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  1. Spot on. I think Vito is a better technician but is half as strong as Gilman who is very good at stepping people out and holding center. Abakarov exposed Gilman at worlds, although he’s probably one of two or three guys in the world who can wrestle Gilman that way and match his physicality.
  2. Abas is an AA from a couple seasons ago. He was injured last year but still wrestled.
  3. If DT were Russian, how many would not be suspicious? Whether he used PEDs or not is at best speculation, but let’s not act like there’s no basis for suspicion. He may be the best technical wrestler in the US. He’d get my vote. He’s also one of the most suspicious for PEDs.
  4. Different level better. Are you saying it’s suspicious? I think it is.
  5. I bet he doesn’t go to U23s. What’s the point? He’s a senior silver medalist now. He’ll never wrestle an age group tournament ever again. No way he goes 149. Makes zero sense for him or the team to go 141.
  6. That choking call was BS. I say that as a big fan of Yianni. Nevertheless, Tevanyan should’ve gotten shot clocked in every period he has wrestled Yianni, so Inconsiderate that a karmic makeup call that is completely justified.
  7. I’m not criticizing your coin flip prediction—that would be quite stupid. I find your thinly veiled negativity to be undue and disingenuous. You have the right to say whatever you want and mock whoever you want i also have the right to call you out The fact that I wasn’t confident in his medaling has nothing to do with anything. I find no issue with your poor view of his chances. My issue is your response to an outcome you would’ve called highly surprising after taking every opportunity to passively discredit or mock him. That you’re replying like a petulant child who doesn’t want to admit to doing so makes it worse. Anyway, we can disagree on the draw. If I’m on team Yianni, I never want to see him wrestle Tevanyan again. Worst stylistic matchup possible. Yianni does best when people trade with him. When they just sit and wait, he is at his worst. he hasn’t figured out how to exploit inactivity yet.
  8. Too many words. You don’t hate Yianni. He medaled and proved on the mat you were wrong. It’s that simple. You can’t just admit you were wrong. Do better. He is a legit medalist now. He got the monkey off his back. He teched Bajrang. He overcame a terrible first round draw. Rationalize it all you want, but Tevanyan is a terrible matchup. He got beat in one position by the “second coming of Yazdanicharati”. In other words, he’s “strong enough”, proved to be the answer to the medal drought at 65 kg, proved he is still improving and not stagnating, etc. JB doesn’t need to worry about his legacy or anything, but can we stop the speculative BS now? Who knows, maybe he doesn’t place next year. But to fail to acknowledge his progress and his achievement is stupid. He didn’t have a cake draw. EVERYONE who made the finals wrestled relative scrubs here and there to get there. Yianni’s path to the finals had Bajrang and Tevanyan and that is never an easy draw.
  9. This is hilarious. Yes, the Russians weren’t there. It wasn’t as deep as usual. We all get it. That’s why Snyder and probably Dake got golds. Everyone except DT bumped up one place or more. But weren’t you the guy who said Yianni hadn’t evolved, couldn’t do anything against the stocky guys like Tevanyan, could only beat Bhajrang at exhibitions, etc etc etc? “John Michael” this, that, or the other thing, therefore no medal? He can’t deliver when it counts? Just own your comments and say you were wrong. It’s OK. Yianni had a terrible first match draw against a guy he couldn’t even move a few months ago and he avenged the Tevanyan loss to even have the right to wrestle a second match. That was an easy draw to you? He teched Bajrang as if he were wrestling you. He scored a bunch of points against the now world champ despite not being strong enough.I thought he made a very strong case that he’s now officially a contender. He outplaced some very solid wrestlers, such as Musukaev whom he’s beat and Tumur Ochir, who is very solid and always a medal threat. You are not usually like this and should be better.
  10. It wasn’t Cox’s strategy to wrestle from ties. Ghasempour put him there. Very smart match by the Iranian. Separately, Cox hasn’t improved in several years, and now that he’s focused on 97 kg, I wonder if he will be done after a final run at 2024.
  11. It’ll have zero effect on recurring at Cornell. PSU is already the default choice for most elite kids. The guys who choose other schools do so for reasons that Dake (or any other RTC athlete) has no influence over.
  12. Teching Punia, avenging a recent loss right off the scale, making a worlds finals… apparently it’s not enough to discredit the opinion that he’s not strong enough. He’s always going to be not good enough at something to most on this board. Meanwhile, he’s going for a fourth NCAA title after already earning a world medal. It’s a very short list of people who’ve done that … a list of 1. How did the careers of those who won a world medal while in college turn out?
  13. They’re stacked but it was not a good tournament for them. Zain and Gilman didn’t just lose. They got demolished. They’re adding Dake soon so that’s some consolation, I guess.
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