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  1. It's almost always Iowa, Mizzou, and Oklahoma State. Cheap in-state and out-of-state tuition, easy admission standards, large rosters.
  2. Man, if Nickal doesn't go 86KG, I will be so disappointed
  3. I feel like Hernandez, Trombley, Gerardi, and Hayes are all the same wrestler.
  4. Logjam of Surber, Plott, Haas, Ferrari will be interesting. Surber is long and already wrestling 182. I think all will be AA caliber
  5. Poor Coach Goodale. Dude legitimately thought Ashnault and Suriano would be his springboard to the upper-tier of D1 wrestling. But the recruits still aren't there, he's stuck with a bunch of middling talents, and the face of his program may not even return for his senior season. LOL at RU fans
  6. Did he lose to Crooks and/or Demison? If so, not good.
  7. I guess Dakota Geer is just pure trash
  8. Joe Smith lol. He can't wait to hang em up
  9. Citadel giving these young PSU wrestlers a "Wilkes" feel. Invaluable experience.
  10. Cardenas is going to be an absolute monster
  11. Not that Chase Straw is a bad wrestler, but I just don't see it with Julian Ramirez.
  12. I’ll take Cardenas over Traxler J. Lee - Ramirez is an interesting early round match
  13. The team is about as good as any team we’ve seen the last decade and could make a run at the scoring record in 2021 if healthy. Extremely low bust rate from the recruiting staff the past few year, so props there. The only pleasure I can take in any of this is knowing the 2021 national championship will be won without any wrestlers from the state of Iowa. And this year’s team only has Wilcke, who has graciously assumed the role as team/fan punching bag Tough times for a Hawkeye hater, but 2022 isn’t far off. I’m not a huge believer in this next wave (Ybarra, Schreiver, Teasdale, Henson, Reyna, Kennedy Rathjen, etc.) to adequately supplement Cass and Assad. Of course, 3-5 transfers could change all that. Hope this year’s PSU team can at least make it an even decade for a winless Brands, but I think it would take a historic collapse for that to happen - the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Tom Ryan disaster of 2018.
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