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  1. University HS in Orange City Florida, which is located about 20 mins from Daytona Beach and 30 mins from Orlando is looking for an assistant coach. We have a PE position that WILL be open for the 2016 school year. Contact Matt Weaver mcweaver@volusia.k12.fl.us for more details.
  2. I would have to second Carter Gym at Campbell, you are right on top of the mat! It doesn't take much to fill the gym and it doesn't take much to make it feel/sound like it's full either which also makes it a good one!
  3. Derek Brasells of University HS in Orange City, Florida has just found out that his cancer is back. After withdrawing from school last year, due to the side effects of cancer, he came back this year with high hopes. Not only for the wrestling season but for his senior year. During his December check up he was cleared and was told the cancer and mass were totally gone. Now his check up in April, it's back and could have possibly spread to his bones. The process has already caused a financial burden on the family and as they have to travel for treatment and test they will have many more expenses to deal with. Not just from the doctors, but from having to miss work in order to get their son taken care of. if you'd like to help the family out please donate on http://www.gofundme.com/t7qxtg87q The last time he had it, he found a lot of comfort in the wrestling community. He does have a Facebook, twitter, and Instagram if you'd like to follow him on his journey or just to show him support.
  4. What colleges are starting new programs next year?
  5. when does the season with Bubba start?
  6. I had been having the same issue for the past few weeks and just now updated to google chrome and now it seems to work fine, maybe try that...
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