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  1. wrestlingnerd

    Weight Cutting Education

    Hydration testing is easy to cheat and not even consistently accurate. Only shortening the window between weighin and competition for the NCAAs will work to eliminate dangerous weight cutting. We’re in a much better place now than in the past but the NCAA weighin rules still allow for big cuts in March.
  2. wrestlingnerd

    Weight Cutting Education

    Weight loss: nutrition + exercise to change bodyweight composition (how much is fat versus muscle). Healthy when done right. Should be encouraged for wrestlers who are “out of shape” by wrestling standards and have double digit bodyfat %. Cutting: severe dehydration to reduce water weight. No impact on bodyweight composition. Dangerous and downright harmful to performance. Will always happen to some degree but done persistently, especially greater than 7% or so reduction in bodyweight weekly or semimonthly, can lead to serious and even permanent health issues. Obviously, should be discouraged.
  3. wrestlingnerd

    Russian coach receiving team trophy

    Love that pic. Almost looks Photoshopped.
  4. wrestlingnerd

    Adam Coon has a great draw

    Most dominant run to the finals for an American since... ever?
  5. wrestlingnerd

    NWCA All Star Classic

    I am shocked to hear Smith is over 200 lbs just a week shy of November. If true or even close... wow. He is neither tall nor jacked.... I can't imagine that much weight on him without a substantial beer gut no singlet can hide. Did he spend his entire redshirt year at Eskimo Joe's?
  6. wrestlingnerd

    An Olympic Solution

    Thank you. Finally something objective. It's hard to argue that GR is dying when you see this kind of turnout. I'm not a fan of the current state of the style, but it does appear exceedingly unlikely that it gets phased out anytime soon. More than the GR numbers, I am really surprised by the substantial turnout of women's. Damn impressive numbers for a very young sport.
  7. wrestlingnerd

    Sad / Taylor

    A guy who pinned Snyder has nothing to prove at lower weights. He doesn’t have to go down and beat any other American, as he’s effectively done that by ragdolling our biggest and baddest guy. I want to see the rivalry continue and really hope he stays up at 97 kg.
  8. wrestlingnerd

    World Champs vs MMA Champ

    Askren, Woodley, and Michael Chandler are very close and all Mizzou guys. I don't see any way they talk trash about each other. Woodley has actually been pumping Askren up.
  9. wrestlingnerd

    World Champs vs MMA Champ

    No chance. The UFC will want to work him up to that. He hinted very strongly recently on Twitter that Darren Till may be his first matchup. That would be a huge contrast in styles since Till is mainly a striker.
  10. wrestlingnerd

    Dake = Dynamic

    I highly doubt Chamizo can make 70 kg anymore and be optimal. If I'm not misremembering, he weighed more than JB at Beat the Streets, and if it was the other way around, it was very close. No idea about the other two, but from my cheap seats, they did not look small at all for their current weights.
  11. wrestlingnerd

    Dake = Dynamic

    It's actually the Olympic years when people wrestle outside of their optimal weights, not the other way around. The six weights force extreme and unsustainable cuts or giving way too much up in weight. The only two medalists I can think of who didn't wrestle their optimal weight are Sadulaev (who walks around at 2 kg shy of 97 kg per his most recent interview) and Dake, who barely had to cut at all for 79 kg. There may be more, but I think bocon is right when he says people overwhelmingly wrestle where they belong. After all, a world title is on the line and that is a very big deal. The only year in which the argument that the best in the world weren't at each weight class holds any water is an actual Olympic year, since the best athletes go to the Olympics, even if at suboptimal weights, and cannot participate in the Worlds thereafter.
  12. wrestlingnerd

    An Olympic Solution

    Are there any objective measures of greco versus freestyle popularity? I keep hearing that greco surpasses all other styles, but I have yet to see any numbers that show it. I'm not saying it's not true, I am just wondering on what the comments are based.
  13. wrestlingnerd

    65kg Meh...

    Awesome, thanks for doing the work! Another way to look at the data is net total points scored: Sadulaev: 44 (47-3 for Sadulaev) but with a pin (of Synder, no less) Otoguro: 44 (67-23) Dake: 37 (37-0) Taylor: 35 (48-13) Petriashvili: 23+ (30-7 but note roates1's comment above) Uguev: 22 (27-5) Sidakov: 18 Cox: 16 (21-5) Tie between Bonne and Gadzimagomedov: 10 (29-19 and 21-11, respectively)
  14. wrestlingnerd

    Russian Revolution

    Even within the sport in the US, the little state of PA is ridiculously productive.
  15. wrestlingnerd

    Russian Revolution

    JhRose, I don’t think it’s that simple. I agree with a bunch of what you say but there’s something about culture and spartan training conditions that bring out the best in some athletes. There’s a very interesting book named The Talent Code that discusses cultural and geographic hotbeds of talent in various sports—soccer (Brazilian ghettos), LPGA golf champions (Soruh Korea), etc.—and makes the argument that it’s not just practice and talent, but other factors not often studied such as “ignition” (identifying deeply with a certain elite group or role model) also matter a lot. Whether you agree with the book and it’s research or not, it’s impossible to ignore how fabulously productive a very small percentage of the Russian population that lives in abject poverty has been in wrestling. I highly doubt we’re drawing from a weaker genetic pool even after we lose a ton of talent to football and the more popular sports.