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  1. I heard they were going to keep letting him come back as long as he kept moving up in weight. Could be the first 8 timer! :shock: 141 - HWT Champion.
  2. LS is a great wrestler with a bright future, but as an obsessed fan of the sport there is no way I can avoid slapping these badboys on the resume. 2012 National Champion * - Last second takedown not awarded 2013 National Champion * - Backpoints not awarded Hope to watch these two battle it out for years to come!
  3. No way was he running for his life, he escaped with 54 seconds left in the period, thats not getting ridden like a pony. He was a head in the match, wrestled smart and was called for stalling. All I was saying is that I think on the national scale JO doesn't get the respect he deserves. That being said I hope Ness can pull it off, but he has to get there first and that is definitely not a given.
  4. I'd definitely put him up there with the Askren, Hahn, Metcalf. And I think Smith, Lewis, Banach and Ironside all benefit from their post college careers in debates like this. I personally think JO is STILL one of the most underrated wrestlers in NCAA as of now. Guy hasn't been touched since last NCAA's. And I think we'll see plenty more of him on the international level. Too bad he might not get a shot at 2020, cause I think he could do it 2016 and 2020.
  5. Why stop at the Target Center? Lets just go Target Field, March outside in Minnesota is beautiful! :) Minneapolis will be a great site for it in the future. I also like the stadium idea. Reduce the cost of tickets and allow as many people as will fit. It only benefits wrestling to get as many people interested as we can.
  6. Hendricks puts fear into GSP because of the cannon he holds in his left hand. Diaz, Condit neither had KO power like JH. The last person he fought who did was Koscheck who throws wildly and without a thought. GSP will be hesitant because of it and we all know what happens when you hesitate....( :!: Night Night!
  7. Lot of heated discussion here, my only thoughts as to how Steiber got the 1 seed would be PRI. Outside of that both are undefeated and haven't wrestled head to head so that only leaves one criteria. Can't wait to see this match live! LETS GET READY TO WRESTLE!!! - Sorry got excited.
  8. I'd say PSU is not a great, long term, comparison. PSU is easily the tournament team of the last decade. DT, Ruth, Q, Alton's (Moldonaro before), Brown all put up big points at natty's. Tought to beat a team built for the tournament scoring format. Back to the topic, I have no problem with Brand's coaching style, the guy loves wrestling and puts everything he has into it. For comparison's sake imagine your own work review. If it goes well you want to jump up and down, and if it goes poorly you want to throw something. Every dual could be considered a performance review for how Brand's is doing as a coach, and he reacts to it. I do not support Iowa wrestling but I do respect the passion Brands has for the sport and his athletes.
  9. I typed up a whole message about being 'realistic' and how 'both guys still need to show up and wrestle and anything can happen' but then I realized I was on the forums and people just type whatever comes to mind. :lol: That being said, I don't think the gap is as wide as everyone is making it out to be and wouldn't be surprised if McD 'upset' him.
  10. I saw ESPN is carrying all sessions which I'm pumped about. I'm going and would like to plan out the weekend, I was just hoping to have a detailed schedule for planning but apparently this doesn't exist! :) Oh well, i'll have to wait for my tickets.
  11. Firstly, Penn has some great wrestler, but I'm baffled at how you can logically make this statement? More kids = more kids wrestling = more top talent. Wrestling top talent on a weekly basis produces results. Most parents won't drive their kids an hour for a tournament EVERY weekend. But they would if it were 15-20 minutes. And obviously there are the dedicated parents who will but for the average wrestler they aren't going to consistently see the talent that someone in a more populated area would.
  12. Anyone know where to find a full schedule for the tournament? NCAA.com sucks for providing information outside....check that, in general.
  13. Porter over Brown. But realistically any upset in this bracket isn't that big of an upset. Most open bracket in the tourny in my opinion.
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