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  1. 125 Cullinan D Roth 6-1 (Roth with a lot of half shots and no finishes, Cullinan scraps) 133 Horan D Sentes 6-1 (Horan is tough, we knew that, but this is confusing. Sentes will need to saddle up and wrestle himself into shape. Not worried, 3 time AA coming.) 141 Mattingly D Hodgkins 2-0 (expected more out of Hodgkins, Mattingly looked like a vetern, finally) 149 Corby D Kielbasa 2-0 (nothing notable) 157 Smith D Martin 2-1 (nothing notable) 165 Ottinger D Cooley 2-1 (should of been a stale mate and not a stall in overtime, should of gone one more minute in neutral, Ottinger looked to have more zip) 171 Bill D Alm 6-3 (Bill is scrappy) 184 Bennett D Kelliher 8-1 (wish Bennett would open up offense, same style every time) 197 Lewis D Alder 6-5 (two cavemen trying to kill each other, the better athlete lost, but will win in the future) 285 Trice D Murray 10-3 (Trice looked big 2013 NCAA Champ)
  2. Okiedokie must be trying to drive traffic to the cmuchippewas page: Maroon-Gold Intrasquad Matchups125: Christian Cullinan (M) vs. Joe Roth (G) (boring)133: Scotti Sentes (M) vs. Zach Horan (G) (Sentes by major or pin)141: Nick Hodgkins (M) vs. Scott Mattingly (G) (interesting)149: Joey Kielbasa (M) vs. Donnie Corby (G) (a lot of head butting and probably an injury)157: Malcolm Martin (M) vs. Luke Smith (G) (Pin Fall Smith)165: Dakota Cooley (M) vs. Mike Ottinger (G) (Ottinger will bring the pace to this match, look for heart failure)174: Anthony Bill (M) vs. Sven Alm (G) (not sure)184: Ben Bennett (M) vs. Craig Kelliher (G) (painful turn to pin)197: Jackson Lewis (M) vs. Kurt Alder (G) (unknowns)285: Mike Murray (M) vs. Jarod Trice (G) (HP)
  3. U of M vs CMU Dual November 6th: 125: Boyle over Roth 133: Sentes over Bruno 141: Jackson over Mattingly 149: Grajales over CMU 157: Salazar over CMU 165: Massa over Ottinger 174: Yates over CMU 184: Bennett over Thomas 197: Huntley over CMU HWT: Trice over Dozier U of M wins 7 and CMU 3
  4. I heard he had a back injury that resulted in a majority of his red shirt season being used to recover. Hopefully his body can hold up and he can finish strong. Three returning AA's: Sentes Bennett Trice Supported by a crew of solid athletes. It would nice to see a surprise with Horan (match away from placing) finding his way into the line up. Bump Sentes to 141 or cut Horan to 125. It would be nice to have 4 possible AA candidates.
  5. It is good to see a conference grow and become more competitive, but will this growth hurt programs that were starting to gain traction? CMU Kent Buffalo NIU Ohio Eastern Michigan For example, EMU seemed to be improving every season under Delporto, Bolyard and now Luke Smith will this conference growth hinder their forward progress? Adding three more fully funded (that is an assumption) programs cannot make "keeping up" any easier. Which of the existing MAC schools have 9.9? Which have full coaching staffs funded by the university? It would be interesting to compare budgets and how much is provided by athletics and how much is fundraised? There definitely is a large gap in facilities (assuming): Mizzu, CMU, ODU having the newest and best. I think Buffalo has a recent renovation. Kent, NIU, EMU, Northern Iowa have decent facilities, but not great. Ohio University needs to to some investing in this sport. I guess the point of my post is my fear of killing the existing lower tier MAC schools with this growth. If the MAC is going to be the 3rd largest wrestling conference those institutions need to invest in these programs. 9.9, competitive budgets, facility upgrades and full coaching staffs. Existing MAC schools have the opportunity to invest very little (compared to other sports) and get a huge return on National exposure.
  6. I was not sure who they had. I like that 157 battle. 157: Smith 174: Bill-vs Kelliher 3-potential top 3 point scorers at NCAA Sentes, Bennett, Trice Slide a couple more guys on the podium - Roth, Hodgkins, Corby, Smith COULD THIS BE THE "YEAR OF THE TEAM TROPHY" for the Chips?!
  7. 125: Roth - NQ 133: Sentes - 2x AA 141: Hodgkins - PA Super Star 149: Corby - NQ 157: Cline - developing 165: Ottinger - NQ 174: Bill - developing 184: Bennett - 3xAA 197: Lewis - developing 285: Trice - 2xAA Could be a good crew in the BIG 9 + hopefully a couple more
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