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  1. I own a Pro Flo account and have been happy with the quality and availability. To me it seems that our wrestling coverage has evolved into a few different available layers. Flo is at the top for content, quality, and quantity. And like most things in life, if you want the best, you must pay for quality. It seems to me that anyone could do what Flo does. ie capture free footage and upload it to a website. There are other wrestling video websites online but because of the time and money associated with collecting and storing quality footage, they don't offer enough content to keep die hard wrestling fans coming back. Would die hard fans frequent a new site if the content was added daily, with the quality and reliability as Flo . . . probably I look at it like this. When TV came along, Broadcast was free to everyone. Eventually cable came along to offer the same content with some added options and with much better reliability. Eventually cable evolved into pay per view or channels that were viewable with a monthly fee. Flo is the leading "cable provider" for wrestling fans. Other sites are still working as broadcast. We as consumers can choose to be a broadcast viewer (rabbit ears not provided) or we can become cable subscribers. I'm a happy cable subscriber right now : )
  2. Brackets are up and the athletes bios are linked to the name. We also are working to link the result w the video on youtube. Currently we have an issue w the results link but should have it active very soon. This way a fan can instantly watch the result that they read about. Thanks for the discussion and Brit, thanks for helping out w the rankings. This will be fun to see how they evolve. Maybe we can offer a "yellow jersey" or "green jacket" type of award at the end of each competitive year.
  3. With a success in Pittsburgh we'll look at all potential venues. 2014 April, July, and October Thanks for the heads up about a good NJ spot.
  4. All posters. Thanks for debate and discussion. We promise to grow with the support of the wrestling community. If these brackets fill, we'd be delighted. If they don't it's better odds for those who enter. If only 2 enter, we'll still compete and pay out. The one thing we can all be sure of . . . "If nothing changes, nothing changes."
  5. BAC, Thanks for checking the math. I'll buy you a coffee if you're in Pittsburgh for the event ; ) Teague
  6. BAC, Please tell me how you arrived at 100k entry fee 16 wrestlers 5 weights $250 entry
  7. Wrestlers and wrestling fans, Please visit TourACW.com to see how you can enter to win $2500 at our first event in Pittsburgh PA on Oct. 20. Registration opens this Thursday. 5 weight classes 135, 155, 170, 205, 285 will be limited to. 16 wrestlers. Entry is first come first serve. Bracketing will be single elimination. We have a Concept Video, Registration Video, and Registration Video all on YouTube Please help spread the word. Teague
  8. Please email, call, text and/or tweet anyone you think would be a possible athlete. Our Concept Video explains the idea Our Rules Video explains how points will be called Our Registration (Opens Aug 1) Video explains what an athlete has to do *Forum won't let me post 3 url* Our website is TourACW.com Tickets are available through our Social Membership on the website. Entry fee is $250 to help offset the $12,500 in prize money. Jeff Linn is handling sponsorship and sales, jelinn@theil.edu We will release weigh class entries when a weight class sells all 16 spots. Prior to a weight being sold out, names will remain private to TourACW. Any support and communication to viable athletes are appreciated! Must be 18 to enter.
  9. Glenn is active duty, defending our country, Team USA!!!
  10. 2000 8 weights 4 champs Teague Moore 119 Byron Tucker 163.5 Cael Sanderson 185? Chad Lamar 211 Bronze Stephen Abas 128 138? 152? Hwt?
  11. June 6, 2013 Wrestling Clinic to Raise Funds for Oklahoma Tornado Relief The American University wrestling team, in conjunction with the DC Athletic Club, Hustle & Muscle Mat Club and Wrestling to Beat the Streets DC, will host a wrestling clinic for all ages on Saturday, June 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to raise money for victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes. “After seeing the impact and devastation of the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma we really felt like we needed to do something to help this community rebuild,” said Head Coach Teague Moore. “Oklahoma has such a rich wrestling history, and we felt like offering this clinic would be a great way to show our support to those in need.” The clinic will be held in AU’s Meltzer Wrestling Room in Bender Arena and is open to individuals of all experience levels from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., lunch will not be provided. The American University coaching staff, two-time NCAA Champion Wade Schalles and two-time NCAA All-American Steve Fittery ’11 will serve as instructors for the clinic. All area wrestling teams and clubs are also welcome to attend. Registration will take place beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday. Donations collected at the clinic will aid the Red Cross relief effort in Oklahoma. Suggested donations for the clinic are $100 and checks should be made payable to the American Red Cross. If you cannot attend the event and would like to make a donation, please send your donation to American University Wrestling, Bender Arena, 4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20016. The clinic aims to raise at least $5,000 to support the relief effort. Moore, along with Assistant Coach Kyle Borshoff, will hand deliver the funds to the Red Cross at the USA Wrestling World Team Trials in Stillwater, Okla. from June 20-22. Cradle Gear will be sponsoring t-shirts as a thank you gift for all attendees who pay the suggested donation amount of $100. The t-shirts were created for the victims of the tornadoes, with all proceeds from the shirts aiding the relief effort. To view the shirts, click here. Attendees participating in the clinic must show a USA Wrestling card, those who do not have a USA Wrestling card are welcome to attend to watch and take notes. Due to facility renovations in Bender Arena showers and locker rooms will not be made available to participants at the conclusion of the clinic, please arrive in workout attire. Contact Coach Moore, moore@american.edu or 202-885-3066, with any questions.
  12. TourACW has kept all rules intact since its June 1 release. Concept Video Rules Video We plan on keeping all current rules upto and thru the October event in Pittsburgh, PA All matches will be won when one athlete scores their 10th point. #First2Ten
  13. Thanks Stove_Pipe! Anyone with questions or would like to donate to the clinic, please contact us at 202.885.3066 or email me at moore@american.edu checks can be made out to American Red Cross.
  14. Rules Video Release Our Rules Manual (20 pg. document) and an abridged version (1 pg.) can be found and printed at http://touracw.com/Rules.htm Husky, KA is Kinetic Apparel. They'll carry all TourACW licensed apparel. Teague
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