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  1. He chose to go up before Snyder arrived to PSU. Any illusions of beating him out must’ve gone out the window shortly thereafter.
  2. Occam's razor. I like this theory the most. Two big brothers. Choose the smaller one.
  3. Mainly from Zain series for which he trained like a madman. I actually thought he wrestled worse in the final match of that series than before.
  4. With all due respect, learn to read. I didn't say he has stalled out, period. I said his progression has stalled out quite A BIT. I don't see how you can reasonably argue otherwise. How much has he actually improved his wrestling in the past year? A lot less than the prior few years.
  5. Precisely why I am surprised he has an issue with it.
  6. So you think he's still developing at the same rate? He went from getting his ass kicked by JO in practice per his own admission to teching JO in a matter of months. Then he beat a game World silver medalist, albeit in an exhibition match. Then he showed no improvement against Zain and has been at around the same level since then. COVID of course is a factor. But the trend was there already before the pandemic. I'm a big Yianni fan but he has already picked his low hanging fruit and that necessarily means progression here on out will be a lot harder.
  7. I do. And do you understand that means his progression has stalled out a bit? Apparently not.
  8. I am on the same page re: bad loss but if you think he is progressing at the same rate, you need to go to detox right now. Good “stuff” indeed.
  9. Not stalled out, period. Stalled out some. He is as nasty as ever with counteroffense and defense. But improving those areas from great to elite was the low hanging fruit. Now he has to work on more fundamental changes. Whether he can make that jump is a fair question. For the record, I think he can, but I now think it'll take longer than I first expected it to.
  10. Not a bad loss given it was against Kinch, even if he is considerably smaller and out of shape. However, I think Yianni’s phenomenal progression of the past three years has stalled out quite a bit and not just due to COVID.
  11. At least in football you can put face shields on the helmets. That would help. LOL at lucha libre masks. Love it.
  12. The 15 minute "rule" is a blunt heuristic for normal interactions. Wrestling is not normal. You are frequently out of breath and not merely breaking the 6-ft rule ("close contact") but actually touching each other and breathing heavily either at or on each other. That 15-minute notion cannot be a serious consideration for the NCAA or other academic or athletic governing body. Very sport-dependent. I hope wrestling comes back soon for selfish reasons but its relative safety with regard to COVID is absolutely not a good reason. I do think daily antigen testing with RT-PCR confirmation of positive antigen readings is cheaper for wrestling than many sports, but still prohibitively expensive for all but a handful of programs unless someone other than the wrestling program is going to pick up the cost.
  13. Back to wrestling, I would not draw too many parallels between football restarting and wrestling following suit, at least not yet. Football is funded to a degree wrestling will never be, so daily antigen testing (“rapid”) with confirmatory PCR virus testing (gold standard) for positive antigen cases are not financial barriers to reopening. It’s quite unlikely any wrestling program with the possible exception of certain Ivy League programs have the funding to do this. And Ivy League schools are not going to lead the charge to restart sports. Not only are all types of diagnostic tests (except for the clinically useless antibody tests) in severe shortage, they are also prohibitively expensive for all but the best-funded sports. The cheapest “rapid” test is the alleged $4–10 test produced by Yale with sponsorship from the NBA. Done daily, that’s between $28-70 per week per athlete. The more available and vetted rapid antigen tests range from $20 (e.g. Healgen’s) to $35 (e.g. Bechton Dickinson’s) and some require specialized equipment to process the collected samples. An RT-PCR test from a reputable lab is around $90 (if bought in large bulk) and around $150 (if not). Again, per player per test. If you can get access to enough supply.
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