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  1. Another welcome adjustment is that he's not wrestling like he must win every position. Even when in on a decent shot, if he senses danger, he knows to stalemate it out and get a fresh start. After giving up a bunch of unnecessary points in his first match against McKenna, his approach for the next two matches changed for the better.
  2. Dake was JB's training partner only once: the worlds in between Dake's junior and senior year. Dake mentioned during his senior year that JB planted the idea of 4 in 4 weights in his head during that summer.
  3. I gave up on the idea that you have to look strong to be so after seeing Gene Mills crush people a long time ago. Ben Askren, Nick Simmons, Spencer Lee his freshman year, Bo Nickal, etc. Plenty of precedent for guys not looking as strong as they were in a wrestling match. I’m talking functional strength, not weight room prowess.
  4. Hidlay is also an extremely strong guy at 157 that Nolf had trouble with (relatively). To me, we’ve seen the freestyle version of Nolf before at 157 against Imart and Hidlay.
  5. I think part of it is he is so good we never considered that strength might be part of the reason. He was a huge 157 lber his last two years. I thought he'd go 165 after his freshman year. We now know he was cutting a lot for the sake of the team at PSU because he stopped growing around sophomore year and he immediately went 74 kg after college. We've only seen him against guys of his size or a little bigger (79 kg), and he doesn't have a strength advantage anymore. When he ran into Imart in college, even at 157, he was less effective. Imart is very strong.
  6. I get what you're saying but I'm superimpressed by his win over Nolf. I'm sure Nolf was mailing it in after losing to JB and all that, but that was a significant win in my book. Nolf must work out with him constantly in the room and is the guy at 74/79 for NLWC. Out of big bro pride alone, I don't see him not caring at all. That reshot to score on Nolf was damn impressive.
  7. I had never seen him wrestle but I'm a believer. He said he doesn't even lift weights yet in his post-match interview. He has huge physical upside. His body reminds me of the way Dake looked when he was still "the Kid". He is clearly not a man yet.
  8. Thanks, and you're forgiven. My brain farted the other day and I claimed Jacob teched Max Dean before someone corrected me (Foca did). I would think watching Yianni crush McKenna, who left Stanford for wrestling reasons, in the final match to make the world team might sway him back if your source is correct. Having Yianni (among others) to train with has to be a significant factor for a kid who aspires to be a world champ.
  9. Yianni is clearly improved, at least to my eye, but it still sometimes takes him a match or two to get in the zone, which smacks of inexperience. I hope he got his bad match out of his system for a while. He's not getting a mulligan at the worlds. The Worlds being just a month away helps.
  10. I think that was to build up his following in a low-risk manner (unlike giving Geno another shot). He is now a demigod in MN and will be a significant draw for publicity this year. I can just imagine his NCAA speech after teching Parris in the first period.
  11. Jacob makes a bit of sense. He had excellent grades in HS and was on the same Bergen Catholic team as Griffith. Given that school has started, you would think the transfer would've happened by now, though.
  12. Cox's fire and brimstone is like Dake's ref complaining. The more he does it, the less well he'll do. Basically, the universe will conspire against him and make him suck at the wrong time.
  13. Closet FP'er. Doesn't want to be associated with the solar callus talk. Very smart.
  14. JO: feels like that poor Chinese girl who was stripped of a gold medal because she took ibuprofen. Punishment did not fit the crime. Fix: takes SARMs and then makes a cockamamie excuse about it. Punishment also did not fit the crime....
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