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  1. Someone's unfortunate attempt to zoom in on the product label. Not my doing, I swear!
  2. Id be surprised if it were more than 10 pounds. Probably gets up to the 240s and stabilizes somewhere around 235 during season. But Cassar is a special athlete. He could put on 100 pounds of mush and he'd be more explosive than 98% of D1 heavies. Gas tank another story. I do think extra weight will be necessary for his FS aspirations
  3. What was the criteria for Fix to wrestle off Courtney last year? Returning medalist?
  4. He was an ass hair from beating Batirov in 17. Definitely a medal threat.
  5. Apparently it's taken him 5 years to gain about 8-10 pounds. Which would make 97Kg a pipe dream. This 87.7 thing can't possibly be real, can it?! Why was his weight not revealed at the Open or WTT? I really need to take screenshots of the Trackwrestling weight certification feature. In the preseason you can always tell the weight range of a wrestler. Could have sworn Nickal was over 197 during certification.
  6. Yeah, their uploading is money. Edited my post.
  7. When is Flo going to get a playback feature for their streaming? I like that they put up the videos really quick, but still prefer a playback.
  8. Cox wins as expected. Can't see how he doesn't win Gold again.
  9. Zain outwrestled Yianni both matches.
  10. wanna see the last 10 seconds again. Looked close to an exposure.
  11. Ricky Fowler always my favorite part of an interview.
  12. Hopefully the reverse the order of shot clock in the next match so that J'Den will have to force the action.
  13. Thank goodness Gable didn't drive Gwiz off the platform. Why are we still doing this again?
  14. It was a well deserved jab after all of Downey’s twitter nonsense
  15. It’s the summer of Cinnabon, and I’m out.
  16. That difference in recovery will be huge. Zahid-Hall match is over before it even starts.
  17. No kidding. That would be an awful decision
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