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    Elbow pain

    basically my left elbow is sore. I dont know what happened but i assume that someone got me in a straight armlock or something similar and maybe i didnt tap or roll over quickly enough . It sore when i do things like bicep curls as i notice that its the pain that is stopping me lifting heavier amounts with my left arm . its been sore like this for about 3/4 weeks now Any suggestions of what i can do about this to ease the pain ??
  2. hello whenever i try to watch videos on the united worldwrestling channel on youtube it always defaults to the lowest quality of video and the video is very very slow at playing. It takes about 15mins to watch a 4 minute wrestling video which starts and stops several times. I have tried watching the youtube videos at night and in the morning but there is no difference. Does anyone else have this problem or know what the cause is ?
  3. Theres also an amazing constant feeling of cramp in te hand when i ty moving it and after i try moving it
  4. Whilst wrestling i was thrown and put my hand out and broke the 4th metacarpal bone in my hand. very basic error i know. I have been in casts and had surgery to insert pins into the broken bone and now the cast is off however my fingers and wrist are still vert stiff and its now about 3 weeks after surgery. I am doing physio exercises which basically involve trying to form a fist however i still cant old a pen. and am nowhere near forming a fist. Its annoying that all fingers have now been affected Has anyone experienced this injury ? How long does it take to fully recover normal and function? My hand is still a bit swollen, should i be doing these exercises or do they make the swelling worst ? Should i go back to wrestling if/when i get better ?
  5. I'm probably going to get lots of abuse but the thing i hate the most and find the most difficult to do is cut weight therefore i dont do it. In practice 2 days ago because it was relatively cold outside the heating was on and although i shed weight i felt nauseous, sick, faint and dizzy by the end and therefore this affected my performance towards the end of practice. I cant go into a tournament feeling like that as i know i wont be able to put in my best. Today im going for a gym work out so will see how much weight if any i loose but i just dont want to cut weight :(
  6. i am an adult wrestler weighing about 79kg and 6ft tall previously i would be in the 84kg class and now i will be in the 86kg class this worries and annoys me as i will now be facing guys who could be 7kg heavier than me and also very muscular :o does anyone have a link to the document in which FILA discusses and justifies their weight categories ?
  7. thanks, its a bit wierd we have practice 4 times a week but he goes to the two sessions i dont go to because i conflicts with other things i do , so we have never met until we had a mini in house tournament at the weekend . im going to go to one of the sessions he goes to this week just as a one off as i shouldnt be going at that time. But i m sorry i just want to wipe the floor with him as he beat me in the tournament (i lost points for something though everyone said out match was the best) . i thought i was the most skilled at my weight in the Club and am not happy that i didnt beat him :evil: so i've no intention of playing around with him though i know what you mean. anyway it would be good to know how to defend against this just for anyone i might meet who tries it . PS he didnt suplex me, its just im told thats what he likes doing
  8. I have found these two defenses against suplex, 1. Im not sure this hook would be of any use 2. im not sure a freestyle or greco wrestler would fall so easily but this looks good Any comments ?
  9. thanks a lot for these replies guys, i dont know why but the original question has gone. What i asked was how do you defend against a suplex
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