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  1. You forgot another major ball buster. Even the highly diversified Yale endowment is guaranteed to take a big hit due to the portfolio returns being double digit negative. The market drop was as brutal as the COVID spread and it ain’t over yet.
  2. Winning at different weights may not be that significant, but winning at FOUR different weights IS significant. You can't wrestle at 165 the way you do at 141. If you can win NCAAs after a 24 lb jump throughout your college career, it shows more than skill. It shows you have the ability to adapt to significant changes in competition, that your skill set is highly adaptable, that your intangibles are extremely impressive. One or even a two weight jump is not the same as a 4-weight range of championship seasons in 4 consecutive years. Bo Nickal didn't have quite the same trajectory, but his domination in three different weights is similarly notable.
  3. Support = money. Showing up, cheering, etc. are important to a degree. But not more than money or the potential for money to be donated to the university (not necessarily the wrestling team).
  4. It's mainly lack of alumni and community support. If alumni and the community generally rallied around wrestling, zero chance it gets dropped.
  5. It's incredible that you think public universities do not make business decisions based on where alumni and other supporters might donate money. The fact that they are public is irrelevant to the fact that they are, first and foremost, businesses that have budgets.
  6. Thee numbers are understated. I strongly believe China reported dramatically adjusted numbers and the number of actual cases and deaths therein is approximately 7x worse than reported. I do think the overall trend reported is in the ballpark of accuracy but the absolute numbers reported are a complete joke, not quite an order of magnitude off.
  7. Not sure which year but he was a late starter for sure.
  8. JO would be at the top of my list. Elite technician, currently competing but towards the twilight of his career, very recognizable for recruiting purposes, fills a light to middleweight need (not duplicative to Pendleton himself, who will likely need to spend some time coaching technique etc. at first). If any of the recent PSU grads want a coaching career, they’d be big scores too. Mark Hall, for example? I think Nolf and Cenzo are too much PA guys to move all the way to OSU but you never know. What happened to Isaac Jordan? He was at the other OSU for some time and could be an interesting candidate as well. Obviously OH is a good state to have a lead into.
  9. For Lurker and those who like to read coronavirus number porn, here's a feast your eyes: I personally do not believe the Chinese numbers and feel the cases and deaths reported are mainly from Tier 1 and select Tier 2 cities, neglecting a high percentage of China's population. I also believe their numbers are conveniently categorizing many deaths to other causes to make the Covid-19 deaths look better. The only way to look at these numbers comparatively country by country is to adjust them to the population of each country considered. The numbers above are really not that helpful statistically since each country is in many ways its own idiosyncratic system. The numbers are terrible no matter how you view them. But Italy is not too far from its peak if you want to extrapolate data based on a curve fitted to historical data. The death toll curve is looking asymptotic to me.
  10. You are 100% right, not wrong. NYC started a state-governed clinical trial of sorts on patients this week with hydroxychloroquine plus antibiotics (Zithromax): https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/coronavirus/new-york-starts-new-experimental-drug-therapies-to-treat-covid-19-heres-what-we-know/2341931/
  11. This is the guy from France. Same protocol as the Jewish quack. https://techstartups.com/2020/03/20/coronavirus-treatment-breakthrough-french-study-confirms-that-a-combination-of-hydroxychloroquine-hcq-and-azithromycin-are-effective-in-treating-covid-19-patients/
  12. As I've already stated in my conversation with Lurker, I do not. The key point of contention I have is that nobody really knows what the actual number of infections really is. Testing limitations put every single stat out there in question to the point they're useless since they're probably only directionally correct in small well-resourced countries like South Korea but NOT the USA. Death toll is hard to fake though, unless you're behind a massive political firewall like China or Russia. Our death toll and Italy's are orders (plural) of magnitude off on a relative (per capita) basis and our policy response is night and day different from Italy's (as noted, they just shut down nonessential factories and production four days ago).
  13. Worse in absolute terms? Sure. We have almost 6x the population than Italy. In relative terms, which is the only way to compare the impact of a health epidemic between two countries? Absolutely no way.
  14. Right. And prevention is working so well that the number of deaths is growing exponentially. Look, I"m not trying to argue or one-up you. But that last comment is like saying abstinence is the best treatment for HIV. Yes, but.... Prevention, yes. Lots of education and hand-washing. But then what? The latest news I thought was interesting is a NYC hospital is finding some success administering massive amounts of antioxidants intravenously (specifically, vitamin C, although zinc is obviously one being tried too). As important as remdesivir or hydroxychloroquine or whichever repurposed drug ends up being most effective are in the short to medium term, so are the little wins that will keep patients out of the hospital to begin with.
  15. Sure, so he's a quack. But he has one valid point. Some context on my post 1. I am not a doctor. 2. I am involved professionally with many acute treatment centers around the country and know that at even modest rates of infection in major cities (most notably, NY), such facilities will never be able to treat the majority of patients.
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