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  1. Please creat a 137 pound weight class so we don’t have to see these two ever wrestle again
  2. You gotta make Lee work to gas him. This long ride will end Mueller
  3. Yeah, his best win is Zac Carson who went BBQ Edit: Ok maybe Chase Straw
  4. Probably because he is 0-3 against Hunter Ladnier
  5. Yes, Seth beat Hemida and Pelusi and had a close one with Demetrius Thomas. Though Hemida was likely out of shape. The only thing stopping Cassar from coming back is MMA. Rumors of a transition sooner rather than later, but earlier in the season he said he wanted to come back for one more year and then make a 2020 run (125Kg)
  6. He's been wrestling 165 the last two years. Don't know if he cuts any weight for it, but that's where he's been
  7. Teske- DNP RBY- Mid-low AA to DNP (low bonus)- Really wish he could redshirt Lee- Mid-high AA (mid-high bonus)- Eierman olympic redshirt helps. Maybe Yianni moves up? Verk- Low AA to DNP (low bonus) Berge- Low AA to DNP (low bonus) Joseph- 1st to high-AA (mid bonus) Hall- 1st to high-AA (low-mid bonus) Brooks- Mid-high AA (mid bonus) Beard- Mid-high AA (mid-high bonus) Cassar- 1st to high AA (mid bonus)
  8. Seriously, it should be close. Unfortunately for Marinelli, Desanto, and Kem, the weights don't get much easier. Warner could be a big mover. 3-team race. Moore, Pletcher, Sasso won't be enough for Ohio State. 2021 is looking the best. Genius to delay Kem's eligibility
  9. And can max out at 78 this year Impressive stagnation (Removed Kem's points, Added DeSanto's)
  10. Some announcer said 228 for Cassar. Cassar started the season in the 235 range, so definitely hard for him to keep the size on during the season. On that weigh-in sheet that was posted (when Okie st guys were descending) I believe White was something like 245
  11. third count was really quick. Love watching these two wrestle and was disappointed to see it end that way
  12. Why do we think Mueller is big? He looked like a tiny 133.
  13. Carl entering Saban territory.
  14. Should have been in the Round of 12. Pantaleo robbed
  15. What was that FS match where the wrestler avoided 3 points of contact somehow?
  16. Big time Sam Stoll fan here. Best pusher in the game
  17. The matches were mostly terrible, but wrestlers are scouted now more than ever. Some teams you watch every single match.
  18. I was begging Mueller to move back to 125. Genius! Lee used to dominate Mueller in HS, but who knows?!
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