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  1. Thank God the Japanese are too patriotic to represent other countries so we only ever have to worry about one per weight.
  2. Bono continues to impress as an unexpected impact coach. Did not see this one going his way at all. Wow.
  3. Not sure if you were counting his years as an assistant but he was at Cornell for two or three years under Jack Spates before taking over. An impressive and noteworthy run, for sure.
  4. That’s all true but it’s also true that Garrett has been injured a big chunk of the time and has not really had an opportunity to get the 4 years or so of free time experience he would’ve had as a healthy guy. Colon earned a medal as his backup. It’s not completely off the reservation to think Garrett might have had similar success too, and then, what I wrote might not seem so crazy to you. For sure, Garrett is admittedly not the obvious pick. He’s just my pick. I think he has similar upside to Fix et al despite being a few years older.
  5. Well earned. Kudos to Zain for enduring all that drama and staying focused.
  6. If you're picking Nahshon, you're not doing it based on his freestyle resume. He hasn't done much (did make the world team last year before injury). It's all about his potential within the best environment for him.
  7. He is maybe half an inch shorter than McDonough, who is the second tallest 125 lber I've ever seen (Nick Simmons is the same height), and Nahshon is more well-muscled. Jack Spates at 118 was the tallest at a comparable weight. Nahshon is an absolute monster at 57 kg. Now that he's back at Cornell, he's my pick to be our Olympic rep.
  8. Yianni by 2 in the first (second in the series) and 4 in the second (third in the series).
  9. Dean had a junior world bronze. That alone disqualifies him from this list.
  10. Is that really the new normal at PSU? I thought it was more of a few one-offs than a new approach.
  11. Right on. 133 redshirts help RBY 141 redshirts are Lee’s wet dream come true 165 Lewis redshirting is a huge gift to Cenzo (to be fair, same for Marinelli) 174 Zahid moving up helps Hall avoid being another Mymar/Nato/Schlatter/et al If Iowa wins it, it certainly will be in spite of all the above and not due to some pre-Olympic off year at PSU.
  12. I was there and looked at least that to me. Very good turnout. Crowd very into the wrestling. Many stuck around even after MFS was over.
  13. Now that Gomez is at 74 kg, he can change his name to Zain Retherfordez and move to beautiful Puerto Rico.
  14. Only for special events governed by the USOC, as opposed to the specific sport’s governing body, i.e. USA Wrestling, in this case.
  15. If Garrett can handle the cut and trains like he did in college (big question for me, more than his weight), he’s still my pick and has been since junior year in college.
  16. Cael is not exactly the type to do a press conference on the state of his athletes, so all we know is the date is 9/2. That's not exactly "soon" given the proximity to Worlds. I can't imagine Yianni's camp pushed for that date, so there must be a reason why later was better than sooner for Zain. Injury or no injury, I'm with Frank Rizzo.
  17. PEDs for all shapes and sizes. Take a look at the medals stripped from Mother Russia due to doping and you can see anyone of any size can benefit greatly from banned substances. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doping_in_Russia
  18. Another vote for Lincoln Mac vs Gerry Abas. I was rooting for Abas and was supremely confident but Mac kept coming. It was incredible to watch for the first time. I agree Caldwell over Metcalf was a good one, but Caldwell took it to Metcalf right from the whistle so the outcome wasn’t a surprise, though the result obviously was. Mac dismantling Abas was a total shocker I never saw coming until the bitter end.
  19. The point of the thread is that testing is done rarely and haphazardly so you don’t need designer gear if you’re going to use. Anyway, I agree bulking steroids are much more likely to be used by heavier wrestlers but there is plenty of PEDs that can be used by lightweights too.
  20. Trip, PEDs are prevalent at the lower weights of professional weight class sports. Weight class is not a deterrent. Some PEDs are taken precisely to offset the effects you talk about in your last sentence (re: having nothing after 3-4 mins). EPO, for example (see TJ Dillashaw from the UFC).
  21. Hold it at Rutgers again, and the Final X fans that paid for that event should get a free pass. I'm one of them, so I'm very biased on that recommendation. Rich Bender said in the Flo interview that they'll try to arrange for the match(es) to take place close to where they both live, so my biased recommendation has some merit.
  22. DT all day. Ringer is very good but incredibly one-dimensional. And it’s too late to add substantially to his toolkit in my opinion. He has evolved very little since college partly because he hasn’t had to against most and partly because he probably can’t.
  23. I was about to give you kudos for the best troll job in recent memory until I realized you are actually serious.
  24. It was an incredibly interesting match if you have followed their rivalry and were aware of the adjustments they both have made against each other. The overall strategy Dake used was brilliant. He took everything away from Ringer.
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