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  1. You should probably lay off the crack pipe. It is already turning your brains into mush But please don't stop there. Tell us more about super racists Azeris. I love listening to random ramblings of persian douchebags on the internet :)
  2. It is final. Russia won't be represented in the 57kg weight category
  3. Rasul Chunayev was born and raised in Azerbaijan near the Russian border, but he has nothing to do with Russia.
  4. Aze freestyle team is currently at the training camp with wrestlers from Belarus and Dagestan Meanwhile, the greco team is at the training camp with wrestlers from Morocco
  5. Asgarov won on a push-out with a few seconds to go. Meanwhile, Frank's fingers were all over Asgarov's face much to the exasperation of the latter. Frank must be one of the most annoying wrestlers out there
  6. Yes, apparently Sharif is indeed trying to slim down to 86kg, but it is going to be a tall order. I think, presently Khatiyev and Gostiyev are in better shape than Sharif. However, the coaching staff may want to avoid explaining why an Olympic and World champion stayed at home.
  7. Very unlikely. Even though it is a wide open weight in Aze (Khatiyev is the presumptive #1 at the moment), Sharif will have hard time cutting weight. Sharif's best chance is at 97kg, but unless Gazyumov suffers some kind of setback over the next several weeks, Sharif will sit out the Olympics at home.
  8. Greetings y'all. Haji got really screwed with this whole weight realignment caught in no man's land. At 61kg he is neither here nor there and he has no choice but to slim down. Having said that, the rumor is that he is already down to 59kg and he is making strides in adapting to his new weight. Aze team is currently holding a joint camp with Cubans. Jabrayil Hasanov stood out with his renewed vigor and energy, something that's been missing for quite some time now. A lot of his issues are mental, and if he manages to overcome those he will be a legit contender.
  9. Wrestling federation officials want Chunayev in Rio next year, but the question is what's the best way to go about it. Chunayev would feel most comfortable at 66kg, but that means 2010 World champion Hasan Aliyev is out of it. Aliyev has been in a slump lately, but he is still a great talent. Aliyev also didn't help his cause by being one and done in Las Vegas. Chunayev could try to bulk up to 75kg, but he is going to be at a disadvantage against bigger guys. Either way, we'll have some clarity by year-end.
  10. Seems like Togrul got robbed. He pinned Chamizo, but the ref hesitated to call it. http://postimg.org/image/tin4c9zx3/ http://postimg.org/image/dlptot4fv/ http://postimg.org/image/puyrwnijn/
  11. Abdullayev brothers. Namig - 2000 Olympic champion, 1996 Olympic silver medalist, 4-time world medalist and Arif, 2003 World champion.
  12. The kid is a real deal. If he doesn't flame out as kids often do, he can turn into a beast.
  13. Teymur Mammadov was born in Russia, but is an ethnic Azeri. Out of total 7 gold medals accross all styles only 2 were earned by naturalized athletes (2.5 if we count Mammadov).
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