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  1. only 15 more months of holding 157, Kaleb.
  2. Actually I think he is down at 157. Kind of questionable results so far.
  3. It'll be close. If you're being generous for each team, they could each get 135+ Iowa's bottom 2 (Brands, Murin) are better than PSU's (Verk, Teske), but as long as they don't AA, it won't matter. I still think Beard will be good for 11 or more. Could come down to Joseph-Lumpyjelly
  4. How long before punched in face by a Dagestani?
  5. If only he and Wick could take top to start each period Completely outclassed from neutral
  6. If Iowa doesn’t win 2020 and break the NCAA scoring record in 2021, it will be a massive underachievement
  7. If Gomez certified for 133 but can’t wrestle that weight until January, his body fat must have been over 25%. Sounds like one hell of an offseason
  8. Is JSlob still doing his camps at least?
  9. OU still blows. Can’t believe people here were ready to crown Roselli.
  10. I honestly don't think he's an elite prospect. Nothing to do with my opinion of Echemendia, however. Echemendia will likely be awesome. Not a horrible trade if Ohio RTC lands J'Den. Snyder/Kerk for Cox/Ech
  11. I imagine the plan would be to start him next year. January enrollment gives him a head start in adjusting to college, so not a bad idea. If they offered him Kerk’s near full scholarship, you have to consider tOSU a favorite
  12. Jesus, will Sasso's knee hold up for 4 years? rubber knees are gross
  13. Update: Stanford did indeed field a 133-pounder for the dual against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Quinn Kinner (tOSU) dec Brandon Kier (Stanford) 7-0 Check back for updates after next Saturday's matchup with UNC's Jaime Hernandez
  14. Tell yourself whatever you need to. also, in that same time frame, Duncan went from 20-9 to 13-14
  15. Well they will win 2021. Hopefully fall apart after that.
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