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  1. Gotta say... it's really weird that they started promoting this event before NCAA's even began. Do they have any confirmations at this point?
  2. I think the plan is for Mason Smith to wrestle at Campbell. 157?
  3. Not related to Chavez, but Chas Tucker is a junior, correct?
  4. Nothing worse than people who want to turn it into a "does most with least" award. Phil Jackson won coach of the year one time. Belichick hasn't won one since 2010 Disgusting trend. Make a separate award if you want.
  5. I give Bo a shot.... maybe after 2020 Snyder has been thoroughly scouted, has already peaked, and for whatever reason there is something in his body-type (short arms?) that limits him stylistically.
  6. Overbite and 1 percent body fat. Going with sister
  7. I agree. Hate PPV. $15 for all matches.
  8. They will go away, but you’re right, you might as well take advantage of them for now
  9. You can buy archived matches on Track for $15.
  10. I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m correcting you. You should be better informed if you don’t want to be called names, bozo
  11. Dang, bad list for PSU. Though many predicted Manville wouldn't be great at this level.
  12. You're a dumbass. He went from a large, cutting 197 (probably 215) to 228. Pretty much the exact same growth as Snyder. His legs are still pretty small for a heavyweight
  13. Not completely. There are some young guys who fell just short of placing in Deprez, Bonaccorsi, and Venz
  14. What's to be sour about? Their whole team is gone by 2021. JoJo Aragona (PA) is a nice piece, but who else? Suriano was my preseason pick. They are basically American University from 10 years ago.
  15. Ashnault was a 2013 recruit: Since then he has whiffed on: (insert every NJ name but Suriano here) Who is the next elite uncommitted wrestler they miss? Dean Peterson?
  16. It'll be his decision. Definitely a question mark
  17. ASU fans say the same thing every year Zeke can’t get it done
  18. Not a ton a true freshman on the radar. Kharchla probably redshirts. Maybe 133- Sammy Alvarez (NCState) and 149- Alirez (Northern Colorado)
  19. If Cassar doesn't want to come back, I'd redshirt Lee and RBY
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