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  1. LemonPie

    Streaming options for worlds

    Of course my post was deleted. Willis is an authoritarian hackjob who doesn't believe in consumer choice.
  2. LemonPie

    Streaming options for worlds

    I would love-- ****ING LOVE-- to support trackwrestling. Dashboard "time-outs" aside, their software is is mostly superior to FloArena. Fantastic database with tournament results that are easily arranged by weight, team, age , etc. FloArena can't even support dual tournaments at this point and Track has been doing it for over a decade. Plus, guys like Andy Hamilton and JB are good dudes to have on board. So, please. Do better, Track. Or at least try.
  3. LemonPie

    Streaming options for worlds

    In the next four weeks, If I wanted to watch Worlds, Michigan State Open, Bearcat Open, Princeton Open, and the Grand View Open, it would run me $90 for a month's worth of tournament coverage-- almost the value of a year of Flo Out of either pure laziness or greed, and for the third year in a row, track refuses to put out a viable subscription model for dedicated wrestling fans. They rather target the pockets of mom and pop who are trying to get a look-in at their kid.
  4. LemonPie

    Streaming options for worlds

    Apparently this forum hates consumer choice and our ability to influence the market.
  5. LemonPie

    Streaming options for worlds

    Pass on track until they show the slightest bit of interest in a pricing model for fans/customers who want to watch lots of content.
  6. LemonPie

    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Yeah, I’m not sure either. But thanks for the Tom Ryan tampering tidbit, I guess. If Tom was actively recruiting a member of a conference rival’s roster, then sure bud-- you were right all along!
  7. LemonPie

    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Or Isaac Jordan
  8. LemonPie

    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    my guy, please expand your vocabulary. http://board.themat.com/index.php?/search/&q=dumb&author=hammerlockthree&search_and_or=or
  9. LemonPie

    2018 Who's #1

    Matches are stinky. I blame the uniforms.
  10. LemonPie

    Suriano interview s

    Here's how I got my eye infection
  11. LemonPie

    Suriano interview s

    Sorry, I'm a little slow. Was it staph infection or not? How long does it typically take for one to get clearance for staph or other knee infection? The dude has had some bad luck.
  12. LemonPie

    Good day for the Hawkeyes

    That's nice, honey
  13. LemonPie

    Good day for the Hawkeyes

    Wow, they actually gave scholarship money to a kid from Iowa.
  14. LemonPie

    Breakout stars - 17/18

  15. LemonPie

    Will M Lewis AA this year?

    The M must stand for Massa