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  1. LemonPie

    UMD - Coach Announced - CLEMSEN

    Good luck. That roster is among the worst I’ve ever seen. Would be a monumental effort to get a few qualifiers by 2021
  2. LemonPie

    Coach Dake?

    As one of those “TB12” type loons, he’d likely be a headache for any AD with all his training/lifestyle demands.
  3. LemonPie

    Mason Manville OR

    What a bunch of whining. If Manville is ever starting for PSU, you should be happy that PSU has a starter who isn’t likely to AA. It means Joe Lee or Starocci didn’t develop. he isn’t great. Perpetual 10-20 dude
  4. 2022 picks 125- McHenry over Foley (redshirt at some point) 133- Arujau over Glory 141- RBY over Demas 149- Sasso over Artalona 157- Carr over Mauller 165- Teemer over Kharchla 174- Lewis over Hidlay 184- Brooks over Plott 197- Beard over Ferrari Hwt- Steveson over Parris
  5. LemonPie

    List of Transfers

    Hmmm. Happel 141, Blockhaus 149, Thomsen 157??
  6. LemonPie

    List of Transfers

    Yikes. Does he deserve a second chance? Probably. Would I be willing to risk my coaching career for him? No
  7. LemonPie

    List of Transfers

    Reckless speculation, but I wonder if Turk or Happel shop around.
  8. LemonPie

    List of Transfers

    well he never made it on their roster. I assumed he entered the tournament unrostered.
  9. LemonPie

    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    Gotta say... it's really weird that they started promoting this event before NCAA's even began. Do they have any confirmations at this point?
  10. LemonPie

    List of Transfers

    I think the plan is for Mason Smith to wrestle at Campbell. 157?
  11. LemonPie

    List of Transfers

    Not related to Chavez, but Chas Tucker is a junior, correct?
  12. LemonPie

    Sanderson wins 2019 InterMat Coach of the Year

    Nothing worse than people who want to turn it into a "does most with least" award. Phil Jackson won coach of the year one time. Belichick hasn't won one since 2010 Disgusting trend. Make a separate award if you want.
  13. LemonPie

    Bo Nickal Freestyle Questions

    I give Bo a shot.... maybe after 2020 Snyder has been thoroughly scouted, has already peaked, and for whatever reason there is something in his body-type (short arms?) that limits him stylistically.
  14. LemonPie

    Suriano’s Dad

    Overbite and 1 percent body fat. Going with sister
  15. 2021 will be a better shot.
  16. LemonPie

    Suriano vs. Lizak Qtr Final?

    I agree. Hate PPV. $15 for all matches.
  17. LemonPie

    Suriano vs. Lizak Qtr Final?

    They will go away, but you’re right, you might as well take advantage of them for now
  18. LemonPie

    Suriano vs. Lizak Qtr Final?

    You can buy archived matches on Track for $15.
  19. LemonPie

    Overwhelming Team Favorite to NOT Win It

    2018 Ohio State
  20. Nathan Tomasello, Luke Pletcher, Joey McKenna, Ke-Shawn Hayes, Micah Jordan, Te'Shan Campbell, Bo Jordan, Myles Martin, Kollin Moore, and Kyle Snyder? 20 years from now, when people look back on this team and trash Coach Ryan, will it be the truth or a bit of revisionist history? But seriously, who cares? Now that I have your attention I would like to spam this board and invite you to play in the "1st Annual LemonPie NCAA Tournament Challenge!" Select ONE roster from EACH of the following images for a total of THREE selections. Seeds for each roster add up to 155 (avg seed of 15.5)Three valid selections = One valid entry UPDATE: Millhof scratched (see contingency plan in the rules). changes are welcome. Contest rules (ill post them in this thread) and full rosters (with seeds attached) can also be in the document link CLICK HERE Your final product will consist of 30 wrestlers (1 of each seed 1-30 ; 3 per weight) Post your entry here and Ill add you. It's completely free and you have a shot at $100 Sorry, gave BWI and Twitter first dibs, but they went homer and there are still over 7950 possible entries!
  21. LemonPie

    Hawk Talk with Mudflap - Wait Till Next Year

    Yep. 2020 chances look much better than 2022
  22. LemonPie

    Cassar’s Lip Tattoo

    I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m correcting you. You should be better informed if you don’t want to be called names, bozo
  23. LemonPie

    Cadet World Champs- College Success

    Dang, bad list for PSU. Though many predicted Manville wouldn't be great at this level.
  24. LemonPie

    Cassar’s Lip Tattoo