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  1. Adding to your list 125- Camacho (NCState), Melendez (UNC) 133- Zach Sherman (UNC) 141- Cole Matthews (Pitt) 141- Malik Johnson (Mizzou) 157- Brayton Lee (Minnesota) 197- Lucas Davison (Northwestern) Anthony Valencia at ? weight
  2. commentators clueless. That would have him coming from 178. I did the math.
  3. He gained maybe 10-15 pounds. 228 Commentators ill-informed
  4. Good job, House! But you’re still 1 for 2 in my book! Massa was a huge whiff. 1x AA
  5. 174, 133, and 165 will be seriously stacked once again. Kem ain’t making a big difference
  6. Ones I could see Vito/Tucker/Yianni Tristan Moran/Cole Martin Nick Reenan or any 184 as Housebuye mentioned Zahid/Norfleet Evan Wick Berge (obviously) Tariq Wilson Boo Lewallen
  7. They interviewed him during a Jeremy Sweany match, and instead of answering a question about his wrestling season, he said Sweany already had 4 elite job offers and that they value things like that more than other programs do.
  8. Koll knows athleticism. Look at all the great athletes he’s recruited at 285
  9. Hall can't create. Is it because he is bowlegged?
  10. Future of the sport let that dude get out of state
  11. stp is embarrassingly hammered btw, where can I get one of those Jesus shirts?!
  12. Was expecting an Anthony Cassar thread. Disappointed.
  13. But they are still recruiting like ****. Two years from obscurity.
  14. Jordans and runner-up finishes. Name a more iconic duo.
  15. Cornell is so weird. They have a very high bust rate, but they also turn out some insane wrestlers.
  16. Got some great calls this tournament....
  17. Did McKenna really score a 36 on his act? Thought I heard that somewhere.
  18. Definitely a headgear pull, but Fix went full James Harden. Stopped his action to sell a call
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