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  1. Pletcher moving up? Christ, Hayes has rotten luck. Hope he gets a 6th
  2. Doubt he enrolls this year
  3. Too late on Kerk, but I'd take a call from Shumate.
  4. No. Can’t get too excited about tournaments that start overnight. Maybe if it ever comes back to the US (before 2028).
  5. Crazy to think that at age 23, Snyder's best days are behind him. Can't scramble, can't turn. Of course we should have expected him to get scouted out by now. Conditioning didn't look great. Perhaps Sadulaev was right. Too much weightlifting
  6. Zahid has certified. Not exactly breaking news that he intends to wrestle 184, but notable that he weighed in at over 197
  7. Some Ohio State certs trickling in. Still waiting on Ke-Shawn, which is probably the most intriguing cert Notes: Jacob Decatur (not to be confused with Jordan) is tiny. He may not be 5 feet tall. He basically has no chance. Hope he gets a couple years in the room and transfers to a DII or DIII school and finds some success Heinselman is at least on his way to becoming a decent sized 125 If Hayes can't/won't go 141, I wonder if Pletcher campaigns to enter the mix. He could win it at 141, and 133 probably isn't an easy cut. Cleary and Mattox probably in the 157 mix Tough cut for Kaleb if he intends on going back to 165.
  8. 2019-2020 Weight certifications starting to pop up on Trackwrestling's Weight Management feature Checked up ASU and NCState since they typically like to start the cert process with their wrestlers are nice and fat to allow for more aggressive descent plans. Other teams will wait closer to October where weight is in better control. The closer to the season, the less reliable they are for guessing walk-around weight. Sure enough, about half of the wrestlers on ASU and NCState were already certified Either way, I like this feature because when the rosters are listed as follows, it gives you a general idea of how big a wrestler might be in the offseason/preseason (though for whatever reason, some rosters are only displayed as lowest weight class they are certified). Gonna bump this thread as I see rosters filled out! My interpretation here is that the wrestler is listed at whatever weight he would compete at with his current weigh-in. So that gives you a range of 8-10 pounds for most of these dudes (save for 197 and 285). For example, Jarrett Trombley is listed at 149, which means he certified somewhere between 141.1 and 149.0. This would make sense for a 133 pounder. NCState thoughts: Tariq Wilson is big! Though I think he certified while weighing over 149 last year, so makes sense that he is over 157 pounds right now. Hayden Hidlay is never as big as I think he is, and yet Trent somehow gets bigger every single day. The dude probably clears 200 Big cut for Camacho? Yikes Arizona State thoughts: Don't learn a ton here, but interesting info on Raimo, Busiello, and Chlebove. Looks like Raimo in the 125/133 range with Busiello/Chlebove perhaps sliding into 141/149 eventually.
  9. Greco is a terrible joke of a sport for non-elite athletes. I can see the appeal for novice wrestling countries. The talent gap is easier to overcome.
  10. Are USA Cadet and Junior teams getting Kevin Jackson’d? USA Senior Coach 2000-2008. Rides the initial wave of talent, but over time deteriorates into the worst era of USA wrestling Iowa State 2010-2017- Pretty much the same thing happened. USA developmental coach 2017-present- Trend?
  11. The Russian (round 2) would have beaten Abakarov at Euros had a controversial grounding call gone his way.
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