonder how vulnerable is from bottom. If he lacks confidence already it seems like a bad sign. I feel like Cleary is a little better than people realize. This is his 4th year in the room and he has seemed to develop more each year. That said, I don’t think he beats the Sasso/Hayes loser. I like Smith at 165 and think he will have a good year. Rocky Jordan wasn’t fun to watch. However, he was off the mats last year and we will hopefully see development. His mat wrestling and defense could result in him pulling an upset or two. Unfortunately, Romero seems to be a solid career backup. Although I think he outwrestled Jordan, he just doesn’t seem to know how to win matches. I expect Jordan will widen the gap throughout the year.
  4. Rocky might be a 184, but I suspect Hoffman will be the starter there.
  5. Does he make the lineup? Could be a three way battle among him, Ethan Smith, and Romero (if karchla goes right away).
  6. Nolf Nickal Martin Steveson Diakomihalis Hall Jordan Marinelli Fix Rivera
  7. Gonna be fun. I think PSU slight favorite and would be my pick at this point. However, I do feel like the Buckeyes could win. Lots of interesting variables. For instance, if Nolf competes and looks his typical self, tOSU winning seems much less likely. Then again, it wouldn't shock me to see the Buckeyes put 9 in semi finals (not predicting it will happen, but also not unrealistic). If that happens, then I think tOSU wins even with a healthy Nolf. Basically, I don't know what the hell is going to happen but it should be one of the most exciting team races in a while.
  8. There are a lot of teams with 3/4 potential, maybe even add in Virginia Tech and Arizona State to have an outside shot if things fall their way. At least at the moment, I think it ends up being Michigan at 3, and Iowa at 4. However, I'd love to see a non Big Ten team sneak in there.
  9. Over the past few years, Ohio State seems to be a stronger tournament team than they are dual team. The also have done a good job finishing strong at Big Tens and NCAA's. While anything is possible, I see it highly unlikely they finish lower than 2nd. They have potential point scorers up and down the lineup, and several guys who could make it deep into the AA rounds. Not to mention potential finalists in at least four weights (125, 184, 197, 285). I think the battle between The Buckeyes and Penn State at both Big Tens and NCAA's is going to be very exciting and likely decided during the finals of each tournament.
  10. That doesn't even include guys like Thorn, Red, Alber, and Smith. Hell, Thursday evening session in this weight is going to be nuts.
  11. NATO Micic McKenna Zain Nolf IMAR BoJo Nickel Moore Snyder
  12. At this point i would bet on McKenna because I'm skeptical PDIII makes it that far. However, if both at the tourney, then I'd say PDIII but by a close margin
  13. 1. PSU/tOSU (going to be fun to watch this race) 3. Michigan (they are loaded) 4. OK State (presuming both Fix and Smith RS but will still be a threat for third) 5. Several teams battle close for 5th - Iowa/ASU/Mizzou/VT/Lehigh/NC State
  14. Just because Pletcher is from PA doesn't mean you know what his plans are. As you've proven on many occasions, you seldom know what you are talking about. And if you read my post instead of planning your next case of verboria, you'd recognize that I was not predicting Nate to 125 nor was I stating that there was any credible discussion of that happening. Micah to 157 only creates a hole at 149. Keyshawn and Pletch going 141&149, respectively, makes little sense to me unless they are really able to pack on the weight and muscle. Oh yeah, and regarding Sorensen, using your analogy MM beats Bo when it matters. But somehow that's different, right?
  15. Ohio State really needs to solve their issues at 125 and 157 to have a shot next year. If Nate can drop - which I doubt - they *could* get 8 or 9 AA's next year. However, with enormous holes at each of those weights they are destined to finish second again. Next year's team race might not be very interesting. PSU clear #1 and tOSU clear #2. Big separation between them, and also big separation between the Bucks and whoever finishes 3rd.
  16. Nice - I too recently reserved at the same Hampton. Excellent price and reviews looked good.
  17. Would White be required to RS? How likely is it that he comes? Romero is going to be a bad dude. However, if Campbell transfers then I suspect we see Romero RS and get ready to take over 174 from Bo.
  18. If Campbell ends up in Columbus that helps at 165. With the training partners he will have an AA finish is very possible. Best hope for 125 appears to be JRod if he can make the weight. Sounds as if he battled injury much of the year on top of the weight cut. Perhaps we see him back closer to what he looked like early this season. Not sure about 157. Most likely starter appears to be Ryan. Perhaps Burcher makes the cut to challenge for the spot? 9 out of 10 champions next year could be either tOSU or PSU. Not sure how I feel about that. Suriano NATO 141 With Heil at OK St Zain Nolf Cenzo Hall/BoJo Nickal Moore Snyder Obviously not all of these are locks, but geesh.
  19. Heino brothers from Campbell Cash Wilke from IA Chaid from UNC CH
  20. The finals next year could have one or more wrestlers from either Penn state or Ohio State at each weight. Not saying the below finalists will all happen, but potential for it is there. Possible finalist 125: Suriano 133: NATO 141: 149: Zain v Micah 157: Nolf 165: Cenzo 174: Bo v Hall 184: Martin v Bo 197: Moore 285: Snyder v Nevills
  21. I've never purchased one of these - I presume you consider it well worth it? How exactly does it work, are there announcers for each mat?
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