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  1. Was reading JH's "dunderhead" and "nincompoop" reference, and remembered a study done earlier this year. At least for the posters that exhibit some sort of anti-social behavior...See link... http://www.slate.com/articles/health_an ... pathy.html
  2. Next year I just hope it's shorts and t-shirts weather again. The way this winter is going, I just hope OKC is not like Des Moines was last year. I'll take somewhere in-between. 8-) Long-range forecast shows highs in the upper 60's and lower 70's...so ready for that.
  3. I get the hate. Being on top has caused mediocre minds to spew misguided barbs for years...decades... heck, even centuries. It's human nature. It is a compliment, and one that will go away when Penn State is no longer on top...which will happen. Maybe not this year, but it will happen. There's almost 7000 fans filling Rec Hall every match, about 16,000 tickets sold for the BJC Match against Pitt, and thousands of other fans across the country that root for Penn State. And tommygun goes after Penn State fans collectively because a dozen or so decide to be over-zealous in their posts. Talk about misguided. Trust me tommygun, whichever team your root for has their clown fans as well. I'm more repesentative of our average fan. About 60, been a fan since the early 70's and am grateful for the success, fully aware it won't last forever. I've have had the good fortune of attending B1G's, NCAA's, and other mid-season tournaments for years, and have met many, many good people from other teams. But collectively, I have come to several conclusions about the average fans from other teams fan bases. I'd put the Okie State fans at the top for being respectful and knowledgable. The next 3 have some great fans as well, but their fan bases also come with some mixture of entitlement, spite, resentment, heck, even anger that someone else is on top...and one of those team's has never even won an NCAA Championship. Our fans are mild compared to those 3, imo.
  4. The model I have shows 26 Advancement Points, 29.5 Bonus Points, and 68 Placement Points, for a total of 123.5. Minor point, as I said before, and really has no bearing on your analysis...again, good job!!
  5. Penn State does not wrestle Nebraska during the regular season...won't see their guys until B1G's.
  6. Good analysis. A couple additional points, especially regarding Advancement scoring. The NCAA Tournament no longer gives additional Advancement Points after a bye if the next match is won. It is scored as a 32-man bracket with a true pigtail match as of 2012-13, vs a 64-man bracket with 31 wrestlers getting a bye. Advancement Points are scored as follows, with the exceptions being the 2 wrestlers in the pigtail matches, and any wrestler that loses in the first round, and works their way through wrestlebacks to become All-American or R12; 1st and 2nd Place - 4 Advancement Points 3rd and 4th Place - 3.5 Advancement Points 5th and 6th Place - 3 Advancement Points 7th and 8th Place - 2.5 Advancement Points R12 - 2 Advancement Points Doesn't change the analysis enough to matter, but may be helpful for those that want to understand tournament scoring. Also, minor point...PSU had 29.5 Bonus Points at 2013 NCAA's, not 30.5...
  7. Put the top 3 in a bag, shake real well, then pick them out for their ranking. Next, place the Iowa guy, whoever it is, 4th...for now. It'll all be different in a month or so...but sure is fun discussing.
  8. I agree with this, except Brooks had 3 1-point losses heading into this match, and Gadson (Iowa St.), the number 3 or 4 guy in the country, only beat him 3-2...at 197! I'll go with cautious optimism myself, but MM is looking as good as anyone in the country. Should be a fun Scuffle, with Meeks, Gadson, Schiller, and MM all there,
  9. The problem for many of the guys is they wrestle close matches. The domination criteria will likely separate Taylor from all other undefeated guys...if he goes undefeated. A wrestler can only wrestle the guy that's in front of him. Should know more at the Scuffle...DT vs Caldwell likely in the finals.
  10. The 10 Pennsylvania D1 schools have 171 wrestlers from PA. So, if you consider 77 D1 programs and an average of 35 kids per roster (probably a little high), that's 6.3% of the total wrestler count already. Guessing there's another 50-100 PA kids in the other 67 programs, so probably 8% or a little higher prom PA.
  11. It's only a couple folks Gonzo, maybe some of the fans way of dealing with losing him, just guessing. The majority are sad or disappointed, but are not knocking the kid. I agree with you, the kid's an awesome talent. Gonzo posted what amounts to a straw man argument. He is trying awfully hard to make Penn State fans to be something they are not, and making stuff up seems to be a part of that. Well then, I would suggest he get to know more of us...judging all of us based on a couple bad apples (who tend to be more vocal) is a little unfair. My 40 years of following PSU wrestling has provided me with literally thousands of wrestling friends, and not all from Penn State. We really are, overall, a decent bunch. Every team has its crappy fans, even Gonzo's...
  12. It's only a couple folks Gonzo, maybe some of the fans way of dealing with losing him, just guessing. The majority are sad or disappointed, but are not knocking the kid. I agree with you, the kid's an awesome talent.
  13. Actually Dr., it was his "body of work", not just this post. I would love a grown-up conversation with him or anyone about all things wrestling. In fact, your post didn't help at all in moving the conversation forward, with what comes across as a bitter, sarcastic diatribe about PSU fans. But, I must agree totally with your message...we should be able to calm down and talk about things. Seems easier said than done though, wouldn't you agree?
  14. 3 straight NCAA titles = Great Coach. If you don't agree, then tell me who is a great coach and let's see how he stacks up against Cael's record. Who ya got? He's a Cael "hater". Doubt he'll respond...with anything more than vitrile...
  15. The Pittsburgh host school is West Virginia U...how's that work?
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