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  1. Unfortunately, they did not. I want to see Yianni vs. Kinch 2. I was really surprised to see such a dominant win, at least on the scoreboard, by Yianni given how their first match went.
  2. This was a relatively weak tournament at 74 kg this year except for two guys. Even if that weren't the case, it's rare but it does happen. Jamil Kelly, a 0x AA, medaled in the Olympics.
  3. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/sites/default/files/2020-03/wrestling_rules.pdf Article 38: Grand Amplitude Throw. Allows for 5 points for grand amplitude that exposes the opponent's back when s/he lands.
  4. Not an entire tournament. His first match is the semis, and then he wrestles JB the next day. That won't be a factor like it was in the past. If DT can't beat JB easily at 189, nobody in the world beats JB easily at 163.
  5. Much better? I get the moral victory point of keeping it to criteria, but I was much more impressed with DT than JB who did nothing until he felt safe attacking when DT went into backpedal mode. And even then his legendary sprint never kicked in.
  6. JB weighed in at 181 and per his admission has not started his descent to 163. DT a little under 189. I get DT had a few hours to rehydrate, but it wasn't 20 lbs. Definitely a noticeably size advantage, but the weigh-in weight is closer to the wrestling weight now than it was when Dake wrestled Cox with the old weigh-in rules.
  7. Karchla is going to be special. Lewis had nothing for him. I was shocked.
  8. Not with the 3 kg allowance. I'm on the exposure to COVID train given Koll's "about 7 days" comment.
  9. I think Zahid has a legit shot if he stops partying and gets in shape. I see Nickal getting big brothered.
  10. He chose to go up before Snyder arrived to PSU. Any illusions of beating him out must’ve gone out the window shortly thereafter.
  11. Occam's razor. I like this theory the most. Two big brothers. Choose the smaller one.
  12. Mainly from Zain series for which he trained like a madman. I actually thought he wrestled worse in the final match of that series than before.
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