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  1. With the talk of Gambrall losing his spot in the Hawkeye lineup, can you all name other former AA's or National champs that either did not wrestle their senior year (dropped out,ineligble, injured, etc.) or lost their spot in the lineup?


    Off the top of my head:


    Kevin Randleman- dropped out tOS his senior year (?)


    Wil Kelly- Wartburg's defending D3 national champ comes back 2nd semester Sr. year and loses starting spot

  2. Joey Gilbert is not an alum of Mich. left there and went up north to wrestle where his brother was at not sure if it was in North or South Dakota. I believe he wrestled at Mich. for 2 yrs. but again not positive but do know he left there and went somewhere else.



    He went Boise State (with his brother Danny) for his final year and didn't place at NCAA's. I think he may have bumped up two weight classes.

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