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  1. LemonPie


    I wasn't the one making things up with, "no apparent reason"
  2. LemonPie


    Clearly a forearm nudge.
  3. LemonPie


    You can see Stoll give a little elbow/forearm nudge Also tossed an ankle band at Hillger's feet.
  4. LemonPie


    So... Hillger- 3 Parris- 4 Stoll- 5 ?
  5. LemonPie


    Big match Nick
  6. LemonPie

    HEW...Finish Strong!

    Who are some HEWs that bounced back for one last run? Eric Grajales?
  7. LemonPie

    #2 Oklahoma State at #5 Missouri...

    Weigel 2-0 special is coming
  8. LemonPie

    What were the Indiana coaches thinking?

    In a recent interview, Cael offered an opinion regarding this subject. He agreed with you.
  9. LemonPie

    Bey with a right hook

    Skip to the good part
  10. LemonPie

    Biggest threat to Nickal?

    This was a fake "close match." Takedowns were 3 to 0 in the last 10 seconds. Best thing Schultz did was not get ridden out to end a period.
  11. LemonPie

    RBY Nick Lee rankings

    Think you are underselling Nick Lee a bit. He had 2 near takedowns before the 3rd. McKenna fleeing in the 1st and then the wiped takedown in the 2nd
  12. LemonPie

    OSU wrestling

    Someone is feeling a little salty about tonight in 2020, I might agree.
  13. LemonPie

    Daniel Lewis Pins Valencia

    Amine is kicking himself for not ducking Valencia earlier this year. Could you imagine if Mark was 1 and Zahid was 4?
  14. LemonPie

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    Tom Ryan pulled the redshirt of his undersized true freshman wrestler for this moment right here Last match. Down 28-6
  15. LemonPie

    ASU vs Mizzou

    Heart skipped a beat before realizing Valencia will still probably get the 3-seed.