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  1. Incredibly, given he's American, I'd say he's one of the best par terre wrestlers in the world at any weight. Dude has seriously freaky hips and grips.
  2. I really hope Lee is not going to delay surgery, as the article suggests. He could come back to wrestle in the second half of next season if he gets operated on now. He should at least do one of them.
  3. However, recency bias is prevalent so I’d say Stanford is more well-known in the “modern” era of, say, 20 years or so.
  4. That was an awesome interview. His comments about his camaraderie with Yianni and his mixed emotions after winning sum up how great a guy JO is. I have only had limited interaction with him but I have never heard anyone speak badly of him.
  5. I believe him. He has done it before. Reeve Humphrey mentioned in an interview a few years ago that JO was the biggest 140s wrestler he’s ever seen in the off-season. Was mid 180s at the OTC maybe four or so years ago.
  6. No and no. After the rewrestled match which Smith won (i.e. the first rewrestle, not the second time they rewrestled), they wrestled a third match in which Lewis got injured while losing and injury defaulted out. So he failed to show for his other round robins. After Lewis won the second time they rewrestled the controversial match, I am pretty sure (but not 100% sure) he then wrestled Dellagatta at a separate time and won but then didn’t have to face Burley since Burley had not beat anyone during the round robin.
  7. I am on team Smith on this one but it’s a very complex situation—no black and white right answer. That’s probably why it doesn’t get more discussion. Both sides have their merit. For history, refer to this: https://matref0.tripod.com/Articles/Lewis_Smith_AWN.pdf In a nutshell: Lewis, Smith, Ricky Dellagatta, and Darryl Burley did a best of 3 round robin. (Incidentally, I like that format for selection the most of all American methods throughout history including the current one, which I like a lot too.) Duting the Lewis/Smith best of 3, Lewis won the first fair and square. He won the second but on a bad call that was protested and overturned later. The match was rewrestled and Smith destroyed Lewis, with the series now 1-1, and then Smith convincingly won the third to make it 2-1. Smith then beat everyone else and he made the team. Lewis protested that the match should’ve been rewrestled from the bad call onward (the whole match was rewrestled), then won the protest. The series went from 2-1 Smith back to 1-0 Lewis and, again, the controversial match was rewrestled but this time from the point of the bad call. Lewis won. Made the team. I have three issues with this: 1. I don’t like overturning the match days after it happened. A decision should’ve been made on the spot. In that way, I’m sympathetic to Lewis 2. Alas, If you’re going to overturn the match days after it happened, it doesn’t make sense to rewrestle only a fraction of the match days if not weeks later. Utterly ridiculous. What are you even testing for at that point? It’s only a little bit better than ball grab clinching. Sympathetic to Smith on that one. 3. Given how FUBAR the situation was, and that it is in our country’s best interest to select a wrestler quickly and commence preparation, who won the eye test? After all, they wrestled almost 4 entire matches. That’s a ton of fairly contested evidence from which to make as objective a decision as possible based on wrestling merit. I feel Smith convincingly displayed greater ability so would’ve favored his selection.
  8. Dartmouth doesn’t have it either but your point still holds.
  9. Huge fan. He has serious stones and will try to throw anyone. Very athletic and fun style. Can't wait to see more of him next year. Apparently has a monster in the making little brother. This could be a big move for ASU.
  10. Rest in Peace, Connor's Dad. You were a loving father above all, and a passionate fan of our great sport. You will be sorely missed.
  11. I think Smith is the GOAT in the US. You just can't beat 6 in a row with 2 Olympic golds (full participation, neither boycotted) by age 27, starting his run while still in college. That is almost too ridiculous to write. I also mentioned in another thread that he won both Goodwill Games which he entered with extremely tough finals opponents (Sarkissian, his Olympics finals opponent, and world champion Isayev). He was acknowledged as an innovator of technique not just in this country but worldwide.
  12. Great comment. Peak achievement easily goes to JB. Better career? I favor Big Bruce because while he was never as clearly the best as JB was, he was also more consistently among the top 2-3 and the ridiculously long history of medals proves it.
  13. Bad matchup for Sidakov. I have Dake comfortably. I don’t see Sidakov winning the hand fight with Dake and that removes his most effective techniques. Chamizo is more dangerous since he can match Dake’s athleticism.
  14. Devastating. One of my favorite posters. He was obviously a proud and loving father and passionate fan of our sport. Rest In Peace, Connor’s Dad.
  15. It’s definitely a gut major but teaches actually useful information.
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