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  1. Here’s the Imart finals match: I feel better after watching that. He got his ass handed to him, no doubt about it, but it was mainly because he got turned like a top with ease once his TD attempt got countered.
  2. I always liked Engineers better than Mountain Hawks.
  3. Wow, she is one tough girl. That’s one of the most impressive feats of persistence and dedication I’ve ever heard.
  4. Imart blanked and teched. Just goes to show how tough it is to be a world champ at any weight.
  5. They still have an edge in lightweights, especially Iowa, so they’ll always be in the game until that changes.
  6. So the previously reported result is the reverse of what actually happened... no wonder. I was expecting Imart to take it all.
  7. Wow. Imart gets teched? Wasn’t expecting that one. Any clue how the match went?
  8. I am shocked. I really thought Snyder was a tOSU lifer. After the shock wore off, my first thought was that my hat goes off to Cael for creating an environment that can attract a guy on the very short list of wrestlers in the US GOAT conversation. At this point, you have to consider Penn State as the school with the strongest draw for elite talent ever. It is a ridiculously “unfair” edge (unfair in the best meaning possible), but one that was earned and not bestowed, so you can’t help but appreciate it. After Cassar and now Snyder voting with his feet, Cael is going to have upper weight recruiting on lockdown for a good while.
  9. I have never heard of a school that replaces any section of the SAT with the TOEFL score. Not saying it’s impossible, but it is either rare or you’re not recalling correctly because the two tests are completely different. Some schools do not require an SAT/ACT, like Iowa State: https://www.admissions.iastate.edu/intl/
  10. TOEFL and SAT are completely different tests that measure different things. One is a test of English proficiency for foreign students. The other is a test of general aptitude. One would not take the place of the other.
  11. Why Zadick left Iowa State is all speculation, at least on here. Zadick’s results as a coach are not. He is good. If what he did was so bad, given how public the speculation has been, I doubt he would’ve passed the background and reference checks that occur as a matter of course in these hiring decisions. Therefore, good hire, in my opinion.
  12. If you think universities with endowments the size of some countries’ GDP (only half tongue in cheek) are the same as their peer group as you define above, why even have a conversation at all ... anyway, I regret taking the bait on this tangent. This is a wrestling forum, I’ll stick to wrestling.
  13. I beg to differ. Patrick Kennedy impressed me the most. To shut a beast like Facundo down like that--he gave him literally nothing--and then pressure him the way he did... He is D1 ready right now. I have been drinking the Koolaid on Facundo pretty hard and was pretty much shocked by that match.
  14. Forgive me for my ignorance. How do the ladies do it?
  15. But it was a dummy who formerly wrestled and had a huge size advantage. I’ve done both too and it was still interesting. I don’t know about a big win for the sport etc., but who cares? It was a fun match that probably had some grappling fans watching thrown into an outstanding night of HS wrestling. WNO has become my favorite HS event of the year and it wouldn’t even exist were it not for Flo. Poster Jon nails this a few posts above when he credits Flo for experimenting.
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