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  1. I was a little surprised to see him at 74 kg for freestyle at the WTT. Is he going to be back at 165 this coming season? I was on board with those who speculated he'd be at 174 and Zahid would move up to 184. I get he'd rather not compete against his brother at 79 kg, but the fact that he made 74 kg with 2-hour weigh-ins and looked decent suggests he may be back at 165.
  2. wrestlingnerd

    Final X Pick'em Contest

    Wow. All in or nothing, huh?
  3. wrestlingnerd

    Final X Pick'em Contest

    Gilman Colon Yianni Green (Lock) JB (Lock) Dake DT (Lock) Cox (Lock) Snyder (Lock) Steveson
  4. wrestlingnerd

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    I don't think any of the celebrity nutritionists (Callavita, Lockhart, Dolce, et. al.) who are making 7 figures in MMA has even a bachelor's degree in nutrition. It's an interesting phenomenon that highly paid pro athletes entrust their bodies to these folks, but some of them do get very good results. Maybe they're chemists and not nutritionists and PD3 is barking up the wrong tree but the right forest? You don't need a degree to be X, Y, or Z. The guy never claimed to be a certified or educated nutritionist. But he is, by trade, a nutritionist, among other things.
  5. wrestlingnerd

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    I have no idea. Probably not or he would've detailed his academic credentials for all to see. As mentioned, how he went from math teacher to elite athletic coach is beyond me. His coaching business is https://www.treigninglab.com/
  6. wrestlingnerd

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    He is both. He teaches HS math. He also trains world class combat athletes. How that happened is beyond me, but he is extremely well-respected in MMA in particular. He prescribes both training regimens and diets.
  7. wrestlingnerd

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    His only "proof" is that TJ Dillashaw got caught with EPO on multiple tests, and DT flies out to CA to see the same nutritionist and exercise physiologist. Aaron Pico is a client as well, not that that matters to the wrestling world anymore.
  8. wrestlingnerd

    Anthony Valencia: what NCAA weight this season?

    Mark Hall cares.
  9. wrestlingnerd

    Which 2019 champ is most likely to repeat?

    Yianni. Who’s going to beat him? The only two with a shot in the last season (Eierman, McKenna) are not wrestling next year. I don’t see any problems at 149 either. I think he could’ve won 149 this year without a problem.
  10. wrestlingnerd

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    Don, do you have a link or website to refer me to? Very interested in what he had to say. Thanks in advance.
  11. wrestlingnerd

    NY RTC always having good guys in there..

    I wasn't insinuating there's any bad blood at all. I'm just surprised that they're willing to train together this close to the worlds, nothing more. It's not unheard of to have foreigners travel abroad to practice and get a different (usually better) look--many wrestlers from the US have done it in the past--but a little atypical this close to the worlds.
  12. Not a hypocrite? “No, it’s not a country! No, it’s not a nation!” ... but ... “hmmm... interesting, let’s talk about it some more.” If not a hypocrite, that at least makes you a moron, no? Flo published a well-titled article just for the likes of you: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/5967578-dagestan-for-dummies
  13. wrestlingnerd

    Steveson vs Gwiz

    Still rising is in question. There’s a solid argument for stagnation as well as having peaked. His performance last year resulted in a medal but hinted that he may have peaked.
  14. I didn’t deviate. I expanded the discussion to include a topic several posters found interesting. You’re the only one who took issue with it... only to continue the discussion of Dagestan yourself all the while getting your pantries in a bunch over the fact that Dagestan ain’t a country. You’re at best full of yourself as some sort of forum cop and at worst and more likely a hypocrite. Now continue discussing the topic you found so inappropriate for this thread that you were compelled to discuss it yourself.
  15. Did you even read the reply? No sht it’s not a nation or a country. It’s still interesting to talk about here, as evidenced by the multiple posters who discussed it.
  16. wrestlingnerd

    Final X Start Time - 8:00a

    You would rather entertain the spectators of a single domestic event than give two world champions the most rest possible so they can maximize our chances of winning worlds?
  17. Dude, we get that Dagestan is not a country. But the question posed by the tread starter appears to be driven by curiosity about wrestling hotbeds around the world. Sometimes “country” is a useful category but for a country as large, spread out, and ethnically diverse as Russia, discussing the Dagestan phenomenon feels appropriate. It is the dominant hotbed in wrestling and I’d guess it stacks up favorably with regional hotbeds in any sport on a per capita basis. Dagestan’s production at the world level is absurd, which is why people keep bringing it up. Nobody is claiming Dagestan is a country.
  18. wrestlingnerd

    NY RTC always having good guys in there..

    I’m a little surprised by it, but it’s great to see Yianni and Bajrang practicing together days after they wrestled.
  19. wrestlingnerd

    Taylor is definitely banged up

    BTF, I have a once in a lifetime deal for you. DM me for details.
  20. wrestlingnerd

    Taylor is definitely banged up

    Could be precautionary but that is potentially terrible news. Two world champs not 100% really sucks ass.
  21. wrestlingnerd

    Heflin was a Punk

    The worst of it was throwing Downey into the table. That doesn’t excuse PD3’s behavior but I’ve seen guys disqualified for less.
  22. wrestlingnerd

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Dake needs to be close to 100% to beat the bigger, badder version of Ringer. I hadn’t heard about the knee. Hmmmm.... if true, that might be a reason why he chose 79 kg this year. More time to heal before he has to wrestle. I truly hope not. He has had more than his fair share of injuries.
  23. wrestlingnerd

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Are the questions about Dake’s health purely based on his absence from competition or is there anything more concrete to suggest he might be injured? He did just have a daughter so his inactivity is not hard to explain.
  24. wrestlingnerd

    Steveson vs Gwiz

    I’ve got Gable, although it’s very difficult for my mind to unsee his terrible matches and shape against Cassar just a few months ago. If Gable can handle Coon’s size, Gwiz has little to nothing physically on him, and I think Gable is the better athlete and wrestler.