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  1. I would be shocked if he took more than 1. Not surprised at all if he leaves both on the table
  2. 125- Teske/Parker 133- RBY 141- Lee 125- Teske/Parker 133- RBY 141- Lee (Howard, Bartlett RS) 125- Howard 133- RBY/Bartlett 141- Bartlett/RBY 125- Teske (around?) 133- Howard 141-Bartlett
  3. His top wrestling will make up for a lot. I would be surprised if he never AA'd
  4. I just think it makes sense. Did just fine up at 189 in freestyle and 197 is gonna be weak. If healthy, he’ll be the best athlete at that weight. Hopefully rehabbing his injury doesn’t prevent him from getting big. Tony Wuest isn’t a bad option if Trent and Nick stay down
  5. Tyler Dow should beat Sebastian. Strange decision
  6. Should have included him in the mix. Not a great redshirt year, however. Edited OP
  7. NC State has some interesting lineup decisions. Here's how I think it will play out 125- Camacho 133- Trombley or Alvarez 141- T. Wilson 149- Grippi or Fields or Rider 157- H. Hidlay 165- Bulllard 174- Bullard 184- T. Hidlay 197- Reenan Hwt- D. Wilson or Trephan
  8. If you included Brooks, Beard, Nevills, and Joe Lee, they would probably be number one (though close with tOSU). Grayshirting kind of throws off recruiting rankings.
  9. I think this is close. Though I might add Parris to tier 2 and start out Schultz in tier 3. 1) Gable 1.5) Kerk (injuries only concern here) 2) Parris, Cass, Wood 3) Schultz, Nevills, Stencel, Hillger, Cardenas (sorry Lewis Fernandes fans) Assuming Amos and Ferrari at 197.
  10. Gabe is an absolute hammer while Julian still looks 12 years old. Crazy. Hope to see RBY give it another go at WTT
  11. He's a monster. I liked him as my 2020 pick, but not 2019. You need both legs on that dude. Will go down as the 2nd best ever in college. International GOAT rankings TBD
  12. That was weird. Maybe Michael Beard was a late scratch and they replaced him with an unseeded wrestler. He was registered
  13. Kollin Moore was such an exciting prospect as a Junior a couple years ago. WTF happened?
  14. So does this mean JB will be at the US Open this weekend?!?! Dude has a bye to Final X and comes up with this garbage take?
  15. BTS tried to speak this event into existence You get what you earn. Who are the dummies that did this promotion?
  16. Good luck. That roster is among the worst I’ve ever seen. Would be a monumental effort to get a few qualifiers by 2021
  17. As one of those “TB12” type loons, he’d likely be a headache for any AD with all his training/lifestyle demands.
  18. What a bunch of whining. If Manville is ever starting for PSU, you should be happy that PSU has a starter who isn’t likely to AA. It means Joe Lee or Starocci didn’t develop. he isn’t great. Perpetual 10-20 dude
  19. 2022 picks 125- McHenry over Foley (redshirt at some point) 133- Arujau over Glory 141- RBY over Demas 149- Sasso over Artalona 157- Carr over Mauller 165- Teemer over Kharchla 174- Lewis over Hidlay 184- Brooks over Plott 197- Beard over Ferrari Hwt- Steveson over Parris
  20. Hmmm. Happel 141, Blockhaus 149, Thomsen 157??
  21. Yikes. Does he deserve a second chance? Probably. Would I be willing to risk my coaching career for him? No
  22. Reckless speculation, but I wonder if Turk or Happel shop around.
  23. well he never made it on their roster. I assumed he entered the tournament unrostered.
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