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  1. Are USA Cadet and Junior teams getting Kevin Jackson’d? USA Senior Coach 2000-2008. Rides the initial wave of talent, but over time deteriorates into the worst era of USA wrestling Iowa State 2010-2017- Pretty much the same thing happened. USA developmental coach 2017-present- Trend?
  2. The Russian (round 2) would have beaten Abakarov at Euros had a controversial grounding call gone his way.
  3. Worst freestyle world rep since..... ?
  4. Always check the UWW events page https://unitedworldwrestling.org/events direct link here https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/pan-american-games?tab=brackets&weight-category=9efb7fe5-b7e3-11e9-9741-080027548b1b
  5. 2021 and 2022 looking even better. Current studs + Cardenas, Ramirez, Foca, etc.
  6. Throwback Kevin Jackson performance Howard comes out the block so hard, and can't sustain. And these are 4-minute matches. Gonna have to have some self-control with his pacing at the next level.
  7. Acknowledges it could be his brother, but doesn't take the 30-seconds of time to check before posting. Bah gawd sir - you are lazy!
  8. Here are two reasons Teasdale might look better than he is in the practice room 1. Doesn't have to manage his weight. Proven to be a guy who is affected by a cut 2. Lightning quick low single shot, but not a guy who will win many scrambles. Guys aren't going to put themselves in dangerous positions in practice. Scrambling at 50%.
  9. Preposterously early 2022 champs 125- McHenry 133- Fix 141- Bartlett 149- Yianni 157- Sasso 165- Carr 174- Lewis 184- Brooks 197- Beard Hwt- Steveson Bookmark it
  10. Thank you. Looks like mostly HS/Youth with a little UWW sprinkled in. Still on the fence. Gonna wait to see if they add folkstyle collegiate opens.
  11. Anyone sign up for premium Track yet? Looks like they finally went with a subscription option instead of strictly PPV. Exciting. Might purchase if I knew what type of folkstyle events are covered
  12. Worthless sport enjoyed by a bunch of rubes
  13. I think many would be surprised how mediocre of a student you have to be with the soft Academic Index standards
  14. He's the only number 2 going. I think that's the issue. Can't imagine anybody would be thrilled about a no. 2 going when it's a rankings event and could affect how your world bracket is drawn. Should iMar go? Colon?
  15. Is Yianni really going? That seems kind of odd. What's going on with USA Wrestling and Cornell? Koll deep pockets?
  16. If he can make 141 comfortably, then I think he is definitely a contender. Not a strong weight. You would think more than just Wilson would want to bump up from 133. Guys like Bridges, Desanto, Gomez, and Phillippi all have the frame to move up.
  17. If he plans to go 74KG then I think he should redshirt and manage his weight until then. Can't imagine him competing at 174 and then making the quick transition. If he rather compete at 79KG for a non-olympic fake world title (do they still have this? the Stieber tournament?), then he can just finish out his folk eligibility. Personally, I hope he redshirts and we see Brooks at 174.
  18. Yazdani would destroy him. Reminder that Downey was down 7-0 through 4.5 minutes against Myles Martin.
  19. A 23 year old sophomore wrestling at nationals in 2021. Could you imagine?
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