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  1. The crowd at Carver Hawkeye reminds me of walking into a Walmart on a Saturday after the 1st or 15th of the month. Where has Dr. Gonzo been, anyways? He's is one of the faces in the crowd I am talking about.
  2. Looks like Alex has run the table this year in grand fashion. Does he walk through Walsh, both Jordans?
  3. I hate seeing them catch so much flack. Being hurt jut ruins you, no matter how talented. Look at what happened to McDonough his senior year. If healthy he would have been a 3 timer with a runner up to go with it. Look at Burroughs losing to Tsargush .... we can go on and on. Maybe Andrew and Dylan come back as international studs .... who knows? I wish the best for them.
  4. looks like a pinfall to me
  5. Here is a blurb from last year (Ohio State HS Tourney) on Stevens Tech true freshman Kowal ... but nice try in attempting to discredit the Penn State kid (as usual on here) AJ Kowal started his State Tournament run by pinning Russell Porter (Willoughby South) who was 41-6, in a time of 3:57. AJ came back the next day to wrestle in the Quarterfinals and faced senior Scott Deluse (Lancaster) who was 41-5 and placed 7th in the state last year. AJ pinned Deluse in a time of 0:55. The stage was set for the Semifinals match with senior Michael Coleman (Hudson) who was 36-2 and placed 4th in the state at the same weight class last year. AJ came out and scored a quick takedown to capture the led and hold on for a 3-2 win making him a state finalist. In the finals, AJ had to wrestle senior Tony Dailey (Massillon Perry) who was 42-4 and placed 5th last year in the state meet. AJ looking forward to the challenge came out ready to wrestle. AJ gave up an early takedown but was able to get an escape and come back with a takedown of his own. The crowd sat on the edge of their seats as the match went back and forth. Down by one, AJ almost finished a takedown in the last seconds of the match. Even though AJ loss a 6-5 decision, he still walked away as a champion. AJ Kowal finished out his senior year 48-3 including 34 pins for the season. He also broke the school career win record with a 152 wins and a 2nd place finish in the state meet. Good luck to AJ as he heads to the Stevens Institute of Technology on scholarship to wrestle and pursue an engineering degree.
  6. My mind started working here ... coffee kicked in Fail fall - when you do something really stupid, like missing a big throw with a big lead and winding up on your back. Especially in a big match. Referee would have discretion in making the fail fall call, ending the match immediately. You don't get to fight off your back or be saved by the buzzer. Gas fall - You are way ahead and looked like an elite wrestler through two periods only to see your lead quickly disappear once the third period whistle blows. A fan vote would initiate this fall by smart phone app. Knowing your guy is probably going to get decked anyway, you can end the misery, concede the fall, and move on to better things.
  7. I don't understand why this term is so offensive to some. I mean, you have the Technical Fall, so we obviously need to differentiate between toiling about long enough to rack up a bunch of points vs. sticking your opponent in the most dominating form of victory in this sport. There is another important aspect of this to explore. Is there a third form of fall out there somewhere waiting to be discovered? What will it be called? How is it achieved? Could we name it after someone? Lastly, I want to know the consensus on technically writing the term pinfall. 1. pinfall or 2. pin fall or 3. pin-fall ? I thank you for your time and attention.
  8. Howe. Howe does NOT have any wins over any national champs. Only a string of defeats and one NCAA championship in the weakest weight class in the history of the sport.
  9. Ness did look kinda lost against him. He stuffed all the funk that Ness threw at him. Looking forward to seeing him compete again for sure.
  10. I think PSU will win its 5th straight national championship next year. :lol:
  11. Bubba took a whoopin' in an MMA fight. Probably why he is back wrestling again. He also might go ahead and get over the fact that he pinned a frosh as a sixth/seventh (whatever) year senior in his NCAA championship match. That is old news, and it sure doesn't make up for getting the snot kicked out of his smart mouth in the MMA ring. http://mmaversus.com/2013/09/21/larue-b ... lator-100/ He gassed at the end of the first round. After that and getting hit a couple times, he QUIT. I think he actually looks worse in this fight than he did when Metcalf made him a boy on the mat. :lol:
  12. I see Dake as a lock if he is wearing a McIlravy power white trash mullet. An Ivy League mullet. THAT is what the world needs, especially on Kyle Dake. Oh what could have been. :idea:
  13. I pick Dake to stuff Metcalf's head between his legs, folding him like a cheap tent, and spadling Metcalf for the p|nfall. This is after Dake ferociously brings Metcalf to heel with multiple, thundering mat returns leaving him like a lifeless rag doll. Dake's all like, "smell your own wrinkled coin purse. shoulda been a gymnast like your momma."
  14. Andrew Long did so deserve his second chance.
  15. I think Chance will do about like Evans. He looked great until he committed to Iowa, then he really fell off. :lol:
  16. Pamela (and superold (& the rest of this board)) - Evans, PERRY, Brown and Storley can all beat Howe. None of them are the LEAST bit concerned about being on his side of the bracket. What a joke. :lol: Howe is r12 material. Get over it. Stall
  17. LordNelson hits the nail right on the head .... the better wrestler won. I'll ask again (superold) ... why all the nutsack swinging from Howe? He'll be lucky to AA now his stalling game is figured out. :lol:
  18. It's not a bad thing to "some" because the likes of Howe can't win against elite opponents without those rules that allow for stalling/blocking/defensive-only type wrestling. How got beat at his own game, and I love it. :lol: Maybe he will give up the stalling and try to score some points on someone other than a fish.
  19. Aaaahh yes. The Howe-Perry match. I am curious to see how this discussion goes on this board now that the shoe is on the other foot.
  20. Snaps - I am with you. Taylor is also better than Dake, too.
  21. The most favorite thing I have ever read about lewboo = "If you threw Randy Lewis in the middle of Lake Michigan he wouldn't get wet."
  22. I think 149 is a cursed weight at Penn State. First a highly talented Bubba gassed there, now A. Alton is another highly talented wrestler and gassing in the 3rd .... glad for Molinaro, or there would have never been an NCAA champ at that weight to date from PSU. Back to the thread topic: Aside from Taylor getting upset, I can't think of any real shockers, unless it was something in the first round on #1 or #2 seed. I think 174 has the highest potential for the seeding getting demolished.
  23. I would like to chime in and say that come B1Gs and NCAAs St. John will be right there in contention. Seems like something is "off", like him being sick, or injured. I just hope that if it's an injury that he is able to heal in time.
  24. Howe could have had a match against Dean .... but he declined and dropped back to 174 for THAT dual. :roll:
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