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  1. The multicolored Brutes were the best. I had two pairs.
  2. That is a good steal. Daniel fills a hole at Stanford and he has international aspirations, so he will be active during the summers and add to the critical RTC building effort.
  3. But when do US wrestles hit a peak? They’re both at the same point of their respective age continuum (if what you say is true) if you want to adjust for country of origin. I’m not a fan of that theory but I acknowledge the point.
  4. Taylor has a more durable technique-centric style, so I can see him being similarly effective through the next Olympic cycle … but a stronger, more athletic opponent with similar skill is his kryptonite. See Dake, JB. Yazdani has a more physical style, which is less durable, but he is so damn young that I see him having that significant edge over DT for the rest of their rivalry. I feel future outcomes will depend on Yazdani’s mindset. If he wrestles like he got the monkey off his back and can now wrestle freely, with his highly effective constant pressure, I favor Yaz every time. If he is relieved to have gotten one over DT and wrestles not to lose so he can even the series, the pressuring style disappears, and I like DT in those matchups. Can’t wait to see which approach he takes.
  5. Or maybe he’s just not going to beat Sadulaev again. Sadualev appeared to have more gas because Snyder tried a completely different, more passive approach. After the last 3 encounters, I don’t begrudge that decision. He needed to try something different. Holding position and then hoping for a last minute pushout or bumrush style TD against a more tired Sadulaev was worth a shot. Unfortunately, Sadulaev wasn’t going to wait for that and scored with surprising ease after a period of feeling Snyder out. I think Snyder needs to go back to the only way he won: try to wear him out. Otherwise it becomes a “wrestling contest”, and I don’t see him ever winning that way. As Cael told Varner at the Olympics: make it about conditioning. It’s probably the only edge Snyder has, if he even has that anymore. I don’t like the chances either way and am with the guys who say Sadulaev runs the table from now on.
  6. I doubt that happens. And yes either way.
  7. Most of you guys are selling Zahid short. Nobody said he’d beat DT for sure. But to suggest he doesn’t have ant chance is crazy. I agree it’s not a favorable matchup for Zahid, and I agree he parties too much. But in 2024, DT will be three years older and Zahid will be a full-sized 86 kegger. He has a shot.
  8. They are doing a great job with women's wrestling. I used to watch none and now I watch every international event.
  9. So is Cox changing RTCs again then?
  10. The international content alone is worth the subscription and then some. Kudos on the UWW contract. I watch literally 10x more Flo than any other video outlet, TV, etc. because of your international coverage.
  11. Spencer Lee has no ACLs. He can compete, but he is clearly impaired. I have no problem with Brands sitting him out for duals and saving him for B1Gs and NCAAs. Doing so is not only a sign of respect for Suriano but also for Lee. Lee gets to decide what he wants to do with his knee. But Brand gets to decide how much Lee can compete and when. He should sit Lee against any opponent he thinks might end Lee's season prematurely until the big tournaments that count the most.
  12. That's not right. I may be forgetting a match but: 2021 WTT: Yianni 2, Joey 1 2021 Poland Open: Yianni 1 3-1. What else was there this year? I believe the one before that wsa the prior year at Senior Nationals, when Joey beat Yianni. But I will say that even if you include that one, the Yianni wins have been a lot more lopsided (wiht two techs) than the Joey wins, which have all been narrow. I think it's clear who is better at this point.
  13. He only has one elite attack, the single. Sometimes it's all you need but it's not THAT elite.
  14. I agree with him. I don't think Brands lets a knee-less Lee wrestle Suriano 4x. He'll save it for Big 10s and nationals. I expect to see a lot less of Lee this year than we have in the past.
  15. The Chamizo thing was just busting balls. That has nothing to do with anything we're talking about, so I deleted it but you caught my post before the edit! I think "Little Frankie" is done, man. I was with you that he was one of the very best. But he has peaked and is in decline now. I do think folkstyle reinforces Yianni's bad habits. We 100% agree on that. However, I think Yianni is wrestling through the folkstyle season in anticipation of the next freestyle season. You can see it in his comments (he recently made a reluctant comment to the effect of "well, back to folkstyle, it needed to happen..."). I expect to see him use this folkstyle season as a way to sharpen the adjustments he's made. More like Snyder at tOSU than Yianni trying to establish himself in his first two years. We'll see.
  16. You are too rigid. That's now what I said would happen 100% of the time. We're not arguing in a vacuum. We have a lot of wrestling to observe and make an opinion. Your opinion vascillates between "Yianni can win a medal if he focuses on freestyle" to "he can't because he's as old as the likes of Otoguro and already focused on freestyle for two years and whiffed." Do you even have a position? I'm not trying to be a dik, I just don't get where you stand. Either is fine, but to snidely keep calling out me and others who might disagree with you on this thread is disingenuous when you don't even have a consistent position yourself. Let's say Otouro is 70% of the way to his peak genetic potential. He's only 22, and he's not that active. I'd say he's minimally active to stay relevant at the world level, in fact. He has a very fundamental style and is obviously a master of freestyle. Translation: He has upside yet, but he is already at a very high level. Where I see Yianni: He is nowhere nearly as consistent as Otoguro and his style is nowhere near as locked in or successful. Yianni lived off of scrambles and making guys pay in the crackdown position. That used to be like 90% of his offense against guys he couldn't bumrush into submission. He then added misdirection shots (although almost always faking right and going left, a hole he has begun to fill) and reshots somewhat successfully. He then started downblocking successfully and being more intelligent about when to push (i.e. not in 50/50 situations) and when to stalemate it out. These are very basic adjustments, and they started happening about two years ago and are still nowhere near complete. He has made progress with it--maybe not in winning every match yet, but nevertheless, visible progress against solid guys. Given these two assessments, who do you think is more likely to make more progress in the next 3-4 years? Maybe 100% of Yiannis is only as good as 60% of Otoguro. But my argument isn't that Yianni catches Otoguro. It's simply that he has a lot of upside yet and we are seeing a guy going through a stylistic transition. Even in his last few weeks since the Olympics, you can see that Dake has had a major influence on him and he is attempting to incorporate very similar movement in his own style. It's not working yet, but it's a new improvement he's trying to make. I view Yianni as the complete opposite of a guy like Metcalf in his approach. Metcalf tried to do what didn't work better. Yianni is making significant changes. Maybe they won't work against the elite guys. But he is definitely making gains.
  17. How do you say this right after saying he can’t make gains on the field because he’s not that young anymore?
  18. You keep saying this like a parrot or broken record. We get it. You think “Johnny” is done progressing. He won’t ever medal. He’s only good domestically. Nobody said Yianni would win the Olympics. I personally did say that I expect him to improve with more experience. Could he medal at the Olympics? if Myles Amine can…. But that’s not even the point. The point is that people have different ceilings and improve at different rates. A guy like Otoguro who is already on any P4P list might not improve as much as a guy who is the same age but hasn’t sniffed a medal despite having solid wins over Olympic and world medalists already. Yianni is fundamentally changing (maybe “adjusting” is better) his approach and is showing some signs of progress in doing so. Otoguro is not. They can both get better. I think they both will. I just think a guy with way more holes has more to fix than a guy who wrestles almost perfectly already. I also think you are overweighting the loss at Worlds. Way too results-oriented in your analysis. It was bad, but his wins to make the team showed progress. It’s not clear that Yianni will improve a lot, just like it’s not clear that he won’t. You keep bringing up the idea that Yianni is highly unlikely to catch up to the field because he’s the same age as a lot of good wrestlers. That is not a good argument at all.
  19. He’s only 22 and not that active. A lot of upside yet.
  20. So you're saying only Otoguro is any good?
  21. He already answered the question in his post-tournament interview. He will stay at 74 kg and hopes to meet Sidakov there.
  22. I think that's why I too would go with peak Monday over peak JB. More complete wrestler. Dave Schultz said Monday was so nasty with the lat drop that he knew it was coming, he knew he would set it up by pushing in with the overhook side and then reversing direction, and you still couldn't do anything about it.
  23. Yianni is way better than most of you are saying. He's not a medalist level guy, obviously, but he is absolutely a threat at every tournament he enters, even in a fully attended 65 kg. He wrestled a very poor match strategically against a surprisingly good defensive opponent: his opponent just stood there waiting to counter and Yianni kept taking the bait repeatedly with the same strategy of attempting to use motion to set up shots from space. Yianni does have good setups, they just didn't work against a guy with lead hips who looked 4 inches shorter and just stood there. Yianni's main setups are misdirection from space and excellent reshots. Buth when a guy doesn't engage, neither works that well. Yianni still has a lot of upside. Yes, he has wrestled the vast majority of his life and has focused on freestyle for a while, but he is also transitioning from a somewhat plodding stance to much more motion, from highly defensive offense to offense he initiates, and from countering deep shots to downblocking them. It took a freak like Kyle Dake a few years to adjust to a different style, and even Dake is still figuring out how to improve it. Give Yianni more time.
  24. One of the best ever at it. What boggles my mind is how short his arms are and how stumpy his build is. Not exactly conducive to turning big men. He must have hips from hell.
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