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  1. wrestlingnerd

    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    Considering he was Mark’s full brother, I highly doubt Dave was an average man. I bet he was freaky strong.
  2. wrestlingnerd

    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    Personalities aside, one thing they definitely have in common is how much they study and are influenced by the international styles, Russia’s in particular.
  3. wrestlingnerd

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    Good prediction. The more they wrestle, the better for Yianni, in my opinion. Only so many ch ages Zain can make to his style. Yianni has more to work with to adjust and we saw that tonight. It’ll be interesting what happens by next year as these two get more practice time together.
  4. BJJ guys are horrible at TDs by wrestling standards (I say that as a BJJ guy myself). Kyle would TF this guy in under a minute.
  5. wrestlingnerd


    Only up to a point. The 16 oz gloves you use to train are definitely used to protect both hands and head.
  6. wrestlingnerd


    Smith retired before he got old, to be fair. Big Bruce is the right example. But I can’t think of any other US world champ with JB-level longevity.
  7. wrestlingnerd

    Programs Not Fully Funded

    Did you mean no athletic scholarships in the Ivies? You wrote academic. In the case of Ivies, both are true (no scholarships of any kind other than need-based). But Stanford definitely offers athletic scholarships and also has the benefit of need-based aid for athletic programs (like Ivies), a double whammy, so to speak.
  8. wrestlingnerd


    No sport will ever be worse than boxing for CTE. Definitely not MMA. The majority of the time spent in MMA is on the ground or defending TDs, i.e. grappling. Boxing is 100% standup. Even in MMA standup wars, a lot of time is chewed up on the clinch or against the fence that is not allowed in boxing. And then you have the simple fact that championship boxing is a 12-round sport (36 total minutes of fighting) and MMA is a 5-round sport (25 total minutes of fighting).
  9. wrestlingnerd

    Dake Spain Results

    It really is a big mystery because only half or more of the forum posters picked Ringer to win in the prediction threads.
  10. JB as in Jordan Burroughs? Who gives a sh&t what he thinks in this situation?
  11. wrestlingnerd

    Dake Spain Results

    It’s impossible to tell with Dake. Remember the troublesome 1-0 win in the semis before beating DT for his fourth title. Many other examples. He is not a sharp as he was at Worlds but in my opinion he was taking more risks here early since the whole point of the tournament was to tune up. I don’t think he’ll take those same risks against Ringer or tougher competition and they’ll get something closer to the finals performance which I thought was pretty solid. Shutdown defense mode, only high probability attacks. Whether he’s in good enough shape to withstand Ringer’s onslaught is the question.
  12. wrestlingnerd

    Dake Spain Results

    Looked decent in the final. Passivity point, 1-0. Very slick low shot, immediately stands up and lifts for what looks like a TD but was a step out first. 2-0. Another step out in the second period, 3-0. Short drag countering sloppy shot for a TD, 5-0.
  13. wrestlingnerd

    Dake Spain Results

    Giovanni, you’re the man. Thank you. CoschJ: agreed. Looks like he won’t be in peak form by Worlds. Sloppy by Dake standards.
  14. wrestlingnerd

    Dake Spain Results

    Giovanni, you’re the man. Thank you. CoschJ: agreed. Looks like he won’t be in peak form by Worlds. Sloppy by Dake standards.
  15. wrestlingnerd

    Russian nationals 2019 results

    Is the 57 kg Sadulaev related at all to the 97 kg Sadulaev?