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  1. Other than the silly "Suzie" and "troll" comments, thank you for the information. Any word on the status and/or development of Josh Dziewa? I thought he was one of the top 4-5 recruits a couple years ago.
  2. To grapplefan; I meant our current wrestlers at 141, 149 and 165, that they have done nothing for us at Nationals. To jammen; I am not Suzie. Why would you say that?
  3. I am curious what people think about Iowa's chances of winning Nationals this season. I just moved here a few years ago, am new to the sport but have become a Hawk fan. It seems to me that we have some real holes (as far as NCAA points) at 141, 149, 165, 174, 184 and 197. Guys ranked lower than 8-10 do not have much of a history of scoring a lot of NCAA points. It seems that EL is undersized at 184 and was dominated by the Lehigh wrestler. GG seems to be history and Evans has done nothing in Nationals. The heavyweight class seems to be deeper at the top and I could see BT not repeating as AA. Our wrestlers at 141, 149 and 165 have also done nothing at Nationals, ever. I just don't see and REALISTIC way we can win. I would appreciate any info, as that is how I can learn more and discuss these matters more intelligently with new friends. Whenever I say anything like this at all, some Hawkeye fans get VERY mad at me and act irrational, yet offer me no rebuttal. If I am wrong, please educate me.
  4. Does anyone know what became of some of the Oregon State wrestlers who were well regarded? I am referring to 165 pounder Seth Thomas, 174 pounder Cardwell and 184 pounder Patrick Downey, who was at the olympic training center. Nothing critical of the program, just wondering.
  5. I believe banbasketball should be banned from this sight. What is his reasoning for highjacking a legitimate subject? Hendricks, and I think many more wrestlers to come, may well be the future for collegiate wrestlers.
  6. I thought this was about Johny Hendricks, not banbasketball's nonsense. Hendricks is for real, and a genuine threat to GSP. I believe GSP will try to take it to the mat. He has better technique on his feet than Hendricks but not the firepower. The first time GSP entered the octagon, he labeled himself as a grappler, and that is indeed his main strength.
  7. As far as who Tom Brands inherited, I believe he also benefited from having Matt Fields for 1 year.
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