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  1. Thanks guys! Google Chrome worked for me. Now to watch a bunch of wrasslin!
  2. Still can't figure out how to log in on a PC. If anyone has found a workaround please post up. The "Log In" link is simply grey'd out everywhere I've tried. I do have access on my phone since I was logged in prior to all this log in stuff coming up. Thankful that I at least have that.
  3. They don't appear to have the video link up on the mobile interface. Not sure if it's different on a PC since I can't log in. 2 workarounds that I've found: -If you know the names of the 2 wrestlers just do a search for them and the video will likely come up. -If it was a recent event just open up that event. Once opened, open up the videos link under that event and you'll see whatever has been uploaded.
  4. Same deal here. Log in freezes up. I use my full email and pw as instructed. Guess I’ll have to watch the videos later on. Was looking forward the Minnesota vs. SDSU. **edit: still can't get in on my PC but did get in on my iPhone.
  5. http://www.ocregister.com/2017/08/17/calvary-chapel-hires-former-churchboyz-star-dane-valdez-as-coach/
  6. In! Too bad though as main match I wanted to watch (live) was Nashon/Megaludis.
  7. Same here. Using same computer that I watched with in earlier rounds. If anyone figures out a fix please let us know what worked. Thx!
  8. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... A-V-Russia Not saying Pico would beat the upper tier USA guys like Oliver, Russell, Metcalf but according to Coach Jones in this interview Pico was going "toe to toe" with the top Russian 66kg AND 74kg guys. I would say based on the Emeev result that Pico would be very competitive with our upper tier guys. Pico appears to have some great coaching and has made great progress since his controversial loss to Heil at S32 and even his near loss at Fargo. In another interview Pico mentions going to France for competition. Does anyone if any of the other USA guys be there?
  9. Impressive, wow! Totally controlled that match. Was he wearing Dave Schultz shoes?
  10. Tod Giles (after AA'ing at Boston U) was our HS head coach for a year. After a tough loss to a rival school he did a few head snaps on me in practice and I think my body broke in half. That hurt as I was only the 91 lber. RIP Coach Tod and I hope Boston University's decision to drop the wrestling program changes.
  11. I'm pretty sure its live on the Ocho. Try again...it's live on BTN proper at 9 PM Eastern. (right after the Michigan State/Michigan hockey game at Yost Ice Arena) Thanks guys! Looks like BTN2Go is the only way to view it online. Time to call cable company.
  12. Anyone have a link to watch this online? Can't seem to find anything on BTN's site. Thanks in advance!
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